Basic Way to Enhance Energy

Understanding the basic way to enhance energy

Think of an area or situation in your life that is draining your energy.  It could be work, it could be a relationship or lack of a relationships.  It could be a project that continues to require more and more of your resources.  When these things happen you feel depleted. 
Sometimes negative emotions can be the area of your life that drains energy.   Some of the obvious emotional states are depression or feeling powerless or great sadness.  These emotions can quickly deplete any reserves of energy you might have.
Stress can also exhaust any vigor you may have.  Stress causes your body to focus on ‘flight or fight’ response which uses any reserves of strength you may have so that you can rush to safety.  When you are in “fight or flight” too often all of your reserves are consumed and you find yourself exhausted and without energy.

Questions to ask to uncover your ability to begin the basic way to enhance energy.

Sit quietly, clear your mind of chatter and be brutally truthful with your answers to these questions.
  1. Are you ready to have this energy draining situation change for the better?  Doing the same thing no matter how draining can sometimes feel safe.
  2. Have you learned everything you need to learn from having the situation in your life?  Many times difficult situations are there to make us aware and conscious of things that need to change.
  3. Are you willing to change from learning through pain to learning through joy in this area of your life?  Pain grabs your attention & seems to be the go to way to learn yet learning through joyful experiences works as well and simultaneously helps others.
  4. How have you grown from experiencing this situation?
  5. What are some of the new insights its yielded in your mind?
  6. Do you mean it, when you ask to grow in a new and more joyful way in this area of your life?

Remarkable basic way to enhance energy

Sit by yourself in a place you won’t be interrupted.  Think about the most peaceful calming shade of white light.  It may be the white light you see streaming in through your window in early morning.  It may be the soft radiant light of a fire or candle.  It can be the bright yellow-white light of the sun. 
Now begin by imagining you are breathing in this calm, healing, white light into your body through your breath.  As you breath in white light feel the radiance of it’s goodness and joy all around you.  Then feel the warmth and healing qualities within you.  Open all your channels of inspiration to this high frequency white light.
Choose a favorite Angel or Great Spirit or God or Ascended Master or Soul and sit quietly feeling their higher vibration.  Now ask them to encircle you with their golden white light. 
Let this light be a reflection of your highest self.  Let this light transform the situation, to change it right now.  Be aware of opening all your channels of inspiration to this light in this moment and to the change it brings.
Ask your Soul to amplify a quality that assists you to transform this situation.  It may be courage, confidence, strength, vision, inspiration, compassion, self-love or whatever you require.  Take a moment to feel the quality being magnified within you right now.
Here is another way to boost your energy with EFT tapping.

The symbol as a basic way to enhance energy

Imagine you are holding the symbol of the situation you discovered prior to doing this exercise.  You are holding it in your hand.  Symbols are more powerful to use for enhancing energy than words.  Words are limiting and often carry a bias.  Symbols encourage you to feel into this area.
Take the transforming light from the higher being and turn it into a ray of light.  Watch as  this ray of potent light pours into the symbol.  The symbol changes into a new image.  This new image reflects innovative pathways to increase energy.  New realizations and awareness is growing within you.  Gifts are being sent to you through this symbol that lead directly to enhanced energy.

Change as a basic way to enhance energy.

As you take in the meaning of the new replacement symbol realize how the perception of this draining situation is changing.  The old is dissolving.  Ideas are arriving on what steps you can take right now to transform the situation from depletion to enhanced energy.  Open to these new thoughts and ideas.
Notice that something has changed, something is better, something is charged with energy just for you.

This wonderful exercise is adapted from an Orin meditation by Sanaya Roman.