How to Connect with YOUR Guides & Angels

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How to Connect with YOUR Guides and Angels

How to connect with YOUR Guides and Angels- Script
Create a question you would like answered.  As you begin a “yes or no” answer is easiest.
Let go of any thoughts that may be an obstacle to connecting with Your Guides or Angels.  Thoughts like I don’t know how to do this or what if I don’t get anything?.
To connect start by finding the perfect place for you.  This means a quiet, comfortable spot without interruptions where you can sit peacefully.
Set an intention to connect with your Guides or Angels.  Here’s an example: “I am now easily connecting with my Guides and Angels”
Close your eyes and breath in through your heart slowly and exhale through your heart slowly.  Do this until you feel your body and mind calming down.   Sense the stillness all around you and within you.
Gaze into the darkness behind your eyelids and continue to breath in and out very slowly through your heart (count of 6 inhale & count of 6 exhale).  Notice your heart as it opens.
Return to the stillness and notice any feelings, visions, words or symbols that come into your mind.  You may receive an inner message.  It’s fine if it sounds as if it’s your own voice or a distant voice.   With this experience will come a sense of an insight, extra energy flowing or perhaps an inspiration.  The communication you receive will always be positive, straight forward and sincere.  Often the connection and communication  is up-lifting.
When you are finished write down the things you received.  Check back later and you’ll be amazed at what you discover!