Ending Being the Victim

Ending being the Victim

Ending being the Victim

12-11-21 Blog

Being the Victim, I don’t know how I didn’t see it.  All I knew is I was uncomfortable around a certain person.  I felt as if I’d taken an inordinate amount of criticism from this person.  Most of this criticism I immediately took personally.  The crazy part was I felt it was always my fault.

Ending being the Victim within you isn’t always easy.

  Sometimes it takes having someone rescue you from the abyss.  There you are being left out of a conversation and the anger is rising.  It feels like a plot to make sure you recognize that you aren’t liked.

You begin to rail against the person who is leaving you out.  It feels purposeful.  They are showing great concern for the person next to you who has the same problem you do however your problem doesn’t count.  It feels planned.  You are bursting with anger for this unfair focused abuse.  Read case studies from Psych Today.

How to End Being the Victim involves recognizing when you are being the victim. 

First and foremost, step back from the anger or despair.  Actually remove yourself, from the situation whether it be mentally or mentally and physically.  Take several measured (6 seconds in and out) breaths.  Be still and silently ask to change and open your perspective.   

Welcome the new way you begin to view what is happening.  Particularly be aware that this situation is NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.  The new perspective opens your eyes to the fact that someone is showing care and compassion for someone else.  In this moment that is a very good thing something to be joyful about NOT angry. 

Just as you change your perspective amazing things begin to happen and you End being the Victim.

The person receiving the concern and compassion mentions that you are suffering from the same thing.  Immediately the other person responds with concern for you as well.  What happened?

You have a choice to remain a victim or become aware of how you made yourself the victim.  As soon as you become aware of how you chose to be a victim everything changes.  You are now empowered to change.  You are not at the mercy of someone else. 

It’s up to you to view who you are.  It’s up to you to stop judging or complaining about what happened.  It’s up to you to let go of the negativity of victimization.  It’s up to you to choose the exuberance that follows the epiphany of a new found outlook .  An outlook that feels good and hands you self-respect. 

Taking your power back by changing how you view a situation & ending being the victim creates amazing results. 

These results come in all sizes and experiences and the all affirm that the Universe has your back.  You are NOT A VICTIM.  You are the person with enthusiasm for life.  Joy replaces anger.  Welcome to happiness.

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