2 Words to Transformation -

Jenna Dukehart

NO is a word that slams the door.  It can either close the door in your face or close the door behind you.  Both of these occurrences are extremely valuable tools to increase your creativity, personal strength and self-worth.  

When someone or some event closes a door in your face, all of a sudden you are forced to rely on your own resources.  You can’t get in where the door was once opened and now closed, so what do you do?  You become creative.  You step into the unknown.  You find another way. It isn’t personal, the route you take repeatedly just disappeared.  End of stagnation and unconscious behavior.

When you close a door to someone or some behavior or say NO what just happened?  You reached deep and found the strength to stop something that you have decided is no longer constructive in your life.  This is courage and the confidence to trust yourself and know that saying NO to what no longer works is saying I am worthy & important & I appreciate me. 

Saying NO allows you to build up your strength, self-worth, creativity, confidence, courage, awareness  and appreciation for the life you are living.


YES is the word that demands that you take a moment before saying it.  YES is the word that requires you  to share your abundance of strength, confidence, creativity, courage, awareness and appreciation for life that you have accrued by saying NO.  When you say YES you are opening the door to connection, sharing  and communicating.  Are you ready to do that?  If you have said NO enough times then you’ll have the reserves to say YES.