Launch the Affirmation Effectively

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Step 3 Launching Affirmation

Resistance to launching affirmation effectively

In order to launch the affirmation effectively, say the affirmation out loud. Take a moment to check for resistance.  Does any part of the affirmation cause a sense of doubt or uncertainty?  Do you find yourself saying, “Well that’ll never happen?”  Does the affirmation in any way seem outlandish, stupid, unreasonable or silly?  If any of these things are happening write down exactly how or why the affirmation doesn’t seem attainable.  Set aside a few moments to tap on this resistance to your affirmation even if it’s just a feeling.  You’ve used the best method to craft this affirmation so if there is resistance it’s time to let go of it and tapping is the best and easiest way.  Keep in mind an affirmation will never work if you have resistance to what it says.  Now you know why your affirmation didn’t work.  Click here to do some tapping to let go of resistance.   


Saying and feeling the words in present moment as you launch affirmation

Once you are comfortable with your affirmation, launch the affirmation by taking a slow breath in and out and then recite the affirmation.  Again, take a slow breath in and out and again recite the affirmation.  Say the affirmation a total of 10 times for a week, no more. Say the words slowly and deliberately.  As a result you are launching the affirmation in the present moment, the most powerful and successful place to launch an affirmation.  After the 5th time saying the affirmation, stop and breath with no thoughts.  Take your time.  Notice the power and aliveness of the present moment as you do this.  Then notice the power and feeling of the individual words as you launch the affirmation. 


How does it feel when the affirmation comes true?

A very important function of launching the affirmation effectively is to experience the same feeling you would have when this affirmation becomes reality.  Do you feel joy?  Is it excitement, or enthusiasm or profound peace?  Do you feel magical and powerful?  Do this without head chatter just live the experience as if it has already happened. From the affirmation example I gave in earlier blog I sense as I launch the affirmation, the excitement & feeling of success that I have as I stand before a class with lots of attendees.  You can also visualize this experience, along with the feeling, while saying the affirmations.  This results in launching the affirmation right into the present moment, the source of all manifestation. 


Launch the affirmation & forget about it

When you have completed saying the affirmation 10 times or for just 10 minutes launch the affirmation by letting it go completely, trusting in wonderful results.  Refrain from any attachment to a specific outcome or a specific way the intention will materialize.  Stop yourself from ruminating about how it will happen, or when, or worse whether it will happen.  Just let it go.  Do something to distract you from thinking about it.  Clean the house, start breakfast, play with kids any fun distraction.  Forget about it all together.


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