Aliveness Essential Within Affirmations & YOU

Feeling the Aliveness Within when doing Affirmations the sense of serenity


STEP 2 – 

Chose a time & place where you will have quiet and no interruptions.  Set aside about 10-15 minutes to actually say the Affirmation you have written.
 Release any struggle like inner longing, striving to get everything right or being perfect, those things get in the way of  experiencing essential aliveness.  Drop stress, frustration and impatience.  If you are experiencing difficulty abandoning these challenges try the following EFT tapping to help loosen the resistance.  Above all wait until you feel completely relaxed and able to reach the experience of a peaceful, quiet state in your body and mind.  This wonderful place is where the essential aliveness abides.
Begin by taking some deep slow breaths in and out until you experience calmness and a drop in the level of inner body tension as you begin to notice the feeling of aliveness within you.    You’ll notice your shoulders relax and your view of the room around you will soften.
Now place your attention an inch behind your eyes and ½ inch up-wards.  Softly look around the room from this place, breath, and while you are doing this notice the slowing down of head chatter.  It’s likely that when you do this head chatter will subside completely.  This state of peace brings you to a feeling of the essential aliveness within you. 
Where are You?  Welcome to the present moment, the NOW.  This is where you want to start saying the words of YOUR affirmation accompanied by this feeling of essential aliveness within you & within the affirmation & even the aliveness in the background of the room.


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