Feeling Peaceful

 Seriously Heals YOU and The World

feeling joyful peace heals

Feeling Peaceful Seriously Heals YOUR Life

Feeling  peaceful heals YOUR life and the world is a belief that absolutely changes the paradigm of how healing works. The basic way to heal yourself & the planet is to consciously recognize what makes you joyful.  Think about that for a few moments. 
How often do you use the question “does this bring joy into my life” when deciding what media to watch, read, listen to, what to do next or what you choose to repeat to others?  Instead of being fearful or worried be profound & dare to ask the super-charged question “does this fear/worry bring joy into my life?  If it the answer is no (which if you’re sane it couldn’t be anything else) then why in the heck are you doing it?  
If feeling  peaceful seriously heals YOU and the world and just plain makes you happier then why spend any time being fearful & worried?  Fear & worry about covid 19 keeps you on red alert full of stress & watchful for anyone within 6 feet.  It keeps your hands washed, right?  Sounds like a great protector.  However, studies show that being on red alert leads to high stress which leads to continual worry detract significantly from good health.
Conversely studies have shown that feeling  peaceful & being, happy   increases your immunity.  The more profound question is what in this whole covid 19 epidemic can bring joy & peace into your world.  It’s difficult to think of joyful, peaceful things when thinking terrible things comes so naturally.  So how does the stress generated by fear keep you safe, healthy and improve your day????   
The supreme challenge here is allowing yourself to envision or imagine what good might come out of this.  It’s difficult to do and actually can feel uncomfortable but the resulting shift to feeling more  peaceful  heals YOU and the world.  Okay time to try this challenge.  Why would you ever stay in the quagmire of awfulness?

Exercise 1: List 6 peaceful things that may come as a result of this epidemic, well, maybe 3

  1. Very few planes / decreased cars on highway = appreciation of clear sky and air that is less polluted
  2. Leaders finally recognizing the plight of citizens and responding rather than just caring about the economy
  3. Home all day with your family = time to spot wonderful qualities in your kids and partners that you were too busy, stressed or too worn out to see before
  4. Reconnect with friends rather than deal with difficult people
  5. Appreciating a slow walk in nature
  6. Time to meditate and be present

If feeling peaceful heals YOUR life and the world then how do you do it?

When’s the last time you looked into the mirror and said “YOU ARE AWESOME”?  Or even allowed yourself to believe when another person to tells you how great you are.  Maybe never.  Well I’m telling you right now,
When was the last time you gave yourself credit for doing something that saved the day? 


Have you recently thanked yourself for cleaning up, preparing dinner, sweeping the floor or doing laundry? 


Do you realize the times your smile & hello completely improved someone’s day? 


Time to kick not being good enough to the curb.  It’s just your ego keeping your sights low so you won’t be hurt.  How are you ever going to bring more love into the world if your every thought about yourself is critical and unloving?  Every time you compare yourself to another and come up short you feel great?  Wrong.  Your day is filled with happiness and delight when you spend it worrying about having enough money, right?  Wrong.  How do you expect to have fun and heal the world if all you do is worry about what you don’t have? 


Try loving yourself it's contagious

Exercise two: feeling peaceful heals Repeat after me ....

    1. I start my day with positive expectations.
    2. I am feeling great about my life
    3. I am charming and charismatic
    4. I shine light on others great qualities and my own talents
    5. My words and deeds are a brilliant beacon of love
    6. I exude confidence that inspires others
    7. Right here and now I can laugh and be free

Experience how feeling peaceful seriously heals you and the world.

Can you imagine how much better life is when you replace anguish with trust in yourself and your innate goodness?  Forget anything from the past its finished.  Speak of yourself in ways that are honorable and speak of others in ways that honor them.  This and being grounded and balanced in your approach to life is joyful and healing.  When you promise someone something and ‘space’ it you throw the entire episode out of balance.  This slows joyfulness and healing.  These times offer a chance to really change how you think, talk, feel and consequently live life.  What have you got to lose?  Grab the confidence to appreciate yourself and change the world. 

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