Message from the Guides #1 -15

MESSAGE from the Guides Archive #1 – 15

8-22-20, Message #1
Good day. 
There is so much going on in everyone’s world.  You may be home and feeling as if you are just being however, so many interruptive energies abound that just being isn’t what it used to be.  There is a wealth of disruptive media information jumping into your space. 
You often hear that you are isolated or separate.   We are telling you right now you aren’t isolated.  One of the main contributors to discordance is that as a culture you have moved into ‘community consciousness’.  All of you have begun to adjust to community circles.  The problem is that the other part of the equation is sadly behind in developing.  As a society the path that is ‘shifting’ is the one that leads to living as a community with every step being taken “for the highest good of ALL.“ 
This second essential part of the equation: “for the highest good of All” is not activated yet.  It leaves life  disconnected and incomplete.  The rebuttal we hear is how can this be a world of community consciousness?  What is the spotlight on in the United States;  the Democrat community, the Republican community, the progressive community, the conspiracy community and so on.  The discordance comes because the members of each community have failed to activate the portion of the equation “for the highest good of ALL.”
If you are asking what does the “for the highest good ALL” look like you can watch the Democratic Convention.  Over 400,000 angels worked behind the scenes to ensure “for the highest good of ALL” was activated. 
You might ask what gets in the way of activating “for the highest good of ALL?  The answer is It is the individuals in the community acting from their mind not their hearts.  It is looking for what can go wrong, what can get in the way of success, who is the problem or all the possible glitches rather than seeing the victory, feeling the dream happen, knowing their power to do it and celebrating love.
The way to activate “for the highest good of ALL” is much easier than your mind thinks.  There are No classes to take, no meditations or steps to memorize.   Every time you begin to go down the YES BUT trail say to yourself, “For the highest good of ALL.”  Then envision yourself arm & arm with an angel or cherished friend or loved one.  This is all you need do.  Understand the YES BUTS create a mass of garbage to clear to get to the dream, to self-love and loving ALL.
This is the next step to finish activating the equation
Community Consciousness + For the highest good of ALL = Our Promised Land
Notes from The Group:
Boundaries with media – It’s your choice.  Highest good.  We will put it in front of you if we need help.  No need to go out and preach or try to move mountains or steal someone’s ballot.
8-28-20 Message #2
Diamonds wonderful multifaceted gems, almost indestructible.  This is how we see you now.  Please take the time to envision yourself as this multifaceted beautiful diamond.  Right now.  Settle yourself into several minutes of quiet & stillness and actually imagine yourself as a diamond.  What does it feel like?  How are you experiencing the air around you?  The space around you?
Are you sensing the molecules drifting toward your body?  Some of those molecules are being absorbed and some are being reflected back out to the room.  Which molecules are being received?  What thoughts or emotions are they carrying?  Which are being reflected back out to the room?
Can you create a soft light barrier around your body?  Can you instruct this barrier to filter out all molecules that insight fear in your body or mind?  This gets confusing so just for a few moments see the fear and any uncomfortable emotions being reflected from you.
Now move to your heart area.  Create a funnel coming from your heart to about 3 feet beyond your body.  Breathe slowly THANKS and GRATITUDE in through the funnel to your heart.  Feel the gratitude as if your greatest dream is already happening.  You just haven’t received the official notice.  Breathe out any doubts you may have about this process.
Feel your world begin to soften.  Watch all the hard boundaries dissolve.  These are the boundaries that determine whether you are right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure.   Place the soft barrier around your body acknowledging  your power to absorb the best and reflect the worst especially fear.
You are a diamond so step into that sparkle, know that you are valued for your innate worth.  Breathe in the appreciation and reflect back to others their significance in your world.
Message from Guides #3, 9-4-20
Good Morning,
So good to sense that things are settling down for just a short while in your world. Better rest and breath and learn what balance feels like.  We are asking that you hold balance in your life for the next 2 weeks.  When you are aware of what balance feels like it is easier to recognize when you are out of balance.  Knowing balance is a subtle skill.  It requires presence and an active commitment to your well-being and that of others.
You have no idea how helpful being in a balanced state is to the people and energy around you.  It calms the energy of drama.  It resets the awareness mechanism in others and you.  It opens and organizes the space around you for the arrival of Grace. The world is sadly lacking in Grace.  It is the requirement for gifts from the Universe to appear. 
Take a moment and review what balance feels like, looks like and does to your breathing.   What does the body do when it is balanced?  Is it effortlessly standing on one foot for a while?  Is it walking a tight rope without falling?  Is it eating just the right amounts of healthy foods each day?  Is it moving through the day without pain?
Take another moment and check what balance seems like in your mind. ?  Is it weighing your response to someone’s crazy statement?   Is it looking at both sides of a controversy before you act?  Is it being non-judgmental upon meeting someone?  Is it freedom from head talk?
We can advise you that balance is a nebulous thing.  It takes into account the influx of emotions, influx of stimulus to the body but not the autopilot of the body.  It takes the frequency of the air around you and your ability to know what is you and what isn’t you.  It honors all these things and especially you.  Balance takes all the vibrations of the world around you and within you and blends those vibrations to the best, highest, richest vibration.  It is then up to you to recognize and choose that vibration. 
Balance is recognizable because it feels calm.  It feels positive and uplifting.  It feels lighter.  It has an electric quality that lights your path.  When you are free to choose the path that invigorates and yet calms you have chosen balance.  Can you sense it?  Can you stop long enough to feel it busing through you body?  When you grab hold of balance you improve your life, the life of all around you and you open the door to Grace. 
We recommend you recognize and choose balance this week over all other states
Message from Guides 9-11-20 #4
Good Morning,
As you can see the tides have begun to change.  What seemed to be the longest low-tide in the United States is now coming to an end.  Low tides are needed so that you can see what it is that you’ve been basing things on.  Low-tide is the time to take a serious look at the hidden or occluded things on which you’ve based your everyday life & decisions. 
What is rightfully yours isn’t what you expected.  Taking a look at the bottom of things points out that perhaps the idea or basis of your life and that of  the United States was noble and pure in its time however there has been a lot of sand shifting and covering the first layers of intent.  There have been many changes from those first ideas.  And were those first ideas as clear and reliably true as you assumed?  Were they yours?  Are they the nation’s now? 
Was the constitution, that you knew to be based on freedom & equality for all, actually an anomaly?  Seems odd that you are now just realizing this contradiction in a country that supported slavery.  These are all things covered up by shifting sands of time.  In low-tide these contradictions are exposed.
The biggest contradiction slowly being brought to light is the belief that you have about yourself and others.  This is the belief that echoes, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, not good enough, not compassionate enough, not loving enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not perfect enough.  Don’t care where these beliefs came from just know that they aren’t true.  Never were, never will be.
You are so much more than your small mind accepts.  You are here right now because you are perfectly suited to help others in this transitional time.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.  You can feel your unique place in the world.  You have thrown hope out the door because hope means you need to be rescued.  Creating moments of love & respect for you & others is exactly what is needed.  There is no need for hope.  You are here and you have the answers within your spirit.  So, do others.  Listen.
Spend time acknowledging how gifted you are.  Smile as you silently admit your goodness.  See the best unfolding in front of you every day, the best in you and the best in others.  You don’t have to make things happen or hope things will happen.  You are the phenomenon of change.  Accept this loving nature in you and in the world.  
The tide is on the way in now.
Message from the Guides 9-18-20 #5
What a week this has been.  There are fires on one coast and hurricanes on another.  You awoke with the feeling of doom that is shared by millions of people.  There seems to be no direction but down.  However, you are headed in the best direction, far from down.  You have a sense of what to do.  You realize there is a way out of all this.  You just aren’t clear what it is.
You are depending on an election to clear things up and change the destiny of the US and the earth.  This isn’t the solution.  The solution lies within you.  It involves taking time to become still, minus head talk.  Just quiet settling in on your third eye and pineal gland.  Calming this area with stillness and openness brings clarity and focus.
Notice your internal world.  Is it soft and slow or filled with jagged jerky edges ?  You have the ability to reach soft and slow.  The rewards from being in that place are many.  Your body actually comes alive with relief.  Magic happens here.  You can actually sense the changes occurring.
From this place you can sense the frequency of the world around you.  There’s a blending with your immediate environment.  What does that feel like?  You may sense some pressure or some movement out into the field around you.  This is where peace rests.  This space is the doorway to your best future self.
Take a break and create an imprint of your best future self.  To do so answer these questions.  What positive/encouraging emotions are predominant?  What is right with the world?  What are you celebrating?  What does nature look like?  Who is holding your hand?  What have you let go of?  How have you surprised yourself?  Write these answers down.  This is your blueprint.
Sit peacefully and throw everything else out of your space.  Toss anything from the past into the wind.  You are poised to step into a new world of balance, of sharing of what you want, of manifesting the blueprint.   Feel your mind moving into this new place.  This is where you relax and the universe responds.  Just by doing this you open caring space for yourself and others.
This exercise supersedes an election.  It is the most valuable to mankind.  Do it.,
Message from Guides 9-24-20, #6
We are so glad you have decided to make space for presence in the morning.  It is a very healthy thing to do.  We know you want to hear us more and this clearing of the energy around you with peace is very advantageous to turn the volume up on our voices. 
We know you are counting the steps until all this intense energy eases.  Be at peace knowing that the cosmic flow of information and assistance will continue after this clearing or more like blasting has finished.  For those of you who have naturally moved in the direction of clearing the crap from your life this seems challenging cause it’s hard to understand why others wouldn’t want to do this. 
Please realize that others live in a world of constant chatter, constant movement in no particular direction with no connection to themselves, with no connection to their soul, spirit, consciousness, and the universal thread that connects us all.  You are more aware of that thread and the connection to the goodness of the universe it brings.  It’s not affirmations, although they are helpful as they transport you into the present moment.  It is not manifesting what you want, it is knowing who you are that is most important.
This is an expression of you that goes beyond what food you like, what clothes and colors you favor, what your friends reflect to you.  It is the moment that switch of consciousness moves to spirit or soul from suffering self that tells you who you are.  It is that moment that the immortal veils begin to fall.  It is seeing the world around you with open eyes.  Eyes that are not clouded with visions driven by auto pilot.  
It is that instant you ask for what you want and it is an emotion not a thing.  It is happiness not what item you think will bring you happiness.  It is a long walk down a path that fills your senses with unidentified fragrance.  It is the breeze glancing your face.  It is that instantaneous knowing that you are loved.   The world comes to you in a very different way than your family told you it would.  It is safe to wait.  It’s safe to listen. 
The opening for understanding is right in front of you.  Stay quiet.  Listen.  It arrives on the wings of robins.  It is a beam of sunlight pointing to the space you can stand and be whole and balanced.  Some of this takes you out of your comfort zone.  Just listen. 
 The words and ideas are novel.  This isn’t the same world in which you grew up.  You chose this time.  In your soul there is excitement as you throw open the window to concepts that need understanding.  Normally this would occur with an ‘ah ha’ or an epiphany. Now it is information on cosmic wings that flows into your life without padding, without warning.  You are being blasted wide open.  Turning off auto pilot is difficult but doable.  There are moments you feel as if it is beyond you and understanding.  Wait.  Listen.  Stay open
10-8-20 Message #7
Welcome to this day.  This has been an eventful time.  There are waves active now that bring  boundless answers/choices to the planet.  These are cosmic waves that are marked by a higher frequency.  Some of these waves may land on deafness others will anchor to the vibrations of individuals choosing to expand and grow.
When this occurs the entire field around the individual is activated to a higher frequency.  This creates an opening in the persona.  Suddenly solutions to problems, obstacles and concerns appear.  There is no planning, no ‘efforting’.
They are solutions that are easier to understand and put into action than expected.  They resonate automatically and pin-point solutions that are for the highest good of all.
They carry with them a burst of motivation.  The motivation lies in the clear promise  to deliver easily,  a wonderful solution.
The higher vibration offers tools to begin, in earnest, the journey you came here to experience.  No more trying the latest fad or looking for a one pill cure.  These tools fit magically into your life.  No struggle.  There may be some initial questions.  If you just put the tools to use the questions are answered in the practice of using the tools.
The new cosmic waves entering the earth carry your special tools directly to you.  Create a quiet mind and be in a quiet space, meditate and the path to the tools develops and appears.  As you travel the path your energy level lifts and so does the vibration around you.
You are the magnet that brings the perfect resolution.  The waves open the gate and remove the veils. 
Message from Guides 10-15-20 #8
When you turn your head away the feeling of it is still there.  You are beginning to feel bright and light.  Can that be?  How is this happening?
This is an example of how the new bright energy of the planet is visibly and emotionally taking hold.  These waves of bright, clear, illuminating energy have been embracing the earth for months. 
The old entrenched energies are breaking up.   And as we all know “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.”   Intuitions that otherwise would be accepted and acted on are for a short while being questioned.   This causes lots of missed opportunities and erratic behavior.
As the new bright light / energy is accepted and assimilated the disruptions will fade away.   You  wonder how all the chaos was allowed to go on and on and on.   When the light is turned on in the dark closet lots of things are exposed. 
 This bright light is forgiving and illuminating.  It is the energy of Divine influence.  It brings healing, caring, compassion and joy.  Sit by the window and be loved.  Welcome this bright loving light.
Message from Guides 10-23-20 #9
Coming into what seems like the home stretch of change.  There is always change, of course this just seems particularly powerful.  Gripping antagonism and emptiness prevail  as the Doors to freedom  are opening.  There are so many who don’t recognize freedom, to them freedom is getting the same old accepted routine really right.  There is so much more.
As you watch others to compare how they are doing to how you are doing,  or you  judge how they are doing,  or you envy how they are doing,  you lose power and energy.  You are giving your attention and your energy to someone or something out side of you.  Any time attention is directed outside of you so goes your energy: tired & empty.
This is difficult to comprehend however here goes,  “ Allow energy to return to you.  No WORK, no DOING.  All that is required is simply call back the energy you directed outwards back to you BLESSED and TRANSFORMED by Divine Source. ”
Every time you find yourself listening to media, a neighbor, family, stop  and  notice your reaction.  Anything that causes you to criticize,  scream, be fearful or just tune out is an energy drainer.   Do you hear yourself say  “I am so tired of all this”  now you know why.  You have given up your energy to a TV or cell phone or neighbor.
Step back, take a long breath in & out.  Understand you are more powerful than you think and you have just gifted someone or something with power.  You have left an empty spot within you.  How are you going to fill it?  Call back your energy BLESSED AND TRANSFORMED. 
Message from the Guides 10-30-20 #10
The expression of this planet right now is SAFETY.   What makes you feel safe?   How often do you feel safe?   What is the feeling behind safe?  Do you mistake routine for safety?
There is an enormous field of molecules surrounding and permeating your every move.   This field stretches around this planet.  It reaches out from every tree,  house, cubicle.  It’s behind you, in front of you and within you.  It’s invisible.
This is the field of safety.  Ironically it is a benevolent presence.  A presence which is also inside of you.  This presence activates expansion within all it touches which is of course everything on this planet.  So why do you feel constricted or stagnant?
You attempt to shrivel from this field of expansion  any time you think you’ve done something wrong or that you’re about to hurt someone or someone is going to hurt you.   
When you throw up barriers and attempt boundaries you have admitted you are unable to feel and appreciate the wonder and good all around you.  Boundaries can not exist in the quantum field, only self made obstacles can obstruct receiving its blessings.
Fear blocks the expansion of your power imbued by the field.   Insecurity robs you of synergy in your life.  It happens when you believe anything can take away your SAFETY or your ‘RIGHTS’ or your connection to this quantum field of compassion.
As you recognize the influence of this magic field of awareness you become conscious.  You expand.  You realize how fortunate you are to be here.  You realize how special, gifted and loved you are.  Relax, breathe, open up, drop the illusionary boundaries of protection, guilt and shame.  You are SAFE.   You are so much more than you have allowed.
You can hear the trees;  you can sense the messages of nature.  YOU ARE SAFE.  You are so much more.  Stop hiding, take a breath.  EXPAND.  Soak in the goodwill.  It is your essence.
11-6-20  Message from Guides #11
Natural flow of events.  Not a win not a loose.  Do you wonder the outcome of steps you take each day?  Probably not, most of them are unconscious.  Is each step focused on a positive outcome?  Probably not.  Time to wake up.
What does taking a step towards the change you desire look like?  It is imbued with new feelings, new thoughts,  and confidence.  Confidence is as simple as just breathing slower and  sensing  your heart opening to change.  Be open to change. 
Draw upon those times when change seemed dreadful and later, even years later, you realized it was the only way to bring about the transformation you and the Universe desired.  Gather the feeling of  those times when change brought unexpected  joy and energy into your life.  Recall  how it felt to change for the better. 
There is a grand plan unfolding right now.  It is a rebirth.  It is seeing & feeling the beginnings of transformation.   It is a deep dive into recognizing what you love.  And choosing to experience what you love rather than what you fear.
This is a time to dive into the unknown.  As you accept change carry those past feelings of energy &  joy associated with change.   Discard  negativity.   This is a rebirth. Experience rebirth in this moment.  Take each step aware of it.   Freedom beckons.
11-13-20 Message from Guides #12
Time to demolish the wall of limitations created by the past.  This wall has restricted your choices for too long.  It has created a barrier, keeping the wonderful opportunities all around you from permeating your awareness of them.  Glorious paths are going fallow waiting for you to enjoy them.
Break away from the past for just an hour today.  Set a mindful alarm to go off every time you return to a past  thought or behavior during that hour.  Once you recognize the past thought or behavior consciously change it  immediately to a new affirmative thought.
For the sake of this exercise  define past thoughts as any thoughts or beliefs which activate a negative emotion.  Here’s an example.  You awaken & begin to review your day.  The meeting you are to attend comes to mind.   As you reach into your closet your thoughts go to wanting to make a good impression.  This thought implies that you don’t have what is required  to make good impression (it isn’t yours right now).  Worry/Doubt appears.  Alarm goes off here. 
As you are reaching for your outfit you are drawing from your past.  You are beginning to worry (emotion).  Change this emotion of worry/doubt brought on as you think  ‘not good enough as I am, I need impressive clothes.’ This is  based on doubts / worry from the past.  You are  good enough right now, in fact, you are impressive. 
For one hour know that this is a great day.  No thought from the past can stop you.  Choose the clothes you love, hum the song that makes you smile.  This is easy to do.  Stay in the moment.  Right here right now you are impressive you have everything you need.  The electro – magnetic field around you is charged with expansion.  This one hour sets you up for a day of change, positive choices and opportunities.
11-24-20 Message from Guides:  The Grace of Gratitude #13
This is certainly a time to be thankful.  You have traveled a narrow path along a cliff with 100-foot drop on each side.   You’ve had to be vigilant.   You’ve had to turn off all distractions and focus on the beauty around you.  Or did you focused on the dangers?
Vigilance is tiring,  danger is stressful and awareness of beauty around you is regenerating.  Which one has occupied your mind?  From this view it looks like vigilance and danger engage the highest % of your thoughts.  This leads to deep exhaustion. 
It is time to rest and regenerate.  The best way to accomplish real rest is to acknowledge you are exhausted.   Carve out time to just relax and order yourself to appreciate the beauty around you.  Look for surprises.  As you discover beauty in things around you, spend a few moments sensing if beauty has a vibration. 
As you recognize the vibration of beauty how does it make you feel?  Does it have a message for you?  Are you willing to open up to the joy of beauty?  Can you see yourself as beautiful, full of grace? 
If you’re having some trouble sensing how it feels to be beautiful then try saying “how would I feel if I was beautiful?”  Sensing beauty, feeling beauty is moving into the healing state of grace.  Being thankful for all beauty in your life ensures a healing state of grace.
Reaching the healing state of grace is the best method to begin regenerating.  It brings back joy, relaxation, and opens a space of recovery in your life.  This is the time for Thanksgiving, regeneration and recovery.
12-5-20 Messages from Guides  COSMIC WAVES FOR RECONNECTING #14
You have been encouraged to disconnect from the world of chaos.   What happens when you disconnect from the world in order to avoid chaos, pain, discomfort?  You begin to erect boundaries in your life.   You begin to separate from the world and from the flow of source energy.
It is natural to desire peace and contentment in your life.   It is natural to depend on a certain level of energy in your life.  What do you do when you are ready to enter the world again?
 You have constricted the pool of energy and awareness you pull from when you hold boundaries and constriction as a necessity.  You have limited how much divine power flows through your being.
When the flow of divine energy is restricted you awaken with less opportunities and possibilities.  You begin to cut off the source of synergy and synchronicity in your life.   Your path narrows.
Times are advantageous to reconnect with the world of energy.  If the source of chaos or discomfort in your life is abusive then chose to open and reconnect with the higher frequency of the chaos or event or person.
Contemplate the area of your life that needed boundaries.  Look for the awakening that occurred in that area of your life.  Consider how it has facilitated growth and understanding. 
Open and connect to those areas of growth and understanding.  See and feel the world through those eyes.  This is the act of opening to the flow of divine source energy.  Welcome an increased flow of energy, compassion, and awakening in your life.
12-11-20 Message from the Guides #15
Long awaited start of the benevolent  5th dimension.
Becoming aware of sensing frequencies or feelings with your body is the foundation  of 5th dimension.  Sensing frequencies can be as easy as noticing a place on your body that is tense,  tight, warm, cold or  maybe aching.  It can also be as challenging as identifying a subtle feeling like reticence or doubt.  The energy/frequency can be bold like gripping fear or soft like adoration. 
5th dimension ushers in sensing energy and frequency as a mode of communication rather than words.  You no longer need to rely on head talk and language to move through the day.   Using frequencies and energy eliminate negative bias from the past and fears of the future.  
There is very little effort required .  All that is necessary is to request an understanding or ask a question and go to stillness.  Stillness is a place of emptiness a void of sorts.  Just sit and look out at nature or close your eyes and be in nothingness.  Relax and the answer will come in the form of a clear and beneficial feeling or frequency.