Fear and Isolation Crushing Safety and Community in the Time of 19

Fear and Isolation Crushing Safety and Community

Fear & Isolation Cosmos

The Crushing Challenge of “19” 

Fear and Isolation

Fear and Isolation vs Safety and Community

This time is unique in that it represents world-wide hysteria caused by fear that results in isolation.  This virus has connected the earth in fear rather than cooperation and compassion.  Obviously, there is great significance in this happening/time.  I find myself wondering what the significance is.  I’d like to see it, acknowledge it, and let it be over.  Let it bring its powerful message so I can move forward.  I want to move to a time that is filled with self-compassion & love rather than fear.

Fear & Isolation Based on False Premise

The first thing I’ve drawn from this virus threat is that it’s based on a false premise.  That premise is that the fear of this virus, the hysteria it has created and our experience of this fear & worry will somehow keep us protected and safe.  Why else would we do this?  Why else would we rush to grocery stores in panic to stock up so that we can isolate ourselves from its sting?  We’ve believed so long that if we fear enough and isolate ourselves from others, somehow, we’ll be safe.  Somehow this fear & worry will work its magic and keep us secure.  We have repeated this belief and repeated this belief so much that it has interfered with our sense of intelligence.  It has attracted evidence of this belief to our lives which makes us right in this belief all think that fearing enough, worrying enough and isolating ourselves from our neighbors and people in our community is the only way to keep us safe.  This is a false premise.  When was the last time fear & worry brought joy, love, safety & synergy into your life?  NEVER.

True intelligence is a partnership with the Universe. No Fear No Isolation

Time to activate true intelligence.  How would that look?  To remember that something greater than us, for you it may be the Universe, God, Source or Nature created all this, maintains it, and that we are in partnership with this cosmic force.  This partnership comes first.  This force that brings joy, opportunity, benevolence into our lives is what is tantamount to our safety, security, good health and growth.  Not fear. Not mistrust.  We drain every bit of our personal power living in fear & worry.  There are tons of studies that show that fear, worry, mistrust, feeling the victim, & the stress from all this is what creates  and perpetuates illness, not cure it.  It has also been studied and proven that diversity supports our individual freedoms and consequently good health & happiness.  When we continue to try to enforce human behavior to please a majority like identifying others as dangerous, it perpetuates a struggle that causes us to isolate.  It is natural for all of us to be different.  This is the delight, the discovery and joy of being one human among many interesting humans rather that the fear leading to isolation.

Reversing Fear & Isolation

How do we reverse these 2 destructive beliefs regarding fear & isolation?  They certainly aren’t intelligent.  I’m certain,  one of the first things we could do is stop repeating over & over the thoughts in our head containing fear & isolation.  Be mindful and aware of the impulsive nature of these thoughts.  They’ve been around an entire lifetime for most of us.  Be conscious of these thoughts before you act.  Recognize the untruth inherent in thinking them.  Adjust your actions accordingly.  Intend for a buzzer to go off every time one takes over your mind.  Then go to stillness.

Fear & Isolation An Illusion

Contemplate the thought that fear is an illusion, isolation is an illusion.  Chose love and compassion for yourself & others in their place.  Fear forces you into believing that you are a victim, unworthy, unsafe, and that life is somehow unfair.  Why would you want to continue living in fear?  Has it ever brought you to a place of joy, confidence, happiness and great health?  Travel to those times you’ve been the most joyful and on purpose in your life.  Synergy was abundant, others were delighted to be around you and you with them.  There was a smile on your face.  It is a time when you are ‘YOUFUL’.  Yes, full of love for yourself & others.

Answer to Fear & Isolation???

I admit I don’t have the answers yet.  Especially the answer to what this virus is all about, what message it has for our growth however I do know that as Abraham says “Everything is always working out for us ….”  That nothing ever really goes wrong it just clarifies a new direction for us to take.