Good-bye to Negative Head Talk

Good-bye to Negative Head Talk

Head talk Create YOUR Best Life Now

Plagued with noxious head talk?  Does it go on and on, driving you nuts, round and round , won’t shut up.  Without head chatter you’ve experienced moments of stillness, peace and it’s a wonderful place to be.  So how do you get to that place more often and purposefully because as Eckart Tolle says,

there is a correspondence between your state of consciousness, and the thoughts in your mind, and your circumstances– external circumstances. And also, that you can influence or change your external circumstances by changing your thoughts, your thinking. “  

Why quiet the mind?

First of all it’s important to quiet the mind.  It’s important to create a wonderful life and consequently make the world a better place.  For that reason quieting the mind in order to shift unsavory thoughts to better thoughts does positively influences your external circumstances. So how do I do it?  I’ve worked on this more & more and my mind is definitely quieter in contrast to before.  Here are the steps that worked well for me.

10 Steps that reduce head talk to positively influence your best life

  1. Be aware of your breath because when you notice your breath head chatter stops
  2. When you recognize a repetitive thought probably related to worry, fear, sadness, apathy, depression, anger, jealousy, greed, control, or grief … above all else STOP. 
  3. NOTICE THE THOUGHT. BREATH IN AND OUT ONCE OR TWICE and as a result you become aware of the negative nature of the thought. Is this what you want in your best life?
  4. Locate that place within you that sees through your eyes.  It is the place that notices the world without chatter.  Try going right behind your eyes & maybe up about ½ inch.
  5. Then BREATH IN AND OUT with no thought just looking out from this place rather than letting chatter continue.
  6. Then go back to the uncomfortable thought and become conscious of what probably is a better thought.  Honestly, most of these uncomfortable thoughts aren’t yours any how(that’s a whole other blog). 
  7. Let go of the old thought by thinking a new, better thought.
  8. Practice this all day long especially while you are experiencing excessive head talk. 
  9. There is so much power and magic in that brief silence, certainly more than before.  The key word being BRIEF.  No need to try to meditate for hours to find the  silence rather do this exercise briefly when negative head chatter arises. 
  10. Above all, try this exercise. Sure don’t know how it works but it REALLY does