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Elementals Emerging in Life

Today brought the world of elementals to life for me.  I realize I’ve always known about elementals.  I’ve lived the last 30 years with an awareness of elementals.  I’ve just not been conscious of them nor have I directed my attention to elementals.  This weekend that changed.
As I listened some what distractedly to someone theorizing about elementals and their historic value to the earth.  I found myself wondering just what an elemental is.  At this moment I’m still not certain however I know they exist and they’ve been in touch.

Elementals emerging in life magically

This Sunday morning has been so magical.  I want desperately to hold on to the magic and the only way I know how is to is to write about it.  I decided to google elementals.  The person who mentioned elementals first had a 4-minute YouTube on “who are elementals.”  I listened and didn’t get a full answer.
Actually, I was surprised to find another young woman had a YouTube on who are elementals.  Of course, I tuned in.  Her name is Asia Suler.  What a remarkable person. 

Elementals emerging in life and who are they?

The combination of Asia’s definition of who Elementals are along with Jim Self’s definition gave me something to hold on to.
Asia said elementals are nature spirits, and fairies enabled by your inner child or embraced by young children.
Jim told a story about the fall of the earth and that the Elementals are here to reflect the light of Source or Universe back to whomever is aware of them.  He went on to say that there was a time when the earth fell & there was no light for Elementals to reflect back.  They remained on the earth through the hardship of no light.  Now there is light growing and flickering especially when humanity recognizes and plays with elementals.

Obscured knowledge of elementals emerging

I look at my past and realize I had an obscure knowledge of elementals.  When we moved into the home I live in now, the first thing I asked the family was to commit space on the property which I labelled the “sacred space.”  It was to be owned and run by nature with no interruptions from us.  It remained that way for 12 years.
Unfortunately, we experienced draught and fires close to our home and ended up mitigating some of the “sacred space.”  I asked permission of mother nature for every tree we had to take down.
Emerging Elementals in Life

First experience of elementals emerging in life

I remember a time when 2 wonderful ladies who were part of a discussion group required for a class I was taking decided to answer a question by asking angels, guides etc.  I don’t remember the question.  I do remember the answer.   I decided to go and sit in the “sacred space” to meditate and see if I could hear the answer. 
I sat for at least 20 minutes, experiencing a quiet mind, feeling the breeze at my back.  At 30 minutes I gave up and decided to try again later.  Just then I heard this voice say, “right beside you”.  I looked and saw nothing but pine needles and dead branches and bear berry.  I put my hand down as support to get up and I felt a pinch coming from the branch my hand touched.  I picked up the branch to see what pinched me.  As I looked at the branch, there, formed by off shoots of branches on the main branch were my initials.  All 3 initials. 
I realized that I was the answer to the question.  I began to cry and I cried for several minutes.  Magic had just occurred.  Now I realize it was the elementals reflecting the answer back to me.

Beginning to recognize elementals emerging in life

My husband and I talked extensively about elementals.  My husband realized he had experienced elementals.  He related to me how he experiences them.  I was fascinated. 
I realized then just how much time and energy we spend in nature.  We hike in nature together at least 3 times a week.  I thought of all the times I’ve hugged a tree and felt the energy emanating from the tree.  Of course, I made sure no one was on the trail when I did it. 
I remembered all the times I have admired the flowering of grass that hasn’t been cut.  I thought of the plants at the end of summer season I couldn’t bear to watch die from cold and brought them in the house and they made it through winter. 
I just think about what I watch outside of my office window and I tear up.  I’m that thankful.

Being recognized in return by elementals emerging in life

After our discussion and finding a bit out about elementals, I realized that I’ve respected and loved their world quietly.  Within moments of acknowledging out loud how beautiful our deck and the possibility of elementals was I had my own first-hand experience of elementals. 
I knew immediately what I was experiencing was an elemental acknowledging me and the goodness and light in my life.  It was so magical. 
I’m on a new path trying novel positive thoughts about myself, I’m relinquishing negative expectations, letting go of some long-term limiting programmed behaviors.  One of the emotions I’ve decided to bring into my life is ‘thrilled’.  Today I felt thrilled repeatedly.  I’ve practiced experiencing thrilled sitting at my desk several mornings and I’m guessing the elementals mirrored it back to me full blast today.  I am so very grateful.  What a special life to have outside of covid19 and politics and family challenges..  THANKS


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