Ignite Rich & Popular in Your Life

ignite rich and popular in your life

Ignite Rich and Popular in Your Life

What does Ignite Rich and Popular mean to you?  If you never thought of yourself as either rich or  popular then this question can open a can of worms or a world of magic.  It’s up to you to choose. A world of magic sounds good.

Ignite rich & popular -problems

You’ve probably heard a great deal about how to manifest things in your life.  When you hear ‘ignite rich & popular’ does the sarcastic thought, ‘oh sure that’s going to happen’ come to mind.  You may think you have a lot of crap in your past to release before rich & popular can take hold. 
There are habitual programs running that just over-ride the possibility of becoming rich and popular.  Things like rich people are greedy.  I don’t want to be viewed as greedy. Maybe it’s popular people have big egos and hurt people I don’t want that.

Ignite rich & popular with imagination

Can you even imagine being very rich and very popular?  Can you sit quietly and for 30 minutes imagine being very rich and very popular?  Using your imagination is a method to ignite rich and popular in your life. 
Using imagination is certainly a challenge.  You are so used to seeing and focusing on things as they appear to you right now.  It’s difficult to switch from feeling poor or unpopular because that’s what you’ve labelled as your reality right now.  Imagination seems not right now or reality.  It transports you from that reality

Ignite rich & popular in the present moment

Being in the present moment is accepted as the point of power you use to create new in your life.  Sitting and imagining often takes you out into the future.   The future is a place that holds no power to ignite rich and popular.  So how does this all work?  This is where intuition comes forward.  Imagination stimulates intuition.  Intuition is the guidance to ignite rich & popular.

How does it feel when you are rich & popular?

How will you feel when you ignite rich & popular?  Experience that emotion first.  It’s said that experiencing the emotion first is a great way to ignite rich and popular in your life.  If you were rich & popular you would be elated, thrilled, delighted, excited and probably happy, right?  Now don’t get up from the chair until you experience the positive emotion igniting rich and popular brings.
Continue to imagine being rich and popular.  Continue to experience elation, delighted, thrilled and happy.  Drop the negative expectations for the hour, day, month and year.  Especially be grateful for igniting rich and popular in your day.  Intuition follows imagination so stand by for intuition to arrive pointing the way.
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All the steps to ignite rich & popular vs "KYLEGO"

After you’ve completed all the steps to ignite rich and popular then try “KYLEGO.”   This is a game you can play with family, friends, strangers or the mirror.  It combines all the steps listed above into one game.  It was invented by Kyle Cease and friends.  All you have to do is have a conversation with your partner, a family member or friend, a stranger or the mirror.  The conversation is all about being rich and popular as if it has already happened. 
“KYLEGO” is a great game to play with your partner.  You can start the game by saying the following:
“I am so surprised at all the money that has come into our bank account this month!  I’m particularly thrilled with all the invitations this month to visit with family.  It is so great to enjoy a meal & glass of wine with friends on the deck.  I really enjoyed dinner twice with the kids.  Was so great that everyone called to see how we were.”
You can go on & on.  Your imagination takes hold and the next thing you know you are experiencing the emotions that being rich and popular bring. You are having fun and your entire attitude is transforming.      You are lifting your self-worth while banishing the sense of being an imposter in the world of igniting rich & popular.
 “KYLEGO” is a bit difficult when you first start but then it gains momentum.  What fun.  After a few moments of “KYLEGO” conversation your perception of what is possible lifts and expands.  The laughter starts. The “why not’s?” surface.  All of this happens in the present moment.  There is no past crap or future worry.
This game brings all the imagining, experiencing end result emotions, noticing and following intuition together.  On top of that it works and it is so much fun.

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