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Blog 3/7/20

Astonishing Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Step 4

Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Astonishing Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Simon Sinek said in his famous TED talk that the “why” of what you do is the most important motivator to bring things into your life.  If you are smart enough to use affirmations then you’re smart enough to explore the hidden ‘why’ of what you want to affirm.  Let’s say you are affirming achievement in your life.  Then the question is “why?”  Why would you want to be an achiever?    What’s behind achievement for you?  What does achievement look like and why don’t you have it right now?  What did your parents and teachers say about achievement that sold you on having it?  So if you did have it what would it feel like?  And lastly why is it so powerful for you?  Take time now to uncover the answers to these questions. 

Deep Dive into Astonishing WHY of an Affirmation

Once you have answered these questions about your affirmation you are taking a deep dive into the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation i.e. how achievement feels.  What part of it is real for you and what part is myth?  By myth I mean, did you discover that achievement was a superficial aspect of something  hidden you want to affirm in your life?   When you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement did you realize you were actually looking for magic in your life or synergy or power or confidence or maybe even having something profound enter your life? 

Basic Positive Emotion Hidden in WHY of an Affirmation

If your affirmation includes a basic positive emotion or as you explore the hidden ‘why’ of your affirmation you uncover a positive emotion, then move into feeling & experiencing this emotion.  Be grateful for this present moment and the astonishing emotion you are experiencing.  If perhaps you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and are assaulted by a negative feeling, take a deep breath in and out and think of the opposite of this negative emotion.  Perhaps you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement and you were overcome with the feeling of doubt.  Take a deep breath and the opposite of doubt appears as confidence.  Amazing, you found the positive emotion and became aware at the same time.  Move into confidence; remember the time you nailed the right answer when no one else knew?

Gratitude & Positive Emotion in Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Gratitude & Positive Emotion in Hidden WHY of an Affirmation naturally follows experiencing a positive emotion and we all know how powerful gratitude is.  Take a moment to register just how astounding it feels to be encompassed in this positive feeling.  This is the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation and this wonderful positive place is what is possibly the most incredible motivator to manifesting your affirmation.  When you think about it you’re already there.  When you acknowledge  gratitude for this awesome feeling and for the knowing that if you can get here on your own then the essence of the affirmation will easily follow.  This is when the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation reveals its stunning power.  Your dream arrives in a form that replicates this feeling.  You don’t have to become the CEO of Amazon or a maven of commerce.  The universe may have something much better, more fun and inspiring for you.


Some experts would say that just reaching the positive emotion that your affirmation elicits is enough to guarantee the manifestation of the affirmation.  Please look for that hidden WHY which takes you right to the emotion that so profoundly leads to the actualization of your dream..

Blog 2/29/20

launchNight scaled e1583013016284 Create YOUR Best Life Now

Launch YOUR Affirmation Effectively

Resistance to launching affirmation effectively

In order to launch the affirmation effectively, say the affirmation out loud & check for resistance.   Do you find yourself saying, “Well that’ll never happen?”  Does the affirmation in any way seem outlandish, stupid, unreasonable or silly?  If any of these things are happening write down exactly how or why the affirmation doesn’t seem attainable. 

Tap on this resistance to your affirmation even if it’s just a feeling.  You’ve used the best method to craft this affirmation so if there is resistance it’s time to let go of it and tapping is the best and easiest way.  An affirmation will never work if you have resistance to what it says.  Now you know why your affirmation didn’t work.  Click here to do some tapping to let go of resistance.   

Saying and feeling the words in present moment as you launch affirmation

Once you are comfortable with your affirmation, launch the affirmation by taking a slow breath in and out and then recite the affirmation.  Again, take a slow breath in and out and again recite the affirmation.  Say the affirmation a total of 10 times for a week, no more. Say the words slowly and deliberately. 

As a result you are launching the affirmation in the present moment, the most powerful and successful place to launch an affirmation.  After the 5th time saying the affirmation, stop and breath with no thoughts.  Take your time.  Notice the power and aliveness of the present moment as you do this.  Then notice the power and feeling of the individual words as you launch the affirmation. 

How does it feel when the affirmation comes true?

A very important function of launching the affirmation effectively is to experience the same feeling you would have when this affirmation becomes reality.  Do you feel joy?  Is it excitement, or enthusiasm or profound peace?  Do you feel magical and powerful?  Do this without head chatter just live the experience as if it has already happened.

From the affirmation example I gave in earlier blog I sense as I launch the affirmation, the excitement & feeling of success that I have as I stand before a class with lots of attendees.  You can also visualize this experience, along with the feeling, while saying the affirmations.  This results in launching the affirmation in the present moment, the source of all manifestation. 

Launch the affirmation & forget about it

When you have completed saying the affirmation 10 times or for just 10 minutes launch the affirmation by letting it go completely, trusting in wonderful results.  Refrain from any attachment to a specific outcome or a specific way the intention will materialize.  Stop yourself from ruminating about how it will happen, or when, or worse whether it will happen.  Just let it go.  Do something to distract you from thinking about it.  Clean the house, start breakfast, play with kids any fun distraction.  Forget about it all together.

Blog 2/21/2020

Feeling the Aliveness Within when doing Affirmations the sense of serenity


– STEP 2 – 


Chose a time & place where you will have quiet and no interruptions.  Set aside about 10-15 minutes to actually say the Intention you have written.

 Release any struggle like inner longing, striving to get everything right or being perfect, that gets in the way of essential aliveness.  Drop stress, frustration and impatience.  If you are experiencing difficulty abandoning these challenges try the following EFT tapping to help loosen the resistance.  Above all wait until you feel completely relaxed and able to reach the experience of a peaceful, quiet state in your body and mind.  This wonderful place is where the essential aliveness abides.

Begin by taking some deep slow breaths in and out until you experience calmness and a drop in the level of inner body tension as you begin to notice the feeling of aliveness within you.    You’ll notice your shoulders relax and your view of the room around you will soften.

Now place your attention an inch behind your eyes and ½ inch up-wards.  Softly look around the room from this place, breath, and while you are doing this notice the slowing down of head chatter.  It’s likely that when you do this head chatter will subside completely.  This state of peace brings you to a feeling of the essential aliveness within you. 

Where are You?  Welcome to the present moment, the NOW.  This is where you want to start saying YOUR intentions accompanied by this feeling of essential aliveness within you & the affirmation & even in the background.

To review Step 1 click here

Blog 2/14/20

lIghting way to powerful affirmations

Step One

What do you want to affirm to

Create YOUR best life now?

Ask a meaningful question about the place you are and the help you need that results in creating a powerful affirmation.  Here are a few meaningful & powerful questions to ask:

  1. What good is trying to emerge within this situation and within me?
  2. Clarify what the Universe wants to create through me in this situation I’m experiencing?
  3. How shall I proceed to create the best outcome for me?
  4. Tell me the next beneficial step to take?

Be in a quiet place and contemplate these questions.

Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you receive.  As a result, you begin to connect with the essence of what you want.  The answers from these meaningful questions generate wonderful positive words and emotions.  These are the words and emotions to use in creating your affirmation.

(If after some quiet time you feel blocked try getting help by drawing an Oracle card. Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid are wonderful.)

Example:  I would like to create a powerful affirmation to have clients sign up for energy healing class I’m giving.

My Meaningful Question is: What is the best thing for me to do?  After contemplating that question, I received a sense to trust that there are clients waiting to take my class right now. 

Now let’s say even after my insights I was feeling stuck.  I pick from Crystal Spirit Cards the crystal Carnelian.  The positive words and emotions connected with this crystal Carnelian are: increased confidence, poise, self-assurance, capable of co-creating all you need.

Here is the affirmation I created to attract clients for my energy healing class:

I am grateful for the many clients signing up now for my brilliant energy healing class.”  The emotion and words I go to experience when saying affirmation is confidence, self-assurance, poise and capable.

Now check to make sure this affirmation is realistic.  If you’ve never played tennis before setting intention to be the club champion might be unrealistic.

Example 2: I would like to create a powerful affirmation to improve my health, especially getting rid of pain.

Meaningful Questions chosen:

  1. What is there for me to do to improve my health and let go of pain?
  2. Clarify what good is trying to emerge with this pain and poor health?

Be in a quiet place.  Take a few deep breaths and contemplate the previous questions.  Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you sense.  If after some time you feel blocked you can either do EFT tapping or get help by drawing a card or two from Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid or any Oracle deck.

The message  sensed from Source was to begin to speak up and know my words have power and influence and to come from a place of personal truth.  Then I checked in with cards to find out what good is trying to emerge and I got Labradorite which means that what’s emerging is an awakening to the magic & synchronicity in my life.   And the second card revealed I am to engage in ‘big picture’ thinking, dream big!

The powerful affirmation I created from this up-lifting experience is:

“I am authentically voicing the power, magic & synergy  that dreaming the BIG DREAM elicits.”  The elevated words and emotions I go to when saying this affirmation is the sparkling feeling of magic and the excitement of synergy.

Enjoy creating your own affirmation.  Hint ‘I am’ is a very good way to start.  Using it keeps you in the present moment, just where you want to be.  This is where all the power and magic occurs.

Blog 2/7/20

affirmation scaled e1581089241188 Create YOUR Best Life Now

Do Affirmations Really Work?


Yes, Yes, & Yes.  There are studies that show that what you think effects what happens in your life.  If you are conscious of your thoughts that’s proof in itself.  When you wake up is there a jumble of good mixed with negative mixed with habitual thoughts running through your head?  Watch what unfolds the rest of day.  You guessed it,  a mixture of good, bad and habitual patterns.  The art of creating an affirmative day is in being mindful of your thoughts as you start the day and how you respond with thoughts to what happens during the day. 

Start the day with good present moment thoughts.  Maybe have a positive intention for the day ready to say.  The best way to turn around a difficult, nothing is going right day, is to affirm, “Everything is always working out for me.”  Take a moment to image what that looks like for you and then watch what happens.

Sometimes in life you chose to Create YOUR Best Life Now. When this happens, you may find you need help with the creative aspect of your plan, or to attract clients or help or  to bring investors into the mix.  This is an optimal time to use affirmations.


Affirmations get the  best results, results you can see and feel when you are creating something that serves the good of all beings.  This is a time when you chose to make the world a better place.  Use affirmations when you are looking for ways to let the world know about your creation and ways you need assistance or support for the creation.

Coming attraction


Blog 1/26/2020

houston ray PgEBkDZ80uU unsplash e1580509571189 Create YOUR Best Life Now


What makes you feel like a victim?  Is it when you’ve been taken advantage of by someone?  Is it when you’ve lost to someone & been humiliated?  Or when you say “Why me?” or search for someone to blame?  Pretty bad place.  Did you know that when you complain about others & critical of yourself you are a victim?  When you procrastinate you are a victim.  When head chatter takes over you are a victim.  Not a place to visit for long.  So what area of your life do you feel the victim?  Is it finances, career relationships or health?  Sometimes you can feel victimized in just one area or maybe somewhat in each area.  Identify victim places in your life.


What makes you feel like a manifestor?  Is it when you are aware of what your mind is saying without self-judgement?  Without judgement is important.  Do you ask yourself, “what can I do differently to live a happier life?”  When you have thoughts of blame, worry, fear or complaints can you become aware of those thoughts and make a conscious choice to choose a better thought?  Can you change the blame stories you tell yourself about your life?  Most of them aren’t true.  Can you forgive yourself and others?  Can you let go of past?  Identify the places in your life you are a manifestor.


No one is a victim.  It is all how you view your world.  It’s not what happens to you but how you respond to it.  For a great example read Victor Frankl’s A MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING.


Blog 1/19/2020


 Ask Meaningful Questions

To Create YOUR Best Life

Do you find yourself asking, “Have I gone nuts or has the entire world gone crazy?”  And then you think, so maybe I’m unaware of the actual problem?  Maybe the solution isn’t “outside” of me and that’s why it’s so elusive.


What I’ve come to realize is that over the course of my life I have “stuffed” lots of emotions that I needed to briefly look at and accept and then choose something better to think or feel.  I realize “stuffing” for me wasn’t like jamming and compacting so much trash into a small bag.  It was more like momentarily experiencing an emotion and saying to myself, whew don’t like this, I’ll look at it later, maybe.  Or other people saying don’t be sad, angry, fearful, depressed or unhappy everything will be all right.  And I said to myself okay I’ll push this feeling aside.  That was “stuffing” for me.


When faced with chronic pain both physical and emotional with no real viable solutions I began to look for answers.  One of the first things I knew from experience is that the Universe always answers your questions.  Sometimes within in moments, sometimes longer but never too long.  I decided, thanks to my own intuition and help of others, that the best answers were found from asking meaningful questions; questions that elicit encouraging, affirmative answers.  They are open-ended positive and directed questions.


            Normal question: Will I be rich, happy, married?

            Better question: What does future hold for me?

            Meaningful question: What good is trying to happen here in my life?


Now when faced with one of those “stuffed” emotions whether brand new or drifting into my awareness from the past I acknowledge the emotion and then ask a meaningful question around it.  From the answer I receive I choose a better emotion.  Most of the time the elevated emotion appears in the answer.  Try it.



        Incident: Someone crashes into guard rail on icy road and damages their truck.

        Identify & Accept Emotion: Despair & worry (fear)

Deep Breath

        Question to ask yourself: What good is here that I presently can’t see?



We’ve Got it Backwards 4/26/2019


This is something I’ve known for a while but yesterday it hit me.  An epiphany, you know when you experience something from the core of your body outwards rather than just in your mind.  There it was: we always THINK when I have lots of money or great health we’ll feel so happy and free.  The ‘ah ha’ moment was genuinely realizing we have this BACKWARDS.  Feel happy and free first and the money and good health follow. 

INTENTIONS:  We all know about intentions.  Set them.  Make sure they are positive.  Then focus on them.  Continue your life and see what happens.  RIGHT?  So, what happens?  If this was the way to get to your desires then everyone who tried would be right where they want to be.  RIGHT?  That’s not the case in my experience.  How about you?  

WHAT’S MISSING?  In most cases including mine it’s the EMOTION that embodies where you want to be that is missing.  For whatever reason most of us don’t walk around feeling happy or free.  Sometimes we even lose sight of how happy and free feels.  When’s the last time you spent an entire hour in happy or free?  Walking around or sitting at a desk happy or free for an hour is that possible?  From my perspective it sure is.  At first it may seem forced and then the smile takes over, then the determination to be free for an hour or just happy happens.  You and your body aren’t used to happy or free or whatever heightened emotion you chose, so look out for distractions like a sudden back ache or cranky co-worker.  You certainly can hold the feeling of freedom and happy for an hour cause I did.  Call it determination.  When we practice this, we have it FORWARDS.  

  1. Think of what you want.

  2. Then think of the emotion you’ll have when you get it

  3. Then practice that end emotion for 10 minutes or more a day

  4. Then be amazed at what happens

Time to End Never Ending Story

jakob owens 168417 unsplash Create YOUR Best Life Now

It’s time to end the Never-Ending Story.  What is that story that’s been running in the background of your life for so long?  Is it I’m running out of time?  Is it I feel so stuck? Is it I just don’t have the energy?  Or perhaps ‘I never have any time for just me’ or ‘no one ever listens to me.’  Sometimes that story runs for SOOO long that you come to make it a part of your life.  You become so used to it that deviating from it is uncomfortable.  It is a rut in you brain. 

All of these Never-Ending thoughts come from happenings in your past and amount to continual self-criticism.  They run your life and create your future, which, because this is a Never-Ending story causes your future to be just like the nasty past that created it.  It’s like the low hum of the furnace in winter.  You barely notice it and yet it’s running in your life.  If you are reading this than you have chosen to transition from this Never-Ending story to a much better, delight filled one.  Okay I hear you saying how do I do it?  There are lots of ways.  Here are the 2 steps you can take right now to begin a new & wonderful Never-Ending story and say good bye to the one you’re living.

  1. Your first step is to know all about what you want and how you want to feel when you get there. Then become aware of what’s in the way of what you want and how you want to feel.  Know that this is your negative bias and every time a negative bias appears in your day say out loud to yourself, “CHANGE”.   Then immediately think of the opposite and begin to harmonize or do what makes you resonate with the opposite.  Example:  You are at work and the thought comes to you that ‘you are so stuck’ you feel so stagnant doing what you’re doing.  Say out loud “CHANGE” and then immediately think of the opposite which might be,  I’m free and it feels invigorating.  Then do something that harmonizes with that like get up move around in a way that feels invigorating & gives you the essence of freedom.
  2. Step two is to realize that you may never know why you’re in this Never-Ending story but you have the potential to transition to a new and improved Never-Ending story. This  triggers  the question, “how do I accomplish this?”  This question causes you to become conscious & awake in your circumstances rather than running the Never-Ending Story in the background.  From there you begin to expand your awareness of what’s going on in your life that perpetuates this place you don’t want to be.  From this place you can compliment yourself on becoming expansive and conscious about your reality.  Move into the place of being capable, powerful and envision how you would live from this place.  Then take one step to do it.

Putting Powerful Intentions to Work for You

  1. What are 2 behaviors that no longer belong in your future?
  2. What are the 2 emotions that keep you anchored to a past you don’t like?
  3. Name 2 thoughts & behaviors you want in your life now & in future like wholeness, abundance, joy, creativity, peace 

Keeping in mind that our brain has a negativity bias and is always looking for bad news, then over-reacts to the bad stuff & then fast tracks it into memory where it becomes hard-wired and then of course you find yourself irritable when the topic comes up.

Also realize that one negative interaction with someone has much more impact than several positive interactions with that same person.  The answers to questions #1 & 2 are your negativity bias.

Okay so what’s the antidote to this negative bias?  Ask yourself what would be a good thing to grow in my life?  Those are the 2 thoughts & behaviors you want now and in future (question #3).  Think of those thoughts & behaviors & actively look for opportunities during the day & evening to experience those positive thoughts & behaviors you want in your life.  You might ask yourself when something good happens, “Will this fill the hole in my heart?”  If it does be on notice that you are officially loving your self; growing self esteem.

Here are 3 steps to take when you find yourself experiencing joy, peace, creativity or whatever you chose to answer question #3.  These steps will turn your brain on or your inner recorder on so these behaviors become an active part of your life, not something you brush off cause you’re late for that appointment.

  1.  When you experience the thought or behavior you want, stop and take 3 deep breaths as you recognize it.
  2.  Feel the thought or behavior in your body, where is it located in your body?
  3.  Focus on what is rewarding or meaningful or enjoyable about this thought or behavior.

When you do this you are putting Neuroplasticity to work for you.


We’ve Got it Backwards 4/26/2019


This is something I’ve known for a while but yesterday it hit me.  An epiphany, you know when you experience something from the core of your body outwards rather than just in your mind.  There it was: we always THINK when I have lots of money or great health we’ll feel so happy and free.  The ‘ah ha’ moment was genuinely realizing we have this BACKWARDS.  Feel happy and free first and the money and good health follow. 

INTENTIONS:  We all know about intentions.  Set them.  Make sure they are positive.  Then focus on them.  Continue your life and see what happens.  RIGHT?  So, what happens?  If this was the way to get to your desires then everyone who tried would be right where they want to be.  RIGHT?  That’s not the case in my experience.  How about you?  

WHAT’S MISSING?  In most cases including mine it’s the EMOTION that embodies where you want to be that is missing.  For whatever reason most of us don’t walk around feeling happy or free.  Sometimes we even lose sight of how happy and free feels.  When’s the last time you spent an entire hour in happy or free?  Walking around or sitting at a desk happy or free for an hour is that possible?  From my perspective it sure is.  At first it may seem forced and then the smile takes over, then the determination to be free for an hour or just happy happens.  You and your body aren’t used to happy or free or whatever heightened emotion you chose, so look out for distractions like a sudden back ache or cranky co-worker.  You certainly can hold the feeling of freedom and happy for an hour cause I did.  Call it determination.  When we practice this, we have it FORWARDS.  

  1. Think of what you want.

  2. Then think of the emotion you’ll have when you get it

  3. Then practice that end emotion for 10 minutes or more a day

  4. Then be amazed at what happens

Blog September 30, 2018

Empathizing with Others Can Ruin YOUR Sleep

When you empathize so completely with other peoples’ condition (equals their beliefs, health + energy) often the core (unconscious energy) of your empathy is masked and it causes you to lose the ability to discriminate whether this is your condition or someone else’s.  When this happens, you lose the knowing that you can heal yourself because of course this isn’t really you.  When this happens, you become other-directed.  You become so entrenched in the other persons condition which is uncomfortable because it isn’t you, that you shut down and close out others so as not to experience this discomfort.  When you do this, you obstruct the flow of energy – your life energy.  If you are doing this all day long it interrupts your sleep at night.  How does this happen?  You can’t fall off to sleep because of the inability to let go of the wall of protection you’ve created, seemingly out of self-preservation.  In order to sleep soundly the life force needs to be replenished and flowing without blocks.  The way to do this is to remove the self- inflicted wall of protection that is obstructing the flow of life force energy.  Here are some steps to take during the day to create a flow of energy all day.

  1. Create a ‘crap’ list and EFT TAP on it for 5 minutes every morning.
  2. When something seems upsetting step back and see it from a higher perspective
  3. When you begin to feel uneasy during the day say to yourself “I’m letting this go whether it’s mine or someone else’s.”
  4. When you find yourself entrenched in an experience that is uncomfortable for whatever reason, stop, acknowledge how you feel, and spend a few moments detaching from situation by taking deep breath in and out at least 5 times. This replenishes your energy and your soul
  5. When you feel disconnected remember everything is connected through an invisible field of energy
  6. Remember you are always protected and divinely directed so when faced with something that seems insurmountable just say “I’m handing it over to the Universe or Higher Power” and watch what happens. Warning: trust this process implicitly if you start trying to change things the results will be much less than if you leave it to the Universe.
  7. Several times during the day find your calm center and stay there for a few minutes.


Blog September 14, 2018



Put a “freeze” on Busy and “warm up” to Healing.


I’m noticing that it’s time to start harvesting ‘being busy’ both physically busy and mentally busy (worrying).  In the new year you planted the seeds of busy.  You know, “I’m going to do this and accomplish that.”  Then those seeds began to sprout.  Some of them resembling your desires and others hardly at all.  You needed to worry about the aberrations and encourage the beautiful blooms.  So many of your seeds sprouted it left you with little time to just sit back and appreciate the blossoms.  So now fall is quickly approaching and it’s time to gather in all that you love and weed out what you don’t want.  I’m encouraging you to do something different this fall.  Freeze all the ‘being busy’ especially the mental worry and doubt.   If you want to worry you can always thaw  that “busy” out later.  Now take the free time you’ve created for YOU and use it to heal & empower yourself.  Intentionally heal yourself whether you are limping or not.  Here are some steps to take to mend & empower yourself so that you cruise into the holiday season feeling great.

Five Steps

  1. Think of any mistakes you’ve made so far this year. Now forgive yourself for every single one.
  2. Think of mistakes others have made that adversely affected you. Let go of the blame.  Blame only keeps you right where you don’t want to be.
  3. Act as if you can heal yourself.
  4. Act as if you can heal the earth
  5. Live the 5 “C’s”, say them in your mind often. Be aware of the negative words. Replace them with; “I am: Confident, Courageous, Creative, Capable & Calm

Blog August 28, 2018

Is There Safety In Habits?


Is there safety in habits?  Take a close look at your world, just how much of it is habitual?  What happens when you decide to throw out habits?  Is it possible to do that?  I decided to do a gut/brain cleanse.  I wanted to see if it would improve my health and outlook.  It is definitely the way to view your habits, as you throw them out you begin to view how they have been affecting your life.

  Just imagine the start of your day, no green mountain coffee, no English Breakfast tea with lemon and stevia or sugar or honey.  NO SUGAR, nothing that changes to sugar when digested i.e. carbohydrates otherwise known as bread, pasta, chips, popcorn, yogurt etc.  Just a “green juice” that ended up tasting much better than the ingredients sounded.  Would I have enough energy to make it to lunch?  This is close to starvation, isn’t it?  You do get a mid-morning snack.  Would that hold until lunch?  Would I be able to function without heading to snack machine or sneaking into 7-11?  How would I ever make it to dinner?  There is an afternoon snack.  Turns out I love plain fresh, not dry-roasted salted nuts.  Starvation will do that. And dinner oh well a protein and lots of vegetables.  In my preparation to do this cleanse I recognized the most challenging part would be no snacks after 6pm.  That means no chocolate, no ice cream, no salty chips, no M&M peanuts. 

Here’s where I discovered that habits are just an illusion.  There is really no safety in habits.  Somehow having a treat after dinner was a palpable reward for making it through the day that I’d experienced.  This made me feel safe and okay.  I now realize I can feel safe and okay without a treat.  I can start the day without yogurt and fruit.  I can live without coffee or tea.  Suddenly I realize when I let go of these habits there is a tremendous sense of freedom and there is also an appreciation of the habit for the momentum it provided to get me through the week.  Now I’m realizing I’m so much stronger than I thought and that habits are an illusion of a potential you already have.  I admit I’ll drink tea again and I’ll have some ice cream however they’ll provide an individual treat not a daily crutch on which to lean.

Blog August 11, 2018

Where Are You Spending Time & Energy?

What are you spending your time and energy doing?  This is important if you want to experience wealth.  Be brutally honest in the assessment of where your attention is directed.  If you’re like me you may have recently changed your values and vision for your life.  If you have its time for this assessment because your mind / ego probably hasn’t caught up with your new vision.  It’s time to replace what isn’t encouraging the creation of your new vision.  Sometimes these are very subtle beliefs that are playing an unconscious or maybe even conscious role in how you go about your daily life.  Let’s take a look at what you’re obsessing over by taking this inventory.

It’s time to turn off the things that don’t serve your new vision, your highest good.  As long as you are thinking about and paying attention to these things you are creating your life from this space.  Spend time and energy dwelling on your answers to the last 9 questions and trust that your creations and life will come from these fantastic rich spaces.

Blog August 2, 2018

Peace and Meditation vs Action

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I’ve recently experienced a great ‘aha’ in my life.  I’ve been viewing myself as stuck.  This isn’t stuck in the traditional sense.  This is stuck that’s caused by constant mind action.  This is having your view of life expand so rapidly that you are unable to move because somewhere in your unconscious you’re running a tape.  This tape almost seems psychotic.  So many of the beliefs you held close are now miles away and the sky is opening up and the tape keeps running.  It all seems to be happening on a personal level and you want to get outside of the self.  No one else seems to be suffering from this.  This isn’t a case of overwhelm either.  Every new learning has opened up another part of me and I’m delighted and I’m focused on using these insights to be of service.  However, the tape keeps running.  This tape, although I’m not aware of the specifics nor do I want to be aware, has a list of ‘to do’s’ that I’ve accumulated through the years.  These are things that at the time I wasn’t even aware that I bought as gospel.  They are still running in the background of all my discoveries.  Then it came to me, inspired from a friend’s communication that exuded peace.  She never mentioned her life was peaceful she just said she really didn’t have a need for intentions anymore and was “in joying” her life.  It was from this that the epiphany arose:  it’s time to love the wonderful things around me, acknowledge what’s been accomplished, know that compassion and good intention for others is peace, and spend extra time in meditation so that the new and expansive in my life takes root and the tape stops running.


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Blog July 13, 2018

Where in the heck are you going?

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What do you intend for your life?  Have you sat down in a quiet space and decided what would be best for you this week, this month, this year?  Wouldn’t it be great to be on the path that takes you to what you really want, what you’d love to do rather than responding to one demand after another?  It’s time for you to take an INTENTION break.  OK, so what does this INTENTION break entail? 

  • Write down what you really want for yourself, I mean really want  in the next week or month
  • Make this intention very specific and very clear
  • For example, if you want a new opportunity: when do you want it to arrive, what exactly does it look like, how does it feel, how do you sense it, does it bring excitement or joy or peace, what does it bring, who does it involve, where is it happening, what does your face look like as it is happening, how does your heart feel?
  • Answer these questions as you write your intention, make your intention ‘as if it was here now’.
  • Enjoy yourself, bust out of the box, intend big
  • Now write this INTENTION for your friends, maybe even for an enemy

What do you do with this INTENTION?  Having written it you are ½ way there.  Please follow my INTENTION meditation to rapidly bring this INTENTION to life.


Blog June 19, 2018


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Sometimes when you find yourself stuck or in a what seems to be a downward spiral you wonder how to put an end to the draught.  The first thing I seem to do is look to the past for help.  Trust me this isn’t the route to take.  If there is one constant in this world it’s CHANGE.  So, looking to the past for guidance just leads you to where you are now.  You know the phrase, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.”  It’s time to DO THINGS THAT WORK.  Oh yes easier said than done, but not necessarily so.  Take a few moments to write down what you’ve been thinking about your life and the world around you.  Sprinkle the list with the beliefs you have about your future. 

An example is:

  1. I believe I need to do what the wealthy people around me are doing. I admit I don’t have it right but the things they say to do seem difficult and uncomfortable to me.
  2. I don’t know what to do to get out of being stuck.
  3. Gosh I’ve just spent 6 years in the same awful job, I don’t see luck in my future.

Now play the opposite game with each of the statements you wrote.  Here’s some examples:

  1. Okay what I’m doing isn’t working so I’m going to list the things I have fun doing or do well and take steps to incorporate them in my every day.
  2. Obviously, what I’m doing right now doesn’t work so every day I’ll start by doing something different. I’ll part my hair on the opposite side.  I’ll have tea instead of coffee.  I’ll get up earlier.  I’ll take a walk after work.
  3. I’m going to read Tosha Silver’s book Outrageous Openness to appreciate her stories of luck and synchronicity.

As you begin to consciously change things you’ll discover how to


Blog June 5, 2018

Guides, Angels & Wealth


Right now, it all seems to be about Guides and Angels.  Everywhere I turn I bump into evidence of Guides and Angels.  I think I’ll call it wealth and Divine Guidance.  I listened to a web cast recently and someone mentioned to affirm the presence of your Guide or Angel just ask that they leave a white feather for you to let you know they’re around.  Just for fun I asked in the morning for a white feather and before lunch there was a white feather in the seat of the car waiting for me.  I never doubted that the feather would appear because I have been fortunate to meet my Guide or Guardian Angel in Person. 


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I was in my early 20’s leading a hectic life.  I traveled from Richmond to Philadelphia representing a major cosmetic firm.  I loved what I was doing.  Everything seemed exciting.  I just kept pushing myself to do more and more.  Mostly I just wanted to make a name for myself.  You see I had just found out I was the only women in the sales team.  I had also just learned about ‘networking’ and wanted to meet as many people as I could.  I had absolutely no idea what to do after I met everyone but there you have it.  This was before email; cell phones and internet took over.  Underneath all this façade of excitement and travel was buried a ‘home body’ as my family used to call me.  I would race around the central east coast all week and race to get home on the weekend and not leave the house. 

It was on a Friday afternoon during commute time at the Philly train station that I met my Guide.  I was waiting impatiently for them to call the metro liner to Baltimore/Washington.   Finally, I heard the announcement stood up and there directly in front of me was a woman with a knife lifted up attempting to stab me.  I completely froze.  That’s when my guide appeared.  Tall, dressed in dark blue suit, radiant smile, throwing his arms up in front of knife, knocking it out of the lady’s hand.  People were yelling and the next thing I knew two policemen were there grabbing her.  I looked up to see my Guardian Angel heading down the stairs to the same metro liner on which I was ticked to travel home.  One of the police wanted me to press charges since this attack came out of nowhere.  I just wanted to catch the train, thank this wonderful man and go home.  I didn’t know what to do.  Guess I was still frozen.  I realized that one of the policemen was yelling at me.  I looked up and at that moment decided no charges, I’m catching the train.  As I picked up my briefcase to head to the stairs I looked to my left and the same lady had hit the other policeman.  No need to stay.  I made the train and put my briefcase down in the last seat in the last car.  I then looked in every seat in all 5 cars and knocked on the bathrooms to find this fellow who saved my life.  I went up and down all the cars as the train traveled from Philadelphia to Wilmington.  I wasn’t able to find him however my life dramatically changed for the best after that meeting.  I’ve seen my Guide 3 more times since then and each time has prophesied miraculous positive changes in my life.   I’ll continue the story later ….

Blog:  April 30, 2018

When was the last time you kept a PROMISE to Yourself?

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Keeping promises ….

Promises are vital in the world of creating wealth.  And what is even more relevant is, how many of the promises you make to yourself do you keep?  You’re much more likely to keep a promise to a child or another person than to yourself.  Promises do come from the world of intuition, that magic land of inspiration.  Remember the last time you said I’m going to exercise regularly???  Did you keep the promise?  Or maybe I’m going to call a potential client each day and then didn’t do it.  When you aren’t keeping promises to yourself you are in essence closing the door to enormous possibilities.  What would it take for you to keep the next promise you make to yourself?  Do it, then step back and watch the wealth opportunities flow into your life.


Blog: April 14, 2018


nik shuliahin 251237 unsplash 1 e1523639468642 Create YOUR Best Life Now  Ever wonder how to reduce stress around DEBT?

There are 3 basic types of money you work with every day.  They are debt, savings, and income goals.  Debt is by far the most stressprovoking type of money.  It hovers around every purchase you make and most steps you take in business.  It also influences the way you sell yourself and your products.  The stress from having too much debt acts as an unconscious undercurrent affecting the entire day.  It can also keep you up at night.  Along with debt you may only need one other stressor like someone cutting you off on the highway to hurl you into anxiety.  The question is, how to reduce the stress from debt, especially when you find yourself wanting to flip the finger at someone.  Here is one of my favorite ways to immediately calm stress and nerves when you are on the go.  Try it you’ll be amazed at the results.