Messages from the Guides #41

What is Going Home all about for you?  Think of what being Divine might be like.  Or better yet what would it feel like to be unconditionally loved all the time?  What does it feel like to be honestly appreciated and valued for being just you without having to earn it?  How does it feel to know and believe you are the best possible you in this moment?  And how does it feel to recognize the rightness and validity of your own intuition, so much that you have total trust in yourself? 

Shameless Sharing at it’s best!

6 Steps to a New Life


How to Open Your Heart in 4 Minutes!


Get Rid of NastyNegative Head Talk

Take the Opportunity to LET GO of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve you to make space for NEW AWAKENINGS.

New Article

Thinking Magically

Recent Articles to Create YOUR Best Life

Need a little love in your life?


Three Great Ways to Start the Day

I love my life video

This is motivating affirmative way to start your day with words of joy, feeling inspired, perfect health, being creative, being expansive, being empowered, being balanced and add some money to your life.

Happy Healthy Body video

Up-lifting video to encourage loving and appreciating your body, having a radiant and energy filled body, letting go of negative emotions, choosing to feel wonderful, in control of your health and more positive thoughts & images

Add Prosperity to Your Day

This is a motivating and affirmative video  to bring prosperity into your life.  Words and visuals saying abundance flows to me, income increases, I materialize money easily, I believe in prosperity, I’m interested in wealth, I’m filled with power, my needs are met all of the time and more.


We were able to connect quickly + meaningfully. She ‘got me’ right away… I know, but most people don’t.  Jenna brings experience, skills, + abilities on many levels to her interactions.  Jenna brought me to places deep within myself in a manner that taught me to release and move on.  Jenna has been an enormous help in my journey. She is the perfect appropriate coach at the perfect time for me.
Working with Jenna has proved highly effective in making positive shifts in my life.  The tools she shared are ones I can continue to use and build upon the rest of my life.  I have so much gratitude for Jenna and the coaching she gave me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jenna!!
Barb Weeks