Great Way to Use Mind Movies


Your ticket to abundance


Watch this video everyday for  a month.

Change how you feel, change your future change your bank account ….

How Mind Movies Work

Three’s a Charm

How to put mind movies to work for you.

Part One – Statements that take away Your Power

Which area of your life needs help or which OUTRAGEOUS goal do you want to reach?  Take a few moments to visualize what life would be like if you reached perfect health, financial success, rip-roaring happiness or making that phenomenal goal.  If you have NO doubts just skip right to reaching that goal.  ON the other hand did you hear reasons why you can’t possibly reach that goal?  Even if there are big doubts you are still on the way to success.  That’s Right it’s a good thing.  Write the reasons WHY NOT down.  These are the constricted STUCK areas.  Look for  statements that take away your power to Create YOUR Best Life Now.  In other words You’ve got a nasty limiting belief.  This belief consequently acts like tinted glasses that color your entire world negatively, keeping you from reaching your target.  List these discouraging statements and summarize into one overarching limiting belief.

Part Two – Defining the Limiting Belief

Outrageous goal to manifest $75,000 this year.

Reasons why I doubt this will happen:

  1. Don’t’ have a highly marketable skill that others want
  2. Don’t have wide enough audience 
  3. Feel like I’m bothering people with my product or skill.
  4. Worry I won’t impress people I  meet enough to have them ask for my product
  5. Just can’t seem to see a path to take that will work.
  6. The information I have isn’t completely original so why would they choose me?
  7. Not creative enough
  8. Not inspired
  9. Don’t have the right answers 
  10. Never made this kind of money before

Limiting belief summary is: I have no confidence in my innate abilities to be great  this year and as a result the basic limiting belief is “I am unworthy or not valuable” enough to earn $75,000.

Imagine you are a person that is worthy and valuable.  What do they think about the possibility of making an outrageous goal?

  1. I have all the essential skills that clients want and need
  2. I am so skilled that my audience grows everyday
  3. Perfect clients find me and are excited to work with me
  4. Clients are happy to pay for my expertise
  5. The messages I bring are helpful, healing and uplifting
  6. Everything works out successfully for me
  7. The path to achievement  is clearly visible to me
  8. I am valuable
  9. I am inspired

Now you have your EFT tapping script and a mind movie that creates a new unlimited world.  Tap and view mind movie every day for week and watch the amazing results.

Part Three – Take Action

The Charm to this exercise is to trust yourself and follow any hunches or intuitive hits or positive ideas that pop into your head after watching mind movie & tapping.