Astonishing Hidden ‘Why’ of Affirmation

Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

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Hidden Why of an Affirmation

Astonishing Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Simon Sinek said in his famous TED talk that the “why” of what you do is the most important motivator to bring things into your life.  If you are smart enough to use affirmations then you’re smart enough to explore the hidden ‘why’ of what you want to affirm.  Let’s say you are affirming achievement in your life.  Then the question is “why?”  Why would you want to be an achiever?    What’s behind achievement for you?  What does achievement look like and why don’t you have it right now?  What did your parents and teachers say about achievement that sold you on having it?  So if you did have it what would it feel like?  And lastly why is it so powerful for you?  Take time now to uncover the answers to these questions. 

Deep Dive into Astonishing WHY of an Affirmation

Once you have answered these questions about your affirmation you are taking a deep dive into the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation i.e. how achievement feels.  What part of it is real for you and what part is myth?  By myth I mean, did you discover that achievement was a superficial aspect of something  hidden you want to affirm in your life?   When you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement did you realize you were actually looking for magic in your life or synergy or power or confidence or maybe even having something profound enter your life? 

Basic Positive Emotion Hidden in WHY of an Affirmation

If your affirmation includes a basic positive emotion or as you explore the hidden ‘why’ of your affirmation you uncover a positive emotion, then move into feeling & experiencing this emotion.  Be grateful for this present moment and the astonishing emotion you are experiencing.  If perhaps you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and are assaulted by a negative feeling, take a deep breath in and out and think of the opposite of this negative emotion.  Perhaps you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement and you were overcome with the feeling of doubt.  Take a deep breath and the opposite of doubt appears as confidence.  Amazing, you found the positive emotion and became aware at the same time.  Move into confidence; remember the time you nailed the right answer when no one else knew?

Gratitude & Positive Emotion in Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Gratitude naturally follows experiencing a positive emotion and we all know how powerful gratitude is.  Take a moment to register just how astounding it feels to be encompassed in this positive feeling.  This is the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation and this wonderful positive place is what is possibly the most incredible motivator to manifesting your affirmation.  When you think about it you’re already there.  When you acknowledge  gratitude for this awesome feeling and for the knowing that if you can get here on your own then the essence of the affirmation will easily follow.  This is when the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation reveals its stunning power.  Your dream arrives in a form that replicates this feeling.  You don’t have to become the CEO of Amazon or a maven of commerce.  The universe may have something much better, more fun and inspiring for you.


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