Radiating light combined with Infinity Wave



Move into your higher self for this meditation.  1.) Think of a person you would like to send light to   2.)  Think of a situation you would like to send light to   3.) What other thing like compassion/love in the world or peace or earth


Step 1 Calling Light to you and charge yourself with light

  • Imagine making your energy as beautiful as possible. Imagine you are doing so is all that is necessary to make it beautiful.  As you are making your energy beautiful, make any physical shifts in your posture that make you more comfortable, at ease and relaxed.  Breathe deeply and let energy flow along your spine.

  • Take another deep breath and invite light to come to you. Light is a living consciousness that responds instantly to your call.  Let it come into your spine; imagine your spine as a rod filled with light extending above your head and below your feet.  From your spine, radiate light outward to your body.  Imagine adding lines of light throughout your body so that you can hold more light at a physical level.  Send light into your cells, to your DNA, and then into the atoms in your body.  Completely fill your body with light.

  • Make this light the most beautiful color that comes to mind. What color is it?  Is it a golden light, or do you imagine a white or bluish-white light?  Make this light’s intensity and radiance just right for you.

  • How does this light feel? Is it located in any specific place in your body?

  • Imagine this light as a sphere growing outwards and all around the group. The combined light is in front of us and in back of us above our heads and below our feet.  Now extend this light even further out into the field.  Make it so large that it fills an enter room and maybe beyond.  Then make it so small it fits in close to our bodies.  Decide how large you want this sphere of light.  Whatever feels ‘just right.’ 

  • Does the sphere seem to have a defined boundary or does it gradually fade out? If it has a defined boundary, where does it seem to stop?


RADIATING LIGHT WITH INFINITY WAVE  keep in mind even If you have an idea about how a situation can be resolved with person or situation or world it might be too restrictive for the Infinity wave.  It maybe mind boggling that a simple application of an imaginary geometry could so immediately and profoundly alter 3Dl, yet this is exactly what happened with healing of Jacqi. 


After you have called light to you from the sphere that has been charged with the power of exponentially restorative light,  gifted by each person, it is time to utilize this wonderful light.  In order to fuel the potency of this light we are calling on the Infinity Wave. This is a source energy that dwells in the quantum and is instantly available, malleable and programable.  The wave responds immediately to thoughts and requests.  It brings coherence to light work.  It allows for change rather than striving to achieve it.  You may notice it taking on a different color or positioning than you originally imagined.  The wave always presents itself in the form most needed by the person or situation for highest good.  Accept changes with gratitude.


  1. Think of a person you want to send light to. This maybe a person you would like to hear from, or be with or assist in some way.  Step into the energy of them.  Sense this energy.  Is it bright, faded, jagged, soft, emoting, condensed?  Notice how this feels.  Next imagine light coming out of your eyes, hands or heart.  Combine this light, working in tandem with the Infinity wave.  Take one end of the wave and encircle the person around their heart and bring the other end of the Infinity wave and encircle the hart area  on your body.  Add your light to this infinity wave and rest into it.  Sense the water inside of the wave is it trickling or gushing or moving smoothly?  Whatever you sense is correct.


  1. Think of something you want to send the light of change to. Call light to you from source and from the sphere and recharge yourself with light.  Imagine yourself as clear as a crystal, becoming a pure transmitter of light.  Then envision whatever you have chosen and encircle it with one end of the Infinity wave and extend the wave to encircle you.  Then charge the wave with your light.


  1. Finally lets send light for the highest possible outcome and good from the light accumulated in the group sphere. Along with the Infinity wave.  Start the wave by encircling you and sending it to the light in the center of the sphere and then co-joining it with the light and directing the light to world peace.?????from your heart cente