Heart Centered Manifesting: Easy Directions for Shifting Focus

Heart Centered manifesting easy directions

Heart Centered Manifesting: Easy Directions for Shifting Focus

Part 2 of Heart Centered Manifesting: Easy Directions, emphasizes the significance of shifting focus from the mind to the heart, incorporating the heart as a major player in exercises, involving manifesting through a heart-centered approach. We draw insights from research, including Bliss Brian by Dawson Church and Heartmath Institute to highlight the profound interplay between the heart and brain and its extremely positive impact on our lives and the process of establishing real results for the highest good.

 How to Shift Focus from Mind to Heart

Shifting your focus from the mind to the heart involves transitioning from analytical, rational mind thinking to intuitive, feeling-based awareness originating in the heart area. Heart centered manifesting: easy directions is a step-by-step guide to shift your focus effectively:

  1. Find a Quiet Space: Choose a peaceful, distraction-free environment to facilitate this transition.

  2. Relax Your Body: Settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take deep breaths to release tension and promote relaxation.

  3. Bring Awareness to the Breath: Begin by focusing on your breath, allowing it to guide your attention to the present moment.

  4. Center Your Awareness in the Heart: Gently shift your focus to the area around your heart, imagining your breath flowing in and out of this heart center.

  5. Feel Emotions: Allow yourself to feel emotions without analysis, fostering a connection between your heart and these genuine emotions.

  6. Cultivate Positive Emotions: Encourage positive emotions like love, gratitude, compassion, or joy, often associated with the heart, to deepen your connection.

  7. Release Judgment and Analysis: Acknowledge thoughts without judgment, redirecting your focus to the heart, minimizing analysis.

  8. Practice Compassion and Self-Love: Extend feelings of love and compassion towards yourself, envisioning warmth and love radiating from your heart to envelop you.

  9. Deepen Your Connection: Over time and with practice, you’ll experience a sense of warmth, openness, or expansion in the heart area, indicating a deeper connection to your heart’s wisdom and energy.

  10. Listen and Receive: Maintain your focus on the heart, being receptive to any insights, intuitions, or guidance that may arise.

  11. Set Intentions from the Heart: If you have specific goals, set them from this heart-centered space, infusing them with positive emotions and envisioning their achievement.

  12. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice, even for a few minutes daily, is essential for mastering this heart-centered shift, allowing you to access your heart’s wisdom in various aspects of life.

By following these Heart Centered Manifesting: Easy Directions, you can harness the power of Heart Centered Manifesting and experience the transformation and magic it brings to your life.

Part 3: Harnessing the Heart’s Magic in Visualization and Remote Viewing

Get ready for an exciting journey in Part 3, where you dive into the captivating world of incorporating the heart in visualization and remote viewing. This isn’t just another exercise; it’s a thrilling adventure to enrich your intuitive and feeling-based awareness.  It is based on using heart centered manifesting practices presented previously.

Imagine peering beyond the boundaries of what your eyes and ears can perceive, tapping into the unseen, and uncovering hidden truths. Have you ever pondered the mysteries of distant events, like the future of a far-off organization or the happenings in a remote corner of the world? Well, you’re in for a treat because remote viewing, with the exercise we’re about to unveil, is entirely within your grasp.

Stay tuned, and prepare to unlock the extraordinary potential of your heart in perceiving the hidden, the distant, and the unknown. Part 3 is your gateway to a realm where the heart’s wisdom and intuition hold the key to unveiling the unseen.




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