How to Get Unstuck and On Target

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3 Steps to Get Unstuck


There’s nothing more unsettling than realizing you are stuck.  It triggers feelings of frustration and stagnation.  You and your world don’t respond positively to frustration and stagnation.   So, what are the activities to get unstuck?  There are 3 easy steps to get you moving and on target.

 Step 1 = Be playful.  It is hard to stay stuck when you’re having fun. SMILE

 Step 2 = Be gentle with yourself.  Being stuck happens to everyone.  It’s a clear signal for you to take    time to be still.  You’re there any way so breath slowly, learn to meditate and be grateful for this time of suspension.  It’s a gift from you to you.

 Step 3 = Trust that the absolute best next step will appear at the perfect time without angst or frustration.  Know you are safe.