How to Hear YOUR Guides

Listen to the whisper of Guides as they love & assist you. And how is that done? This course on “How to Hear YOUR Guides” takes you to a sanctuary that resides inside you no matter what goes on outside. Take a deep breath, relax, formulate a question, ask YOUR Guide for the answer and listen to the reply. Sense the encouragement & love.  You may even feel YOUR Guide touching your hand or find a white feather sent to you from YOUR Guide.  This course explains it all and enables you to hear YOUR greatest personal advocate, YOUR Guides.

Why Listen to YOUR Guide or Angel?

Positivity Guides & Angels bring to your life

Companionship in times of solitude

Courage Guides & Angels nudge to keep you going

Confidence Guides & Angels make inner space for something larger & more powerful to grow

Hardship They give support to trust the rightness of what’s occurring in life

Self Sufficiency giving you all the help, love & support to be free