You Have a Choice to Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self

You have a choice to Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self or to live by the influences of the past.  It all depends on how you want to live your life.  Do you want to be the you of the past filled with negative impressions and positive aspects that are much different than you recollect? Do you want to be the you that is driven by a subconscious created from repeating  actions you don’t even remember? 
Or do you want to exhibit all the wondrous traits you hold valuable now?  Do you want to be awake and aware of your life’s purpose and living that purpose every day?  If the latter is your choice then it’s time to Create a Vision of YOUR future Self.

Why Create A Vision of YOUR Future Self?

Are you at a place where ‘new and exciting’ is elusive and yet doing something innovative in your life has captivated your imagination.  Do things seem like the ‘same ole same ole.’  Are you missing the magic in life, like that wonderful feeling you had as a child when the ladybug spontaneously appeared and landed on your finger?
 Perhaps you believe that those days are over for you.  You think a new world is beyond your reach.  If you continue to believe and think this way you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.  It’s time to create a vision of YOUR future self, using a sense of fun without any judgement on your part.

Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self by gathering information

Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self by gathering information and exploring clues to uncover the best vision of your future self.  This means exploring ideas that seem far-fetched.  Get out of your old self.  Sometimes that means being intrigued by what is novel, feels special and certainly out of your realm of experience right now. 
Let’s say you thought making a large salary would bring you joy and magic and guess what, it didn’t.  Now’s the time to uncover the vision of your future self that will bring joy and magic.  Guaranteed it won’t’ be what you’ve been doing or what you expect.

Approach Creating a Vision of YOUR Future Self with a beginner mind

Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self
Take a look at what you want to be with innocence and curiosity.  Try fresh feelings and visions on for size.  The old confining visions of you got you where you are so it’s time to uncover the surprising future you, hiding in plain sight.  The vision of your future self involves how you want to feel and how you want to be not what you want to do.  Leave the do to the mystery/magic of the Universe.  Perhaps the old you is drowning in self-criticism, the new vision of you is delighted with how far you’ve come and knows you are going even further in a wonderful surprising new direction.

Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self by trusting in the unknown.

This is the time to throw-out the obsessive plans detailing every step you need to take,  when you need to take each step and what each step will look like.   It’s a time to trust yourself to know what ultimately feels good.  Yep good, not hard, not scary, not overwhelming but a vision of you that looks good, feels good and makes you smile. It’s this vision that brings passion and progress in your life.

The Advantage to Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self

Creating a Vision of Your Future Self gives you an advantage when facing obstacles that life brings. This is not the old you that cringes when obstacles arise too often. This is the new vision of YOUR future self that is so powerful it’s “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”  This Creates a Vision of YOUR Future Self that knows there is more than one way to beat an obstacle.   This vision of you has the ingenuity and imagination to recognize the best way to overcome obstacles and challenges.  This is the vision of your future self that refuses to be limited by beliefs of the past.

Be Neutral and Honest

vision ocean scaled Create YOUR Best Life Now
Creating a Vision of YOUR Future Self involves being neutral and honest about the words you hear in your head.   Take the time to listen to what your head talk is saying.  If it is critical, says that you are not enough, or that you lack anything then make sure Creating a Vision of YOUR Future Self includes a self full of confidence, clarity, and abundance, a self that is divinely directed and protected.

Slow and Steady to Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self

Put one foot in front of the other as you Create a Vision of YOUR Future Self.  Slow and steady is perfect.  If you feel for some reason that the vision of your future self isn’t your best work and that not much is coming to you, be cognizant that what is happening slowly is an important step and one that isn’t good to force.  You may need to change direction or continue to go slow.  Know that if you are conscious and focus on right here, right now the next step will appear.
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Stop and savor the extraordinary parts of you right now.  You may want to list them and then feel the emotion connected with all these excellent things in your life.  Expand upon these feelings.  Make sure you include all the  brilliant and pleasing things about you that you want to include in creating Vision of YOUR Future life.

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