Do Affirmations Work?

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Yes, Yes, & Yes.  There are studies that show that what you think effects what happens in your life.  If you are conscious of your thoughts that’s proof in itself.  When you wake up is there a jumble of good mixed with negative mixed with habitual thoughts running through your head?  Watch what unfolds the rest of day.  You guessed it,  a mixture of good, bad and habitual patterns.  The art of creating an affirmative day is in being mindful of your thoughts as you start the day and how you respond with thoughts to what happens during the day. 

Start the day with good present moment thoughts.  Maybe have a positive intention for the day ready to say.  The best way to turn around a difficult, nothing is going right day, is to affirm, “Everything is always working out for me.”  Take a moment to image what that looks like for you and then watch what happens.

Sometimes in life you chose to Create YOUR Best Life Now. When this happens, you may find you need help with the creative aspect of your plan, or to attract clients or help or  to bring investors into the mix.  This is an optimal time to use affirmations.


Affirmations get the  best results, results you can see and feel when you are creating something that serves the good of all beings.  This is a time when you chose to make the world a better place.  Use affirmations when you are looking for ways to let the world know about your creation and ways you need assistance or support for the creation.


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