Are You Tired of Waking up to the “Awfuls?”

waking up to 'awfuls'

I had an awakening this morning.  It’s something I’ve already known, resting somewhere in the back of my mind.  It became blessedly clear to me this morning.  I have for years been waking up anticipating ‘awfulness.’   Sometimes it’s been disguised as the amorphous feeling of dread.   It feels like a small dread.   Sometimes it’s the over-arching feeling of being older.  That feeling of ‘ending’ rather than beginning.  Sometimes it manifests as concern for the US, the world, the environment, the earth, children.  It is concern disguising ‘awfulness.’ 

That sense of youthful invincible has deteriorated and disappeared from the initial stirring as I get up in the morning.  Instead, I awake with a feeling or anticipation of the worst or lesser than what is really possible. 

I’ve been aware of this AM negativity for quite a while.  This morning it became crystal clear.  I am no longer unconscious, I am able to grab it before it colors my day and life and personality.  This clarity is like a picture on a website that is faded with soft overlay and embedded with a very bright, very clear,  very bold headline:  Wake UP to waking up in dread and  replace with “WAKE UP in JOY.”

No matter how I have disguised it to myself, the feeling and nature of awakening in the morning is dread, leading to awfulness.  Before this clarity I  worked to change myself and consequently my life.  I wondered about the reason for little change.  I am not depressed or imprisoned with loud negative emotions.  So, the changes are exceedingly subtle.  The loud contrast of changing  emotions isn’t there.

This Clear embolden headline is imprinted in my mind.  It is acting as the clear intention that directs an otherwise unconscious day.  I have the power to change how I start a day.  I have the power to view the sunrise with anticipation of joy and love.  I have the power to smile at the magnificent possibilities hidden in each developing moment.  I have the power to recognize opportunities and act on them.

This change based on a clear headline acting as an intention brings immediacy to each morning.  When I go from dread to joy, from doubt to excitement for the day’s possibilities the results of becoming AWAKE are instantaneous.  SMILE.

Now I can catch this early morning dread coming from the past.  It was habitual.  I can catch it and change it to a brand-new vision, a brand-new life.  I can step into the present moment filled with clarity, confidence, courage, joy, value, abundance and inspiration.  The results of joy are in the action of changing how I wake up.I

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