Change in Wind from '19'


Has this intriguing change in the wind caused you to ‘follow the leader’ or definitely NOT ‘follow the leader’?  Does it depend on which way the wind is blowing?  So where has this intriguing change in the wind taken YOU?  What path have leaders advocated?  What does it look like?  Is it an easy, joyful, wind behind your back, path?  Does it involve being happy and concerned for your fellow travelers?  Is it taking you to a place that encourages you to be present, or is this wind blowing you backwards into past arguments, blame, fear and trauma? Does it take you to a place of fearing the ‘what ifs’ of the future? 

Change in the Wind - Changing the Rules?

Can you sense the old social rules loosing their grip, like the rule that says because one has money they must be powerful or the rule that says that only an established school curriculum can teach children?  It seems  we’ve reached a place of global knowing and experience.  The events happening are of a global nature now.  There is no denying a global/universal consciousness.  What we seem to be denying is the benevolent framework being provided by a benign universe. 

Change in the Wind Forcing A Choice?

Is it time for us to choose?  Which way will this intriguing wind of change push you?  Do you want to follow the path of media’s ‘talking heads’ or recognize your personal truth as a valuable beacon to follow?  In order to do this the tears, need to flow, the grief liberated, the emotional blocks to your truth dissolved.  Do you doubt that you are powerful, intuitive, intelligent enough to clear these emotions and allow your purpose to unfold, the path to appear and the need to hoard toilet paper to cease?  It is recognizing the ‘what is’ of your life now that creates a powerful and inspired life.

What is emerging?

If you think the sun won’t come up unless you’re here, you’re wrong.  If you end up doing everything because only you can get things done correctly you’re wrong.  Thoughts like this are fear based.  Time to let go of the need to control/manipulate which way the snow flake falls.  Invite others to contribute, respect their uniqueness.  No need to rescue anyone.  No need to blame anyone.  These are times to get out of your own way.

'What Is?' While the Change in the Wind Happens

Look around, it is a season of loss.  Long standing patterns are being knocked away.  Patterns which just couldn’t be broken before are gone in the blink of an eye.  Seems as if expectations and entitlement are gone.  What happened to daycare and school?  What happened to visiting your elderly Aunt?  How about the birthday dinner out?  What about the commute to work?  Can you see some miracles happening here?  Maybe a silver lining somewhere.  Are you waiting to find out which way the emotions of the stock market will gust.  When established patterns no longer keep you lulled into rote behavior or unconsciousness you are forced to be aware of ‘what is’ right now.  Welcome to the present moment your point of power to create new functioning ideas.  Things may require adjustments, adjustments you never thought you could make, a turning point to open your eyes to new possibilities.

Identify the Resistance to the Intriguing Change in the Wind

How long have you resisted the idea that your thoughts, beliefs and feelings create what happens in your life and the world?  Open your mind & accept that this is just what has been happening.  This country has been led by parties & media who know the power of fear.  Fear of the ‘what ifs’ of life not the actuality but the future fear demons that by the way, don’t exist.  Building a wall for protection against what?   What awful thing will happen if corporations pay their share of taxes.  Why the 1% somehow earned the right to hoard billions of dollars.  All these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings were planted and are growing the hysteria of fear we now face.  This fear is the reflection of the strangle hold a noxious weed has on the garden of your life & world.  Pay attention to the negative fear-based beliefs you’ve been planting and change those beliefs & thoughts to joy, compassion, awareness

What is the gift?

Being stuck in the mud or stuck in your house forces you to slow down, breath, take a look at the situation.  Spinning your wheels being hysterical just gets you in deeper.  Be still and recognize the conscious universe or God or Source has a plan and it is a good one.  You bought into it before you arrive on earth.

What's Trying to Emerge From This Change in the Wind?

You making a choice to create an intention in your life to be present and aware when you’re being dragged down the path of ‘what ifs’ by the media or the wind.  You may not have all the answers but you sure know what feels good and right.  Fear & greed never feels good and right.  Looking at the environment and the dementia of the product, Round Up, doesn’t feel good and right to me yet it remains on the shelves?  Making the choice and setting the intention to live by your choice is what is emerging, thank goodness.

Are You Forgetting Something?

  • To pat yourselves on the back
  • To encourage each other
  • To congratulate yourself for participating in this earth walk 
  • To have praise for all the new-found experiences of ‘what is’ 
  • To cheer each other
  • To support each other’s choices. 
  • To lift our eyes to nature and say thanks.