Profound Benefits of Being Home 24-7

Profound benefits of being home 24-7

Profound Benefits of Being home 24-7 for ADULTS

 “What good is being home 24-7 generating?”  The definition of good  as it relates to the isolation, the ‘stuck in the house,’ I’m so bored world we are living because of covid 19 is how are you benefiting?

Benefit 1: Being Calm

The answer I immediately got was that being stuck in the house can be calming, a good calming.  The calm of just being.  There is no pressure to be somewhere, buy something, do something, impress anyone.  In this calm place of just being, you can discover some truth about yourself and that is always a great benefit of being home 24-7.  This is especially great in these times when truth is a scarce commodity.

Benefit 2: Head Chatter Isn't True

Another benefit of being home 24-7 is that being home and being calm can help you learn that what you hear in your head usually isn’t helpful or true.  You probably are asking, “how is this good?”  

Normally head chatter drives you crazy.  If you can become aware of what’s being said in your head and recognize that if you think negative thoughts then you behave negatively and conversely if you think positive thoughts you’ll behave positively then the negative thoughts must be useless and untrue if you want to lead a confident and joyful life.   Check out more information about the “Monkey Mind” in Forbes.

Benefit 3: Acknowledging what head chatter says

When you are home 24-7 without distraction it’s an opportune time to listen to head chatter and notice what’s being talked about in your head.  This is good because instead of blindly believing what you are hearing in your head you get to stop and query, “ if this head talk is negative, isn’t encouraging and isn’t true then why do I want to experience it?”  Then you get to ponder what is an affirmative thought, what you’d like to experience and substitute that thought in for the negative, untrue thought.

Do this and watch the “ah ha’s” happen.

Profound Benefits of Being Home for PARENTS & CHILDREN

Home 24-7 parent & child benefits

Benefit 1: Gratitude

If you are home with young children calming may not be your answer but discovering the truth about yourself and your relationship with your children is.  I know providing entertainment that’s fun and not ‘screen-time’ is particularly challenging.  

The benefit of being home 24-7  that isn’t readily seen is the imprinting of gratitude and appreciation within the family.   It’s a mutual thing.  One of the most powerful things you can do to create a fantastic harmonious atmosphere for your home is to affirm and practice gratitude.  Children feeling grateful for the effort that’s being taken by parents and parents making sure children understand gratitude is a great Benefit of Being Home that is so very valuable now and later in life.

A brief explanation by Dr. Joe Dispenza of how this works is below. 

Benefit 2: You are a great parent just as you are

Another benefit of being home with your children that is immediately seen by parents is ‘letting go of needing to be the perfect parent.’  Whether you are aware of it or not just being home, caring and loving your children makes you the perfect parent.  They probably chose you before they arrived here for this earth walk and that in itself makes you the perfect parent. 

The unrealized benefit for the parent in this case is to let go of any EGOIC assumption that there are specific guide lines for being the perfect parent and especially let go of any feelings of guilt.  Enjoy and recognize your own very special, individual talents and when you’re tired create some boundaries.  The unseen  benefit is to get to know and love yourself more.

If you only have a few moments for yourself while at home with very active children, go to my home page watch & be inspired by a short fun mind movie.  

Check out the activities from Maryland Science Center that you can do at home even for very young children.