Looking for the Divine

I’ve been doing some self-correcting, some cleaning up of old patterns.  At least I have been trying to do this, until I bumped into a particularly rough week.  I think we’ve all been facing particularly rough times in the last year or so.
I have been following instructions on how to get rid of the traits and emotions that have kept me stuck.  I want to stop doing the same things and expecting something new and wonderful to enter my life.   
I check in each morning to go over the thoughts in my head.  What are they?  Are they positive?  Are they anxious or worrisome?  I’m particularly interested in the thoughts that don’t feel good.  The ones that are coming out of things or situations that happened in the past.  I want out of the thought patterns of my past
I check in each morning with the emotions I hate, like feeling hurt or fearful, worried or greedy.  I remember them so I can catch them when they pop up during the day.  These emotions never make for a fun day.
Sometimes I’m very certain of the thoughts, emotions and habitual actions that I need to be aware of so I can get out ahead of them and replace them with joy or fun or laughter.  Sometimes I’m not really sure of the emotions, thoughts and actions I need to be watchful for.  Sometimes I just forget all day.
I am so eager to change these patterns.  I am really tired of the old me and am so excited to meet the new me and all the joy that entails.   But where is the new me?  While I’m waiting for the new me to appear I’ve decided to look for the Divine growing within me and all around me. 
What a trip looking for the Divine growing within me and all around me is.  Suddenly, I can no longer criticize myself or blame myself.  Suddenly I have to stop complaining and start looking for the Divine all around me..
When I do this nature is even more satisfying.  The people I love are better than I ever imagined.   And I find ways to smile often.  I find myself looking to understand behavior in others rather than dislike  and criticize it.  The glitch is to keep it up, keep practicing looking for the Divine everywhere.  And when I complete that I can move on to looking for the magical within  and all around me.

Wanna join me?


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