Launch Affirmation Tapping Script

Launching YOUR Affirmation Effectively

Tapping Script

Tapping script say out loud while tapping

SH   Even though I feel this resistance to my affirmation I accept myself just as I am

SH   Even though this affirmation seems impossible now that I say it I accept how I’m feeling

SH   Even though this affirmation seems unattainable I accept myself and how I feel


EB  all this resistance

SE  I doubt this affirmation will ever work

UE  It seems too much

UN  I’ve never been able to do this before

UM  Seems like it’ll never come true

CB   Seems weird

UA  Feels stupid

TH  all this resistance


Just tap area and contemplate what I’m saying

EB  How can this affirmation work?  How can this come true?  Seems too good to be true

SE   Feel the sensations you experience in your body when you doubt that this affirmation will work,  where do you feel it?  Is it in your gut or behind your eyes or ache in shoulders?

UE   Notice what comes up in your body & mind with every tap as you think about this affirmation and begin to relax

UN   Be present to whatever is coming up about this affirmation and just acknowledge thoughts or feelings you have without judgement.  It’s all ok.

UM  Acknowledge the uncertainty and stress it brings up just thinking of this affirmation and notice as you tap you begin to relax and let the uncertainty and stress go.

CB   Other people have done what you want to do.  Feel strong and present and grounded in your body.  Think about the affirmation and notice if any new thoughts come up, especially any positive thoughts.  Realize that if you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. 

UA  Feeling safe and capable and confident

TH   Feeling  self-assured and certain

Tapping script say out loud while tapping

EB  I recognize the belief I have

SE  the belief about this affirmation

UE  the belief that is causing resistance

UN  It’s a good affirmation

UM  It touches my dreams

CB   It’s normal & intelligent

UA   It’s reachable, others have done it

TH   I accept that I can experience it too