8 minute energy tune up details

Info Sheet on 8 Minute Energy Tune Up

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Energy tune up is the perfect way to start a pain releasing  and healing regimen.  Recent studies show that the simple exercises in the Energy Tune Up release stuck emotions, stimulate healing, reduces stress, brings clarity to the mind, promotes “t” cells to fight autoimmune diseases, releases brain fog, and softens anxiety.  As a result it creates harmony among all the systems of the body leading to flow of healing and increased vitality.

Do this for the 30 miles of nervous system in your body as well as all the other body systems, for better health, better vitality, to let go of pain and to Create YOUR Best Life Now.

According to Time Magazine,
“Emotional stress, like that from blocked emotions, has not only been linked to mental illness, but also to physical problems like heart disease, intestinal problems, headaches, insomnia and autoimmune disorders.”

Take reading on 1-10 scale of where folks are

4 THUMPS – thump hard, 3-4 times while taking deep breaths, if it hurts you need it

  • Cheekbone – ground yourself, can feel it pulse down your body, clears emotion of worry or fear, releases stuck emotions
  • Collarbone area (kidneys)– brings vitality, great if feel exhausted & want to take a nap but can’t this is great place to tap, sends energy to your eyes makes you more alert, like shot of expresso without jitters
  • Thymus (immune system)– promotes “T” cells, stimulates healing in chest
  • Ribcage/bra line (neuro-lymphatic/spleen) – metabolizing food or thought, digestion


Shoulder Pull – clarity in mind, helps healing.  Cross over is way energy is meant to flow and this keeps energy moving harmoniously forward.

Cross Crawl – Helps brain to work better & creates harmony within body systems


  • Seated crossing legs – great for sciatic
  • Seated or standing crossing ankles

Front and back part of brain connect. You know this is needed when you’ve had dyslexia, when feel like you’re tripping over thoughts and words, difficulty learning.  It takes you out of overwhelm.  Sitting cross legs – great for sciatic and hip pain reduction, reduces stress.

Hand clasp lift ankles crossed if unable to do sitting cross legs

Crown pull – makes space in skull


2 hands pushing hard over skull down to shoulders – clears brain fog and memory glitches, reduces mental chatter, anxiousness, great if on computer frequently, reduces stress


Start by placing open hands on thighs and sensing earth (great grounding)Oldest recorded exercise.  Makes space in body so healing energy can get where it’s needed, empties toxins.  Great for joints, arthritis, and getting stuck energy out of body. Helps to let go of peoples energy who have been around you who have been less than positive.


Celtic cross over – Helps protect the field around you from chemicals, radiation etc.

Figure 8 – works same as cross over


Up central meridian – keeps out negative energies. Great if going out in public or listening to news on TV


Connecting energetic spine.  Immediately calming.  Great before giving a talk or taking a test or anything that makes you nervous


In this world of artificial energy like additives, preservatives, particulates in air, and  5G wireless it’s no wonder our bodies go into over-drive to get all of this out of our systems.  Great for struggling immune system, tiredness, panic attacks, auto-immune and allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia

Releasing Negative Emotional Energy

  • Blow-out for frustration or anger or just plain ‘yucky’ feelings
  • Shoulder roll to release pain and tension in shoulder area
  • Head release when sitting at desk working on computer

When hiking up hill/mountain

Fingers open / earth energy / tongue on roof of mouth

VIDEO to Practice

Inspired by D Eden