How to Invite Sacred Feminine in Your Life

The world is changing.  If it’s time to bring some harmony to your life then it’s time to invite the sacred feminine into each day and often.  The results are remarkable. Just chose 2-3 of steps below each day to practice or observe as the day unfolds.  Adding 20 minutes of quiet time enhances the benefits of the sacred femini

feeling joyful peace heals

1.  The sacred feminine rests in the present moment.

Allow it to just be in your life. All things happen in the present moment.  It is where the power of the sacred feminine rests.  No more living through memory and anticipation.  

2.  The sacred feminine is conscious of patterns in your life.

As you recognize and then change the patterns you welcome the sacred feminine into your life.  The sacred feminine acts in your life to welcome new more spontaneous ways of being.

3.  Being in the state of acceptance.

Be accepting even If you have an unpleasant chore, move through it rather than fight it.

   4.  When joy replaces wanting as the motivating power behind your actions you encourage the sacred feminine.  More about joy in life….

5.  Residing in your heart not your mind.

The feminine lives and views life through your heart.  Breathe into your heart for a count of 6 and out through your heart for a count of 6 rather than worry.

  6.  Knowing the power to connect with people not the power over people.

  7.   Practice non-judgment and acceptance rather than judging and rejecting.

  8.  Allowing life to be, rather than resisting it.  

  9.  The being-energy of sacred feminine is soft and yielding and much more powerful than a linear mind.

  10.  The sacred feminine recognizes emotional pain, rather than avoiding it, this transmutes the pain to acceptance which gives birth to a new consciousness.  Click here for more info on sacred feminine

  11.  Being at ease with yourself when you are alone is the sacred feminine in repose.

  12.  Taking time to observe rather than do.

  13.  Trust the flow of life rather than trying to control it.

  14.  Intuitive / spontaneous is the sacred feminine rather than pedantic /obsessive

  15.  The sacred feminine places the highest good of all first that includes your highest good too.

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