Let Go Of Pain

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The goal of this page is to help you to be able to notice the emotional pain behind your pain and honor how you feel so you can move more quickly to releasing pain, healing and feeling peaceful  and consequently for you to believe it is possible to do this and be able to say,
“I am fully able to release pain and arrive at a place of healing and peace.”


I wanted to teach this class in order to share a combination of 2 exercises that are responsible for me being pain free today.  Knowing how chronic pain feels for 6 years and then to have it be gone is so freeing.  It also gives you a sense of personal power and magic.  These are feelings I just wanted to share.  I may not want to share chocolate but I do want to share this.  All of us need to feel more powerful and magical in our lives.
How many of you are experiencing  chronic pain right now?  How many of you have consulted with your physician and even though he or she has tried to help you still have this pain? 
This is where I was when I began, out of desperation, a search for pain relief.  It all began with Heart palpitations, then to sciatic and on to throat pain.  All of which are gone.  YAY. 
Briefly what this journey has taught me is pretty simple: You go through life innocently experiencing and then stuffing painful emotions.  Do you remember your parents telling you when you began to cry as a release, “I’ll give you something to cry about?”  No blame to your parents but that ended a natural release of an emotion.  So, you innocently stuffed it.  This wasn’t you, this was you giving your mom or dad a break from listening to crying.  This pattern goes on for years.  This repeated stuffing of emotional pain, by the way, occurs in same part of brain that physical pain registers, no such thing as coincidence, eventually turns into physical pain.  Personally, I don’t care about all the emotions I stuffed.  They are in the past, can’t change the past.  What I care about is changing the neurons in the brain that have now connected emotional pain with physical pain.  These 2 exercises done together did this for me and for my husband and from all the things I read for a lot of other people.
Here’s how the 2 exercises work together to relieve pain.  The first exercise is called the 8-minute energy tune up.  This exercise releases emotional stress from blocked emotions.  It works on the premise of activating ancient meridian points which result in moving energy through all the systems in your body.  This unblocks stuck areas giving you an immediate sense of increased vitality.  The second exercise is called EFT or tapping and it calms the nervous system, rewires the brain to respond in healthier ways and restores the body’s balance of energy.  There are 30-40 studies done on tapping that prove this statement.
Are you ready to try this?


This is a 2 part process.

Step one: Do  the Energy Tune Up video. It takes about 8 minutes.  Take a few moments to check in and see how your energy levels have increased and notice if pain level has decreased.

Step two:  Find a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted.  Sit down take a few breaths and record on scale of 1-10 your pain level 10 being worst.  Then begin tapping (EFT) along with recording or script.  Remember to breathe during the tapping. When finished record on scale of 1-10 your pain level. 

8 Minute Energy Tune Up

Before you begin tapping rate your pain on scale 0-10 with 10 being highest pain