Change & the Past Script

Change & the Past Script

CHANGE & THE PAST – 9/20/21

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a wave of change all around me and within me.  A shift in consciousness is beginning to accelerate us supportively .  People who have been doing essentially the same thing, living in the same place for years are now contemplating change.  Of course, COVID brought the need for change too.

Change is different now under the influence of  this shift in consciousness  This new exceptional environment is permitting innovative, effortless ways we can change.  No longer do we have to change in a linear fashion.  No longer do we have to take one step followed by another followed by another attempting to close the distance between us and our goal to realize change.

So, you are all asking yourselves what’s this about?  It’s about creating change from the present moment with the help of the power of this group. 

Look at something that pops up from your past.  You were either scared, guilty, unappreciated, powerless, angry, sad or fearful.  Does that event serve you right now in this present moment?  If the answer is NO then look at the event and be clearer about the event by removing the emotion attached to it.  How many other events from your past that you associate an uncomfortable emotion with are you living with now? 

Easy successful change requires letting go of the emotions attached to your past.

This is really the only place you can create assured change. 

  • It’s about realizing that the past is not fixed. It can be rearranged by how you choose to look at it

  • It’s about accepting that you can change the past to alter your future only from this present moment.

  • It’s about looking at the past with & without emotion attached to it.

Here are some things to contemplate  as we join together to make the choice to change:

  • Emotions only occur in the present moment. You are only guilty, angry, sad, unappreciated, happy, capable and gracious in the present moment.

  • Past is made up of 2 components: history and a feeling or emotion

  • Everything in your past that is influencing your now is a piece of information with an emotion or feeling attached to it.

  • Making a change influenced by negative emotion attached to past doesn’t’ work

When you go to change many events from the past can hold you hostage.  Events that echo in your head like “I don’t think I can change this cause in the past I failed so not even going to try”  What is the emotion attached to that statement?  Lack of skill, less than, sad, powerless.  Now take away the emotion and you are left with an event that possibly  didn’t happen the way you think it did.  Now does carrying this event around  have any value to you?  Is it useful to create change?  Does it get in the way of changing as you wished?  Would your life be different without it?  Would you like to let it go?

How do I move through change?  Consider this possibility; I don’t have to be controlled by the past.  Life can be encouragingly different.  Choices can be different and the ability to draw what you want to you begins to happen differently.  Fear, anxiety, sadness no longer act as a filter between you and how you want to create your life. 

What if you could take a look at a picture from past and refuse to connect an emotion?  Look at the picture and ask does this serve me?  If answer is NO then as a group we’re going to return the emotion to the Universe.

Now take whatever popped up from your past that is in the way of making a change. Especially the emotion attached to the past event.  Now place that emotion  associated with the event  in the middle of circle.

Imagine the sun above your head.  See the liquid gold essence of the sun rain down or shine down on you from the top of your head.   This is giving to yourself and the group.  Bring this light through the top of your head down to your shoulders.  Feel it moving down your arms and into your hands and into your heart  and from your heart direct this beautiful energy into the center of the circle.  As the circle fills with this light continue to fill yourself with this liquid golden light.   You may feel it’s warmth or the tingle of its presence or just peace.  Permit  it to make you whole on your terms as you make choices to change.  Let it create opportunities for all of us now.  Begin to know the essence of you by letting go of the emotions of past.  Smile.  Sense yourself and the group being reconstructed.  Letting go and eliminating patterns that we have created as truth, that no longer serve the greater good, letting them disappear.

For the next 10 minutes of meditation visualize the center of this powerful circle we have formed.  Notice that the patterns from the past that we placed there earlier have been transformed into expanding potentials by the liquid golden light.  Reach into this light of expanding potentials for new affirmative emotions,  ideas and beliefs that positively propel us forward to the change we desire.