1 Genuine Risk leads to Abundance

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1 Genuine Risk Leads to Abundance

I’m seeing that RISK LEADS TO ABUNDANCE in my life right now.  I am at a total loss to know what this year to date generally means to all of us on the earth. I’ve witnessed what 2020 has brought so far.  Last year at this time I couldn’t have imagined what’s happening right now.  Did you ever think that there would be no school, no restaurants, no hugging an old friend?

1 Risk leads to abundance means you don't need any reasons

I’ve heard people I respect profess some ideas and some have said they have no idea what 2020 means.  I grew up on “everything happens for a reason” so of course I find myself driven to uncover the reason behind the shocking/alarming parts of 2020.  My daughter has grown up on “everything is always working out for me.”  I have adopted her belief.  It works much better than trying to uncover reasons.

Learn that taking 1 Risk leads to Abundance

I’ve decided to be unassuming, receptive and wide-eyed about all this.  I appreciate Jeffrey Allen’s idea that this is a time to pivot.  It doesn’t really explain 2020 in any detail it just says time for you to change. 
I am awe struck with the changes I’ve already made.  I wear a mask to go anywhere in public.  I keep my distance and I wash my hands regularly.  I’ve learned to read people’s eyes rather than facial expressions.  I’m learning that taking a RISK LEADS TO ABUNDANCE.

Recognizing the 1 Risk leads to the beginning of Abundance

What I find remarkable is only one person I know has gotten covid 19.  I also find it astonishing that I have no fear of getting covid19 even though I’m in the age group with the most deaths from covid 19.  In fear’s place I have enjoyed my walks in nature and delighted in having no pressure in my life to do anything or make any dead lines.  I have enjoyed reconnecting with some of my neighbors.

'Ouch' > Risk Leads to Abundance

This brings me to the ‘ouch’ in my life.  When I wrote “I also have no fear of getting covid19” I experienced a sense of RISK.  Yes, RISK that I am way out on a shaky limb proclaiming  I AM NOT AFRAID.  What gives me the right to shout I AM NOT AFRAID?  Am I jinxing myself?  By saying this am I inviting catastrophe.  Does this make me reckless, which as we all know, is very dangerous  (just kidding!)   The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Opportunity to discover the 1 Risk that leads to Abundance

What is happening here?  This is an opportunity to discover those areas in your life that create an ‘ouch’.  You could describe it as a belief that makes you hesitate, makes you doubt, makes you step back and hide or blame. 
The remedy is taking a RISK.  Find out why you believe that something is dangerous or fearful and ask “is that really true, is that absolutely true?”  Of course, it isn’t.  It’s just that you believe it is.  What’s more fun: believing that you are fearless and confident or believing you are cowardly and incapable?

RISK leads to ABUNDANCE is the best

What’s the best that could happen if I am fearless and believe that everything is working out for me?   I could walk through 2020 courageous, confident and calm.  I could be happy and delighted with what this time of RISK has brought to my life.  I could learn something.  I could love myself for being brave.  I could love others without fear.  I could feel and be ABUNDANCE.

2020, a chance to take 1 big RISK that leads to ABUNDANCE

2020 brings the chance for you to recognize an ‘ouch’ and join me out on the shaky limb proclaiming I AM NOT AFRAID.  Now  how good does it feel to say that?  Then move into believing it.  What harm could possibly come to you if you believed you are courageous? 
Maybe some words of warning from your Mom or Dad echo in your head.  You were probably 4-5 when you first registered them. But I know you can now cross the street without holding anyone’s hand, I also know you can walk in the woods alone without being attacked by a wild dog.

Take that 1 RISK that leads to astonishing ABUNDANCE

Okay I’m aware that these could be viewed as dangerous times, definitely unpredictable times.  The verdict isn’t in yet so I’m taking the RISK, stepping out into the woods.  I’m feeling the exhilaration of landing on my feet. 
I’m inviting ABUNDANCE into my life by being fearless and taking a RISK.  No matter what the chaos around me is, no matter what the setbacks look like, I’m looking for and believing that “everything always works out for me.”


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