Money 3 Create YOUR Best Life Now

How to Unleash More Money in YOUR Life

Step 1

Disconnect from the world / find a peaceful, quiet place to be alone without interruptions

Step 2

Breath in slowing to count of 5 and breath out slowly to count of 5 until your thoughts and head chatter stops.  If you’re still having difficulty with head chatter connect with that part of you that is listening to this chatter and realize you are not the head chatter you are the silent part that is listening

Step 3

Now picture what it is like to have more money. Visualize it. If this is too difficult think of that time you had money what did the scene look like?  How did you feel?  What was that feeling?  Was it joy, excitement, security, happiness, power, release, enthusiasm, elation?

Step 4

Start the next 3 days holding a vision for 5 minutes (or more if you want) of yourself with lots of money and the feeling it brings as if it has already happened. Do mind movie on Creating YOUR Best Life website

Step 5

If you find yourself saying this won’t work ask why and check if your response is it really true? Then ask is it absolutely true?  Use EFT Tapping or TheWork by Byron Katie to let go of blocks