I Like me Challenge
This is a very different time to say I LIKE ME.  There are all sorts of extremes coming to light.  You probably find yourself either stepping back & shaking your head, flipping the bird, or walking away from it all, trying to understand how all this happened.
You are a long way from saying, “I LIKE ME.”
One thing you can rest assured is correct, there is no going back.  No going back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.  There is no going back.
You have your memories of what used to be and I’ll bet even those memories are only 50% accurate.  Best to let them slip away or better yet find some balance between the awful memories and the smile of the future, knowing the joy it holds. 
Absolutely drop those memories that elicit pain, sadness, fear or anger.  Open the door to your heart and let THOSE BAD MEMORIES out – gone, good-bye.
Once you do this you have opened your world to new possibilities without the constraints of the past.  Don’t tell anyone you are doing this.  It is our secret.  We’ll reinvent ourselves together.
Take a breath and sense the inventive, the innovative frequencies.  Somewhere in your heart and life there is the unprecedented.  Doing and being innovative is it.  Rather than rushing to the office, or starting the routine, step outside and yell, “I LIKE ME!”
How do you act and feel when people like you?  Do that.  Act that way all morning.  This is innovative, this is special.
Welcome to true change.  This is reframing your perspective and your day.  “I REALLY LIKE ME!”  Say it as you move into how it feels to like you and evoke how it feels to be really liked.  When you do this you are automatically changing your perspective on how you look at life outside of you and even inside of you.
What story can you tell about YOU when experiencing the joy, satisfaction and delight of liking yourself.  The stories we see unfolding around us are complicated.  The way we view and share these stories can determine how you feel about yourself and others and other cultures.
The way you share these stories with yourself is of course up to you.  The choice of how you view events is yours too, so be aware of how you tell these stories to yourself and to others.
Do it in a way that honors, empowers, heals and encourages for the highest good of all and that especially includes you.  Do this until the energy of these frequencies of honor, empowerment, good health and encouragement enter your Spirit and fill you with delight.  You can smile.
Leave the old behind.  Be original.  Just plain like yourself and others.  Watch it return to you.  Give yourself credit for the wisdom you have acquired.  Drop doubt.  It feels awful anyhow.  Replace those doubts or stories of scarcity with abundance and certainty
Say it again, out loud, “I LIKE ME!”

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