Practical 3 step guide to master telepathy

Practical 3 Step Guide to Master Telepathy

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we delve into the realm of telepathy. In this Practical 3 Step Guide to Master Telepathy, we’ll explore practical steps to enhance your telepathic abilities, whether it’s gaining control over the messages you send and receive or understanding and managing telepathic energy.

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Developing Telepathic Awareness

Explore the fundamental steps to cultivate awareness of telepathic energies, from centering yourself to empathetic imagining. This guide aims to help you understand not only your own telepathic signals but also the underlying emotions of those around you.

Centering Yourself:

  • Begin by achieving a centered, feeling at ease and relaxed state.
  • Intense emotions can hinder clear sensing of energy.
  • Relax and calm your mind, allowing it to be as silent as possible.  Taking long slow breaths is very helpful.

Empathetic Imagining:

  • Imagine being in the other person’s shoes, looking back at yourself.  How do you look and feel?
  • Recognize that the underlying feeling you have when you think of others is the feeling they have towards you.
  • Trust the underlying feelings you experience when thinking of the other person rather than specific issues you are dealing with, those details may not be the same.  The feelings are. 

Self-Reflection for Connection:

  • Examine your thoughts and feelings if someone hasn’t contacted you as expected.  The reason may be you.
  • Others pick up on your telepathic signals, especially in close relationships.
  • Be aware that firm decisions you send out mentally, like not wanting to hear from another, are immediately received by others.

Conscious Telepathic Invitations:

  • Feel when people are inviting you to join them telepathically.
  • These mental connections seem easy and feel pleasant without a heavy emotional burden attached.
  • Send messages to the person, sense their presence and include feelings of happiness, joy, delight rather than feelings of sadness, depression, or rejection.

Emotional Impact on Others:

  • Recognize that emotional messages sent out affect others, particularly those who love and care about you.
  • Understand that humanity is evolving telepathically, and this level is conducive to healing.  Keep you messages positive.
  • Be mindful of the energy you broadcast, as it has a profound impact on interpersonal connections.

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Understanding and Managing Telepathic Energy

Delve into techniques that empower you to manage telepathic energies effectively. By recognizing nonverbal communication, sending positive energy, and deciphering emotional impacts, you’ll navigate the telepathic realm with clarity and purpose.

Self-Reflection in the Morning:

  • Focus on your feelings as you wake up.  What are they?
  • Recognize the different issues on your mind for the day.
  • Establish a reference point by asking, “How do I feel?” to set the tone for the day.  This helps you to know you.

Awareness During Interactions:

  • Before interacting with others, acknowledge your own feelings.
  • Note any changes in your energy as you think about people you’ll be around.
  • Example: Feeling happy, then becoming tense when thinking about a co-worker signifies you have “picked up” their energy which is different from your feeling of happiness.

Understanding Others’ Feelings:

  • Wonder how people feel about you by examining your own feelings when you think of them.  This is the mirror effect.
  • If you become sad, sense rejection, or feel pressure, compare these emotions to the baseline feeling you possessed at beginning of communication with them.
  • Connect with people at a feeling level to gauge their responses to you.

Nonverbal Communication Awareness:

  • Recognize that people are aware of nonverbal communication at some level, especially if they are calm and centered
  • Avoid telepathic conflicts by remaining calm, grounded while sending positive thoughts and feelings.
  • Be mindful of the emotional messages you transmit, as they truly influence interpersonal dynamics.

Sending Positive Energy:

  • If engaged in telepathic struggles (those times when irritating repetitive thoughts of a situation are disruptive) send thoughts of loving acceptance to that person.
  • Positive messages open doors and foster better connections.
  • Acknowledge the power of your thoughts in shaping interactions with others.

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Mastering Telepathic Control

Take charge of your telepathic abilities through this step-by-step guide. Learn to distinguish your energy from external influences, monitor yourself consistently, and connect with your higher self. This guide is your roadmap to gaining mastery over the telepathic messages you send and receive.

Self-Evaluation in the Morning:

Wake up and sense your energy to establish a baseline for the day.

  • Monitor your emotional states and thoughts consistently throughout the day.
  • Pay attention to how you feel when with someone; note if you feel better or worse, troubled, anxious, or happier.

Continuous Self-Monitoring:

  • Recognize that taking in emotional energy from others can often be mistaken as your own.
  • Practice self-monitoring regularly to distinguish your emotions from those influenced by others.
  • Note your emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations when heading to meet someone, monitoring how your thoughts change during the interaction.

Heightened Awareness During Interactions:

  • Stay aware of how you are emotionally affected when interacting with others.
  • Develop the ability to recognize when others are influencing your emotions.
  • Consistently practice monitoring to gain proficiency in differentiating your own energy from external influences.

Connecting with Your Higher Self:

  • Recognize that emotional messages from others and your own thought patterns can interfere with a coherent day.
  • Work on changing thought patterns to align with higher ways of thinking.
  • Build focus and intent to reshape thinking patterns gradually, similar to a fitness regimen.
  • Understand that telepathic messages are received in your heart center from those who love you and vice versa.
  • Don’t let fear of heart-felt connections hinder the development of deep telepathic bonds.
  • Stay centered, grounded and self-aware to avoid losing a sense of yourself in telepathic connections with others.  Many of those confusing thoughts are not yours!

By consistently following these steps, you can gain control over the telepathic messages you send and receive, empowering yourself to navigate interpersonal connections with clarity and intention.