Magic New Awakenings for the body

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Magic of New Awakenings for the Body

The Magic of New Awakenings for the body, imparts fresh, beneficial information and knowledge to your heart, mind and body and creates a positive external world.  A new awakening is the translations of things that you have known subconsciously into conscious awareness. 

  •  This conscious awareness imparts fresh, beneficial information and knowledge to and for your heart, mind, body. 
  •  This places you right in the greater flow of the Universe.  New Awakenings offer a fresh perspective and guidance to reach joy, love and well-being. 

Why have a new awakening for the body?   New awakenings relate directly to your needs in the present moment. 

  •  You may want to let tears flow, or laugh loudly, or  be alert to something so subtle that you’ve taken it for granted.   
  •  New Awakenings are an innovative look at old thoughts that bring you to the knowing that you are much more than you believe, that life is so special and that your view of others is special too.

What is trying to emerge when a new awakening happens? 

  • Your hidden path to infinite potential, along with a renewed sense of purpose, wonder and joy are emerging when a new awakening materializes. Experiencing your incredible role in this Universe along with feeling love emerges with a new awakening.  It directs you to the bright light of your personal greatness.  It eliminates judgement and blame.
  • You find that clarity of thought and emotions arise with a new awakening.  The new awakening stimulates the integration of thoughts and intuition.  Seeing an old situation or interpreting an old thought from a new perspective that includes the obvious influence of a higher power.

 What’s so valuable about a new awakening? 

  •  It reveals truth and acts as a revelation in your life. 
  •  It is the unfolding of a knowing that is so much more powerful, helpful and brilliant than the old auto-pilot beliefs.  
  •  Often it comes on the heels of overwhelm or indecision and carries you to recognize your highest good as well as the highest good for others.

What does the Universe want to share when you experience a new awakening? 

  • The Universe or Source wants to share the innate magic that is within you. 
  •  The emphasis is on the magic of a solution arriving from the unknown that brings synchronicity and help from unexpected thoughts and sources.  

New Awakenings blast incredible potentials for growth and healing right to the following areas.  New Awakenings show  you the best possible decision based on the present moment in the general areas that relate to

  •   Your spirituality
  •   Your body
  •    Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions
  •    How you coalesce with the external world.     

The obvious question is “how?”   How do you have the experience of a New Awakening for the body?  There are 2 excellent ways to activate a New Awakening

  • Be conscious and aware of the area in your life that requires a New Awakening*.  Write the specific area down.  Then do one of 3 meditations provided that encourage the recognition of the New Awakening.  See button below for meditations.
  •  Be conscious and aware of the area in your life that requires a New Awakening* .  Write the specific area down.  Rate how upset you are on 1 – 10, 10 being most upset.  List all the negatives you feel.  List all the positives you feel when you have a New Awakening.  Then use EFT or tapping to open you to the New Awakening.  Then rate again and watch for positive changes.

Here is an example of “how to stimulate New Awakenings” using a recent experience of mine. 

  •  I chose the specific area: my body. 
  • I made sure I wasn’t obsessing over what had occurred to my body in the past. 
  • Then I let go of fears of what might happen in the future.  I just sat in stillness. 
  • I then did the body meditation provided. 
  • Previously I felt I had to take care and watch out for my body.  My mind had to take care of my body???  
The New Awakening was that my body is here to take care of me.  This helped me to honor and be grateful for all the intricate workings of my body.  It informed me to trust the intuition and expression of my body.  It’s a much better way for me to heal and live.  I no longer blame myself or try find out what I did wrong.  My job now is to listen to cues from my body and put my attention (energy) on places sending me cues.  Then take action.

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