Message from the Guides #5

Message from the Guides 9-18-20 #5

What a week this has been.  There are fires on one coast and hurricanes on another.  You awoke with the feeling of doom that is shared by millions of people.  There seems to be no direction but down.  However, you are headed in the best direction, far from down.  You have a sense of what to do.  You realize there is a way out of all this.  You just aren’t clear what it is.

You are depending on an election to clear things up and change the destiny of the US and the earth.  This isn’t the solution.  The solution lies within you.  It involves taking time to become still, minus head talk.  Just quiet settling in on your third eye and pineal gland.  Calming this area with stillness and openness brings clarity and focus.

Notice your internal world.  Is it soft and slow or filled with jagged jerky edges ?  You have the ability to reach soft and slow.  The rewards from being in that place are many.  Your body actually comes alive with relief.  Magic happens here.  You can actually sense the changes occurring.

From this place you can sense the frequency of the world around you.  There’s a blending with your immediate environment.  What does that feel like?  You may sense some pressure or some movement out into the field around you.  This is where peace rests.  This space is the doorway to your best future self.

Take a break and create an imprint of your best future self.  To do so answer these questions.  What positive/encouraging emotions are predominant?  What is right with the world?  What are you celebrating?  What does nature look like?  Who is holding your hand?  What have you let go of?  How have you surprised yourself?  Write these answers down.  This is your blueprint.

Sit peacefully and throw everything else out of your space.  Toss anything from the past into the wind.  You are poised to step into a new world of balance, of sharing of what you want, of manifesting the blueprint.   Feel your mind moving into this new place.  This is where you relax and the universe responds.  Just by doing this you open caring space for yourself and others.

This exercise supersedes an election.  It is the most valuable to mankind.  Do it.,

Message from Guides 9-11-20 #4
Good Morning,
As you can see the tides have begun to change.  What seemed to be the longest low-tide in the United States is now coming to an end.  Low tides are needed so that you can see what it is that you’ve been basing things on.  Low-tide is the time to take a serious look at the hidden or occluded things on which you’ve based your everyday life & decisions. 
What is rightfully yours isn’t what you expected.  Taking a look at the bottom of things points out that perhaps the idea or basis of your life and that of  the United States was noble and pure in its time however there has been a lot of sand shifting and covering the first layers of intent.  There have been many changes from those first ideas.  And were those first ideas as clear and reliably true as you assumed?  Were they yours?  Are they the nation’s now? 
Was the constitution, that you knew to be based on freedom & equality for all, actually an anomaly?  Seems odd that you are now just realizing this contradiction in a country that supported slavery.  These are all things covered up by shifting sands of time.  In low-tide these contradictions are exposed.
The biggest contradiction slowly being brought to light is the belief that you have about yourself and others.  This is the belief that echoes, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, not good enough, not compassionate enough, not loving enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not perfect enough.  Don’t care where these beliefs came from just know that they aren’t true.  Never were, never will be.
You are so much more than your small mind accepts.  You are here right now because you are perfectly suited to help others in this transitional time.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t.  You can feel your unique place in the world.  You have thrown hope out the door because hope means you need to be rescued.  Creating moments of love & respect for you & others is exactly what is needed.  There is no need for hope.  You are here and you have the answers within your spirit.  So, do others.  Listen.
Spend time acknowledging how gifted you are.  Smile as you silently admit your goodness.  See the best unfolding in front of you every day, the best in you and the best in others.  You don’t have to make things happen or hope things will happen.  You are the phenomenon of change.  Accept this loving nature in you and in the world.  
The tide is on the way in now.
Message from Guides #3, 9-4-20
Good Morning,
So good to sense that things are settling down for just a short while in your world. Better rest and breath and learn what balance feels like.  We are asking that you hold balance in your life for the next 2 weeks.  When you are aware of what balance feels like it is easier to recognize when you are out of balance.  Knowing balance is a subtle skill.  It requires presence and an active commitment to your well-being and that of others.
You have no idea how helpful being in a balanced state is to the people and energy around you.  It calms the energy of drama.  It resets the awareness mechanism in others and you.  It opens and organizes the space around you for the arrival of Grace. The world is sadly lacking in Grace.  It is the requirement for gifts from the Universe to appear. 
Take a moment and review what balance feels like, looks like and does to your breathing.   What does the body do when it is balanced?  Is it effortlessly standing on one foot for a while?  Is it walking a tight rope without falling?  Is it eating just the right amounts of healthy foods each day?  Is it moving through the day without pain?
Take another moment and check what balance seems like in your mind. ?  Is it weighing your response to someone’s crazy statement?   Is it looking at both sides of a controversy before you act?  Is it being non-judgmental upon meeting someone?  Is it freedom from head talk?
We can advise you that balance is a nebulous thing.  It takes into account the influx of emotions, influx of stimulus to the body but not the autopilot of the body.  It takes the frequency of the air around you and your ability to know what is you and what isn’t you.  It honors all these things and especially you.  Balance takes all the vibrations of the world around you and within you and blends those vibrations to the best, highest, richest vibration.  It is then up to you to recognize and choose that vibration. 
Balance is recognizable because it feels calm.  It feels positive and uplifting.  It feels lighter.  It has an electric quality that lights your path.  When you are free to choose the path that invigorates and yet calms you have chosen balance.  Can you sense it?  Can you stop long enough to feel it busing through you body?  When you grab hold of balance you improve your life, the life of all around you and you open the door to Grace. 
We recommend you recognize and choose balance this week over all other states
8-28-20 Message #2
Diamonds wonderful multifaceted gems, almost indestructible.  This is how we see you now.  Please take the time to envision yourself as this multifaceted beautiful diamond.  Right now.  Settle yourself into several minutes of quiet & stillness and actually imagine yourself as a diamond.  What does it feel like?  How are you experiencing the air around you?  The space around you?
Are you sensing the molecules drifting toward your body?  Some of those molecules are being absorbed and some are being reflected back out to the room.  Which molecules are being received?  What thoughts or emotions are they carrying?  Which are being reflected back out to the room?
Can you create a soft light barrier around your body?  Can you instruct this barrier to filter out all molecules that insight fear in your body or mind?  This gets confusing so just for a few moments see the fear and any uncomfortable emotions being reflected from you.
Now move to your heart area.  Create a funnel coming from your heart to about 3 feet beyond your body.  Breathe slowly THANKS and GRATITUDE in through the funnel to your heart.  Feel the gratitude as if your greatest dream is already happening.  You just haven’t received the official notice.  Breathe out any doubts you may have about this process.
Feel your world begin to soften.  Watch all the hard boundaries dissolve.  These are the boundaries that determine whether you are right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure.   Place the soft barrier around your body acknowledging  your power to absorb the best and reflect the worst especially fear.
You are a diamond so step into that sparkle, know that you are valued for your innate worth.  Breathe in the appreciation and reflect back to others their significance in your world.
8-22-20, Message #1
Good day. 
There is so much going on in everyone’s world.  You may be home and feeling as if you are just being however, so many interruptive energies abound that just being isn’t what it used to be.  There is a wealth of disruptive media information jumping into your space. 
You often hear that you are isolated or separate.   We are telling you right now you aren’t isolated.  One of the main contributors to discordance is that as a culture you have moved into ‘community consciousness’.  All of you have begun to adjust to community circles.  The problem is that the other part of the equation is sadly behind in developing.  As a society the path that is ‘shifting’ is the one that leads to living as a community with every step being taken “for the highest good of ALL.“ 
This second essential part of the equation: “for the highest good of All” is not activated yet.  It leaves life  disconnected and incomplete.  The rebuttal we hear is how can this be a world of community consciousness?  What is the spotlight on in the United States;  the Democrat community, the Republican community, the progressive community, the conspiracy community and so on.  The discordance comes because the members of each community have failed to activate the portion of the equation “for the highest good of ALL.”
If you are asking what does the “for the highest good ALL” look like you can watch the Democratic Convention.  Over 400,000 angels worked behind the scenes to ensure “for the highest good of ALL” was activated. 
You might ask what gets in the way of activating “for the highest good of ALL?  The answer is It is the individuals in the community acting from their mind not their hearts.  It is looking for what can go wrong, what can get in the way of success, who is the problem or all the possible glitches rather than seeing the victory, feeling the dream happen, knowing their power to do it and celebrating love.
The way to activate “for the highest good of ALL” is much easier than your mind thinks.  There are No classes to take, no meditations or steps to memorize.   Every time you begin to go down the YES BUT trail say to yourself, “For the highest good of ALL.”  Then envision yourself arm & arm with an angel or cherished friend or loved one.  This is all you need do.  Understand the YES BUTS create a mass of garbage to clear to get to the dream, to self-love and loving ALL.
This is the next step to finish activating the equation
Community Consciousness + For the highest good of ALL = Our Promised Land
Notes from The Group:
Boundaries with media – It’s your choice.  Highest good.  We will put it in front of you if we need help.  No need to go out and preach or try to move mountains or steal someone’s ballot.