5 Steps to Increase Your Vibration

5 steps to increase vibration


Change is in the air.  Use this change to Increase Your Vibration.  This isn’t just a regular change, one that is expected like moving from one season to another.  This is a change that has been predicted by ancient profits and modern-day profits.  This is a change that feels orchestrated.
As I wake up and watch and sense the changes going on around me, they seem predominantly beneficial.   It’s as if the Universe asked the question, “What can be changed today that is in greater service to the earth and its inhabitants?”  Listening occurs, answers form and changes take place, changes that Increase Your Vibration.  An example in my life is the magical traits I’ve always hoped to have are innocently appearing in my mind and mirrored in my persona.  No determined actions on my part just subtle awareness of things happening.
I have always wanted to be conscious of what is subconsciously propelling my life in directions I don’t particularly want to go.  I’ve always wanted to recognize and change patterns that are taking me down dark alleys with no escape.  I’ve wanted to experience a ‘knowing’ of something before it happens.  This could be a big dream or a chance encounter.  Lately this ‘pre-knowing’ along with becoming conscious of the subconscious motivators and the nasty patterns is occurring in my daily life. 
It’s true that when you can deeply ‘pre-know’ the realization of a very big dream then the path to that dream magically unfolds one puzzle piece at a time.
Another thing that is happening right now is I am actually catching a detrimental thought and quickly changing my perspective so that the thought is no longer detrimental.
Why is this going on right now?  It seems as if a treasure chest of magic has opened spewing the potential for good vibrations where before this seemed impossible.  It may be a cosmic connection has been transported to all of us on rays from distant galaxies.   It feels like previous barriers to full blown imagination and commitment to total TRUTH are falling away right in front of me.  Now my perceptions have 2 gears; old and new/advanced.  I’m choosing new/advanced.
  • Cynicism and worry are giving way to an open heart and sense of adventure. I love it.  I find myself welcoming the unknown.  Yes the unknown.  I’ve gone from a person who cherishes the same safe schedule to a person who’s taking risks.   
  • I had no idea what “the unknown” was, that’s why its unknown, right? I maintained a general aura of preparedness and comfort.  When the opportunity to step right into “the unknown”  appeared I recognized it and jumped right in.  Hello excitement and joy.
  • I’ve found this to be a time that encourages embracing gentleness and self-forgiveness. When I practice these I’m able to see things clearly just as they are.  Drama disappears and opportunities appear.
  • As a consequence of these favorable changes in the atmosphere, I am dreaming big and often. I mean really big.  Big as in ‘for the highest good for all.’  Its opening a new partnership for me with a benevolent Universe. 
  • Oh sure, there’ll be challenges and obstacles however, when I allow my imagination to soar and I love all parts of myself, even the unpleasant parts change and the world opens up again.
Love your insecurities and any thoughts that are unloving and unforgiving.  STOP the cynicism and worry.  Be gentle and self-forgiving.  Imagine the biggest dream already happened and watch the light shine on the path that takes you there.  I’m following it and smiling.  Taking my vibration up a notch.
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