Little-known Surprising Ways to Rest

Little-Known Surprising Ways to Rest

little-known ways to rest
Little-known surprising ways to rest can and do put an end to what is no longer working for you.  Perhaps you realize that this pandemic is forcing you to change course, to reassess your goals and plans. 
This separation from everyday patterns has brought all this into focus.  You aren’t going anywhere so take time to explore the 8 unconventional ways to rest.  Rest allows creative ideas to gestate and begin to take form.  Rest puts things in proper perspective and success follows.
Here are some of the unconventional, little-known surprising ways of resting.  If you are home with young children you are sending me a smirk.  How do you rest with the situation around you unraveling?  This is exactly for you.  If you are home and deeply concerned for your future well-being this is for you.

Sense of Humor = Little-Known Unconventional Way to Rest

Every time you laugh, chuckle, or giggle you are resting.  You are giving your mind/personality a chance to collect itself and to rest from the aggravations, frustrations and annoyances of entertaining young children.  When you are laughing you are free of worry and doubt about what the future holds.  That is REST with a capitol “R.”

Forgo Ambitions is a Surprising Way to Rest

Accept the fact that life is on hold and not much of what you do will amount to anything substantial.  When you do that you can REST.  It’s a different type of rest.  It’s rest from striving, planning and pushing.  You can play UNO and loose for the 5th time today.  You can day dream while watching Frozen 2 for the 3rd time.  This is giving that pushing-getting-it-done side of you a rest.  It may seem lonely but is so beneficial and healing.  Kyle Cease has a wonderful explanation for this breaking of patterns Go Here to Watch 

Let Bygones Be Bygones – A Priceless Way to Rest

BrothersIn Pink Create YOUR Best Life Now
Take this time to observe the behavior of  young children or children in general.  Watch how quickly siblings forgive and forget hurts without your meddling.  It may be noisy at first but then things calm down and within short time they are back playing with each other or playing quietly in separate rooms.   Rest comes from observing and understanding others’ offensive behaviors and your own.  It doesn’t come from trying to control or be right.    Rest comes from just being you regardless of past transgressions

Listening Is A Little- Known Surprising Way to Rest

One of the most surprising ways to rest is to commit to just listening for 15 minutes every 2 hours.  The only thing you are allowed to do beside listen is to ask this question, “Is that true?  Really true?”  This is the type of listening that brings you right into the NOW.  No drifting off into worries about the future or trying to solve problems from the past.  It is just plain listening, whether it is to a 4-year-old or to a bird singing on the deck.  For more info check out The Work by Byron Katie here.

Heartfelt Breathing Is The Best Little-Known Way to Rest

Probably the greatest and most beneficial, unconventional way to rest is to learn to breath from your heart.  Yep, breath from your heart.  It takes about 3 minutes, you can do it anywhere, any time, and leads to total rest, healing and enhanced intuition.  Who couldn’t use a little extra intuition.  
  • Place your hand over your heart
  • Take a deep breath in from your heart or area where your hand is to a count of 5 (slow, peaceful breath)
  • Exhale from your heart to count of 5
  • Feel a sense of gratitude, appreciation, caring or compassion while breathing from heart.
Do this for 3 minutes and watch what happens.  Do this regularly for 72 hours and experience a new world.  To learn more about this magical way to REST listen to Greg Braden here at around marker 33.30 minutes.

Great Way to Rest Is to Let Others Help You

Yes, it will make you feel vulnerable to admit you need a helping hand, but to be vulnerable is good.  It is restful knowing you can just flop on the sofa and give in.  It’s so peaceful to just throw up your hands and let someone help you, even a 5-year-old.  Doing life all by yourself is exhausting.  Once you realize this you’ll be shocked how quickly help arrives and you can REST.

Appreciating YOU and That YOU Are Loved Is Always a Way to Rest

Little-known surprising ways to rest
Realizing and experiencing a love for YOURSELF is an unconventional way to rest.  Drop the expectations of what love looks like and feel it for You.  Congratulate yourself for all you have done.  YOU are exceptional and YOU are loved—now more than ever—by Spirit,  whether you see it or not.  You are not alone.  Know this truth right now sense it through to your core.  REST in the awareness of being loved.

Finally, Be Flexible and Discover Another Rare Way to Rest

An unconventional way to rest is to relax and open up to other possibilities. There may be much better things on the horizon than you can possibly imagine. These things can come about without any worry, effort or striving.  It could be a job you hadn’t thought of, a new source of money, or some other opportunity that eluded your strategies. Be flexible and remind yourself, This, or something better, manifests for me now. Then be willing to bend a little.  Enjoy the REST. 

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