Creating a Powerful Affirmation

lIghting way to powerful affirmations

Step One: creating a powerful affirmation

 Powerful Affirmation

It’s in the questions and the words

Ask a meaningful question about the place you are and the help you need and that results in creating a powerful affirmation.  Here are a few meaningful & powerful questions to ask:

  1. What good is trying to emerge within this situation and within me?
  2. Clarify what the Universe wants to create through me in this situation I’m experiencing?
  3. How shall I proceed to create the best outcome for me?
  4. Tell me the next beneficial step to take?

Be in a quiet place and contemplate these questions.

Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you receive.  As a result, you begin to connect with the essence of what you want.  The answers from these meaningful questions generate wonderful positive words and emotions.  These are the words and emotions to use in creating your affirmation.

(If after some quiet time you feel blocked try getting help by drawing an Oracle card. Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid are wonderful.)

Example:  I would like to create a powerful affirmation to have clients sign up for energy healing class I’m giving.

My Meaningful question is: What is the best thing for me to do?  After contemplating that question, I received a sense to trust that there are clients waiting to take my class right now. 

Now let’s say even after my insights I was feeling stuck.  I pick from Crystal Spirit Cards the crystal Carnelian.  The positive words and emotions connected with this crystal Carnelian are: increased confidence, poise, self-assurance, capable of co-creating all you need.

Here is the affirmation I created to attract clients for my energy healing class:

I am grateful for the many clients signing up now for my brilliant energy healing class.”  The emotion and words I go to experience when saying affirmation is confidence, self-assurance, poise and capable.

Now check to make sure this affirmation is realistic.  If you’ve never played tennis before setting intention to be the club champion might be unrealistic.

Example 2: I would like to create a powerful affirmation to improve my health, especially getting rid of pain.

Meaningful questions chosen:

  1. What is there for me to do to improve my health and let go of pain?
  2. What good is trying to emerge with this pain and poor health?

Be in a quiet place.  Take a few deep breaths and contemplate the previous questions.  Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you sense.  If after some time you feel blocked you can either do EFT tapping or get help by drawing a card or two from Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid or any Oracle deck.

The message  sensed from Source was to begin to speak up and know my words have power and influence and to come from a place of personal truth.  Then I checked in with cards to find out what good is trying to emerge and I got Labradorite which means that what’s emerging is an awakening to the magic & synchronicity in my life.   And the second card revealed I am to engage in ‘big picture’ thinking, dream big!

The powerful affirmation I created from this up-lifting experience is:

“I am authentically voicing the power, magic & synergy  that dreaming the BIG DREAM elicits.”  The elevated words and emotions I go to when saying this affirmation is the sparkling feeling of magic and the excitement of synergy.

Enjoy creating your own affirmation.  Hint ‘I am’ is a very good way to start.  Using it keeps you in the present moment, just where you want to be.  This is where all the power and magic occurs.

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