DELIGHT in Your Life

Incredible DELIGHT in Your Life

Incredible DELIGHT in Your Life

With Incredible DELIGHT in life,  I’ve been practicing Joe Dispenza’s 5 steps to change your life.  I’m releasing a class for beginners on how to follow each step, soon.  In the interim some amazing things have happened to open my life to numerous possibilities.  

Delight in your life & healing

Even things I consider miraculous have occurred as a result of doing the 5 steps. Foremost is the disappearance of a troubling chronic health problem.  This didn’t happen over-night.  It happened gradually.  My own intuition expanded as a result of the healing and of course I found a new sense of empowerment.

Delight in your life is possible

And then I began to experience Incredible DELIGHT in life.  My days began to get more enjoyable, my thoughts improved and my spirits up-lifted.  I began to awake in the morning with positive expectations for the day.  I know, it doesn’t seem possible but it is.  A lot less negative expectations.  What a relief.

Incredible DELIGHT in your life is renewing

Today I am going to share a favorite word that translates to an amazing emotion.  This word / emotion came about as part of the 5 steps I took to change my life.  It didn’t come to me immediately.  It skipped into my life as part of the process of composing a list of emotions / words I would feel when I was vibrantly healthy. 
I certainly wanted to move out of the clutches of habitual programming so the word / emotion I was looking for needed to be fresh, have a secondary meaning, and be something I could feel throughout my body and mind.  It arrived as an off shoot of my intention to use these 5 steps to physically heal.  As I look back I realize this word represented a renewal in my life.

Find the emotion that matches Incredible DELIGHT in your life

To explain the process, after deciding what you want in your life (step one), you then choose the emotion that matches how you’ll feel when you get what you want.  I perused a long list of words.  Nothing struck me as a perfect fit.
I know better than expecting perfect so I just used fun emotion / words that I could recognize during the day and gauge if those emotions showed up in my life.  I had a wild, wonderful, eye-opening, ride of emotions.  It was during that time that my favorite emotion/word arrived.  DELIGHT. 

Incredible DELIGHT in your life TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT

DELIGHT carries just the right nuance for me.  It’s not shocking or surprising.  It’s softer and joyous surrounded with a bit of wonder and peppered with astonishment.  I love it.  It means coming from the light.  The perfect origin, light.
I tried it on.  It immediately brought a smile to my face.  I found my body becoming energized.  My posture lifted as I said DELIGHT to myself.  I loved experiencing it.
I practiced feeling DELIGHT in the early morning.  Remarkably, DELIGHT happened spontaneously in each day I practiced experiencing it in the morning.

Incredible DELIGHT in your life, western bluebird

western bluebird scaled Create YOUR Best Life Now
One of my favorite experiences of DELIGHT happened as I looked out of the office window.  As I stared into the woods a western bluebird flew right up to the window.  He began a backward swoosh movement of his wings and just stayed there for several seconds looking at me.  I felt such DELIGHT.  Can you imagine?  Hello bluebird.
Incredible DELIGHT in your lifeOn another day after practicing DELIGHT in the morning my daughter, ‘out of the blue’, texted a picture  of my four-year-old grandson wearing shorts and cowboy boots on ‘show & tell’ day at his pre-school.  He was sharing his sister’s tooth fairy, tooth holder.  DELIGHT!

Incredible DELIGHT is not an everyday emotion

DELIGHT is not an everyday emotion.  To choose it was risky, yet it never let me down.  I experienced and am still experiencing DELIGHT every day.  I’ve had so much fun and joy that I shared DELIGHT with my husband.  And now he shares his experience of DELIGHT with me.  Imagine how our days together have improved by just one word, one emotion, DELIGHT.

Incredible DELIGHT in your life brings positive change

With such a positive change in my life I invite you to add DELIGHT to one of the emotion / words you’d like to experience more often.  Please keep in mind the more you experience a wonderful emotion like DELIGHT you are creating new DELIGHT-filled pathways in your brain and life gets a lot more fun and a lot less habitual

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