How to Boldly Embrace Chaos

How to embrace chaos
Blog 5-2-22
The first thing to know about How to Embrace Chaos is to recognize it is a sure sign you are moving out of stagnation.  Congrats, you have finally stopped doing the same thing expecting a different result. 
Chaos marks the beginning of change.  Change rarely enters your life in a neat, expected, planned manor.  If it does then it isn’t honest change.  It’s what you wish change should be.
As chaos unfolds it’s typical to view the chaos as coming from somewhere outside of you, stirring up all kinds of upset and distractions.  However, chaos often originates from inside of you.  It comes from the messy, conflicted, divergent, nervous thoughts ruminating in your brain.
Learning how to embrace chaos involves being aware of the powers of your inner world not just your outer world.  When this awareness occurs it brings you to a place that allows you to finally see the invisible barriers that have been holding you back.
If you are thinking your messy, conflicted, divergent, anxious, complaining thoughts are only just thoughts,  you are sadly mistaken.  They are patterns.  Time to free yourself from the same old patterns by creating a dream or intention free from this chaotic thinking. 
What is the greatest thing you can think and see emerging for yourself?  Drop modesty and go for the very best.  What thoughts can you have that create joy and well-being in your life?  What thoughts lead to feeling well and healthy?  What thoughts make you smile?  Write them down.
It is easy to forget these wonderful, make you smile, joyful thoughts.  Check how earthbound you’ve become; are you constantly striving and doing?  The chaos results from what seems to be missed calculations.  Objections and obstacles haphazardly appearing around each corner.  Recognize them as the sign posts for change.
Set an intention to have these new, affirming thoughts replace the old.  It is meant to be when chaos appears in your life.  The chaos is stirring up the dust of old stagnant patterns that keep you muddled.  Now is the perfect time to replace them.  Stop praying for change and be those brilliant thoughts.
When you feel the spinning, out of control quality of chaos,  plant your feet firmly on the ground, smile and know that chaos is the harbinger of change.   Greet chaos with an open heart, cheer the arrival of change in your life.  It is no longer out in front of you it is right here, now.
Now it’s up to you to recognize How to Embrace Chaos as the doorway to change.    Break free from the insignificant day to day messy happenings and just move your attention to appreciate the beauty around you.
Take stock and change from the unworthy, self-thoughts to pondering what gift or good is being born out of  chaos into your life right now.  Perhaps it’s time to appreciate just being you without engaging in doing.
Know that when you learn how to embrace chaos you remove your chaos from other people’s lives as well as your own.  You are awakening to the signs of change.  This awakening is upon you as your spirit easily connects with talents hidden by chaos.  Now you are actively embracing chaos as a changed new life appears.

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