Jump Start YOUR Next Move with Symbols

Jumpstart YOUR Next Move with a Symbol

Jumpstart YOUR Best Move with Symbol
Jumpstart your next move with symbols, especially in those times when what was normal is questionable. Just so you are on the same page the definition of symbol is: a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.
“the limousine was another symbol of his wealth and authority”
Are you feeling as if the rug has been pulled out from under you?  Things that were so normal, almost unconscious, have changed.  The day-care, the haircut, the summer camp, the trip are all questionable.  What do you do next?  You stay home with kids and try to work, you have long hair, you have no idea how you’re going to go back to work with no day care, the trip you were so excited about …. it is all collapsing.

Try Jumpstarting YOUR Next Move with a Symbol

Could you try jumpstarting your next move with a symbol?  In order to feel secure, you think it might be good to have a plan.  What if nothing is solid enough on which to base a plan?  What if just sitting and worrying is about all you can summon for a plan.  Worry implies that you are out in the future conjuring up the worst. 
Maybe you don’t even need a plan.  What if your plan is to have NO plan.  Having no plan can be a wonderful adventure.  If you chose having no plan you must back it up with trust in the magic and synergy that awaits you.  You must also understand that you are now in partnership with the Universe.  Using a symbol to jump start a plan for NO plan brings you into the present moment and this powerful partnership.

Feeling Uncertain about Jumpstarting YOUR Next Move with a Symbol

Still feeling uncertain about jumpstarting your next move with a symbol?  Then put your trust in something that works a lot better than feeling as if you are jumping off a cliff.  Find a symbol for your next move.  Yes, a symbol.  Symbols as defined above represent a personal knowing and they are worth a thousand words. They bring you to the present moment. Right now, you don’t need the words of worry.  Symbols immediately ignite universal understanding in your life.  Each person interprets symbols differently yet each symbol carries an over-arching implication for life.

'How To' Jumpstart YOUR Next Move with a Symbol

Here’s how to jumpstart your  next move with a symbol.  Write down the dilemma you are facing that requires a next move or plan on a sheet of paper.  Next think of the best possible outcome for the dilemma you are facing.  If it were about finding an open summer camp for the kids, as a best possible outcome, you image seeing a notice on the grocery store bulletin board of a summer camp for children and it has better activities than the last years camp and its located right on your way to work.
Take a long breath in, followed by a long exhale.  Close your eyes and think of a symbol that represents the highest / most opportune solution to your dilemma, like the wonderful summer camp.  Often the symbol pops right into your mind’s eye.  Take the first symbol you get.  Draw the symbol on the paper where you expressed your dilemma.  If you would rather describe the symbol do that.  If you don’t get a symbol immediately continue to place your attention on your breathing, quiet your mind and a symbol will appear.
Imagine bringing your symbol to your heart area, right behind breast bone.  Ask the following questions:
How does this symbol bring more light on the subject of my next move?
How does this symbol bring more joy to others involved in this dilemma?
How does this symbol open me to greater possibilities?

What's Next?

After answering these questions using the impression of your symbol, keep this symbol in your heart and mind.  Refer back to it when problems about this dilemma arise.  Doors will begin to open, clarity happens, and the dilemma begins to be resolved in a magical, peaceful manner.  The words of worry and fear which can be such powerful disrupters are gone and this symbol adds confidence / peace of the present moment.  Goodbye to chaos.  For more great exercises go to Sanaya Roman Living with Joy

More About Symbols

Symbols are wonderful ways to solve  problems without sending the distress of emotions and disruptive words associated with fear out into the world.  Symbols draw & keep you in the present moment.  Symbols are encouraging without words.  Louise Hay in her book You Can Heal Your Life  uses the problem of certain body areas like neck pain & relates the pain to the symbolic phrase “you are a pain in the neck” to assist you in recovery from pain.  Carl Yung is masterful at advancing the theory of arch-types and symbols for life and healing of life’s problems.  For more information on the value of symbols check out Greg Braden on Sacred Codes.

Last Step to Jumpstart YOUR Next Move With a Symbol

Now, placing your symbol in your heart, ask, “What is the next step you can take to remedy the dilemma of not knowing your next move?”  Whatever step you see or hear, take that step no matter how small and watch the rest of the plan unfold naturally and with little or no striving on your part.  The result is always surprising & better than your plan.

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