Best & Most Fun Oracle Decks to Use

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Angel Tarot Cards By Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine: This deck is an all time favorite.  Imagine a deck with NO reversed cards!  The guidebook is insightful & easy to interpret.  The 2 spreads provided are well defined. This is a deck that provides answers in a positive way.                          
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Dragon Oracle Cards from Diana Cooper: This deck is absolutely magical.  Diana introduces you to the world of dragons and all the wonderful experiences they bring to you.  I only pull these once a week because I love to hold on to what each dragon offers as help and instruction.
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The Spirit Animal Oracle from Colette Baron-Reid: If you love nature & animals this is the deck for you.  If you believe in cledons or the symbology animals bring to your life you’ll love this deck.  Colette’s communication with each animal to share their wisdom in remarkable.  The guidebook is great.
WOTOcards e1553975408437 Create YOUR Best Life Now
Wisdom of the Oracle another deck from Colette Baron-Reid:  This deck is an all encompassing oracle deck covering the Essential Meaning, Oracle’s Message, Relationship Message, Prosperity Message & Protection Message.  If you have a pattern you’d like to discover and break this is the deck for you.  The artwork is fantastic.
KyleGrayCards e1553975529824 Create YOUR Best Life Now
Keepers Of The Light by Kyle Gray: If you need immediate support in your life situation this is the deck for you.  The stories of each Keeper of the Light is informative and what they bring to you and your question is support and a sense of wisdom & joy.