Three card layout with explanations

This reading lets you see how your subconscious beliefs and attitudes can get in way of what the Universe is bringing.

Soul’s Message or Guidance

This is guidance for you for the day.  It also is your Soul’s answer to the question you may have.  Read this up-right.

Your Expectation

This card tells you what you are subconsciously expecting the answer to your question to be or what you are subconsciously expecting for the day.  If you wonder why the reality you create isn’t what you desire here’s the answer.

What the Universe is Bringing to You

This is what the Universe has in store for you regarding your question or about the day.  Please read this card up-right first.  Then if appreared in reverse read for further explanation.

Example Reading

Soul’s Advice or Guidance

Ace of Cups/Water: You are beginning spiritual growth & enhanced intuition.  You experience new emotions like joy & pleasure.  Watch your psychic abilities take flight.

Your Expectation

7 of Air/Swords: You are expecting to face plans that need revision.  You think more is going on than meets the eye.  You think you need to exercise caution with details & avoid carelessness.

What  Universe  Brings You

3 of Fire/Wands:Abundance.  Things look good for today so have patience at this time.  Make some long term goals or create blueprint for future.  Keep going with next project. Bringing the fire of enthusiasm to what you’re doing.  Also bringing patience.

This is a reading I did for someone asking about a project they were doing.  You can see Soul’s advice was to use enhanced intuition along with joy & take pleasure in the project.  The person’s expectation was that revisions would be needed & that more was going on that she didn’t know about.  She felt she needed to pay attention to details and avoid carelessness.  However the Universe was bringing her abundance and a sense that things looked very good.  She just would be wise to cultivate patience, along with long term goals for project & with that enthusiasm would follow.  
As it turned out she was feeling she needed to exercise caution and realized at the back of her mind she expected lots of revisions and nagging details.  When she saw this subconscious  belief she recognized it & immediately switched to what the Universe was bringing rather than her subconscious belief.  As it turned out the project went beautifully even though she had to wait for input from others in order to complete.  She was asked to create a plan for new project based on the success of this one.