Going Home

Messages from the Guides #40 + #41

Message from the Guides 9-4-21

What is Going Home all about for you? 

Think of what being Divine might be like.  Or better yet what would it feel like to be unconditionally loved all the time?  What does it feel like to be honestly appreciated and valued for being just you without having to earn it?  How does it feel to know and believe you are the best possible you in this moment?  And how does it feel to recognize the rightness and validity of your own intuition, so much that you have total trust in yourself?  Experience the freedom of self-encouragement, the freedom of loving another or a tree or a squirrel or you without reason?  The freedom to view you through your own original innocent eyes.  This is Going Home.

 The primary path home has no history, no past.  The initial steps home open your eyes to the illusionary nature of the world around you.  What is illusion?  It is all the things you see and are affected by that are colored by your past.  Those childhood incidences you took to be absolute truth.  You interpreted them through the eyes of the parent or person creating the incident.  Best to let go of any concern regarding the how or why of the repetitive incidences.  Release any blame, self-blame, or judgement for what appeared to occur.

 A primary example of this takes you to the time someone in harsh voice with harsh hand corrected you for doing something that made them feel ‘less or lack.’  Now anytime anyone ignores you or criticizes  you the past takes over and you worry, “what did I do wrong” or “I must be to blame.”   It isn’t you it was the influence of someone else’s lack or loss or fear derived from their past.  The past stops here.

 To awaken the Divine and Go Home to living a Divinely inspired life, let go of the influence of an illusionary past.

 First step: when you feel uncomfortable, fearful, sad or angry, clear the slate of the past by asking “Right here, right now in this moment am I judging myself?  Am I blaming myself?”  If the answer is YES then you are in the past and living an illusion.  Going Home has no past and no illusion.



Message from Guides 8/29/21
Going Home
There is a call to go home now.  The Guides and Angels standing behind you are whispering “go home.”  It’s subtle.  It may take a few moments of stillness, of  clearing your mind of distractions to feel home calling to you.  The message is in the air around you.  You can stand by a tree, listen and breath in that the earth’s being called home too.
You’ve turned a corner and it’s time to go home.  Step back and contemplate home.  What does home mean to you?  This is the home your heart reflects, the core of your being as seen through the eyes of spirit, soul or higher self.  It is the comfort and knowing that you are safe and valuable. 
Sense someone reaching out for your hand and leading you home.  Anticipate the arrival, relax, take their hand and close your eyes.  Place each step on the notes of a favorite song.  Time changes as you near home.  Your heart comes alive as home appears all around and within you.
This cosmic energy of home recharges the sense of safety, comfort and the knowledge that you are where you belong.  The material world of chaos and fear evaporates.  The mind is now guided by higher,  joyful thoughts.   Take in this world of home as it is revealed.
The time is auspicious, the air is inviting, the Universe calls you to be home while she makes the changes that bring the earth and people around you home too. 
Going home leads to new places, new experiences, new love and a new life.   
Be at the heart of what matters: HOME.
7-22-21 Message from Guides
Welcome to the Magic Kingdom
It is time to dust off your magic wand.  Perhaps you don’t know where you left it or if you even have one.  You have a magic wand.  It’s your faith in yourself as a loving, caring, powerful, magic being.  Say that again.
Whoa bet that brought up some BIG doubts.  These doubts or your  belief in doubt has got to hit the trash.  If doubt and lack and disappointment are what you are focused on then that is exactly what you will notice.
 If an opportunity presented would you even recognized it?  If doubt, lack, disappointment are what you are thinking about and sadness or fear is the emotion holding you there, so long opportunity.
Time to relish your ability to co-create surprises.  If you don’t love surprises then you’re back to doubt, lack, disappointment and probably will never find that magic wand.  Surprises are awakenings to a new path, new ideas, connection to Divinity.
When you find that wand, pick it up, point it to your own heart.  Abbra Kadabra, trust and recognition of your beauty, divinity, power, graciousness, and presence.  And for Pete’s Sake stay there, know it, enjoy it and then wave your wand towards your neighbor.  Now you live in the magic kingdo
7-2-2021  Message from Guides #38
Fourth dimension starts with the heart.  It’s all about the heart.  It’s about learning how to expand and activate the heart center.  It’s learning how to spend time in the heart center.  It’s the act of going to your heart center first rather than your mind.
The fourth dimension is reached as you expand your heart.  It is the dimension anchored in the present moment, that is right here right now.  Dispense with thoughts of the past and resulting fears of the future.  Do this by utilizing a continuous breath technique.  Breath in and out to a count of 5-6 without stopping.  As you do this imagine breathing in and out through your heart area.
Fourth dimension is all about trusting the subtle energies of your heart.  It is about loving you and all those things around you.  It is a softer, gentler,  quieter place.  It is a place of positive, powerful words.
The feelings and actions of being capable, happy, present, wise, gracious, commanding, and valuable all live in the fourth dimension.  So, as you become these words you turn the corner into a world of affirming feelings and actions.  A peaceful productive time takes the place of a frantic, fearful world.
You move from one space to another with a quieter more receptive mind.  Your heart is the guide rather than the ego.  When you find yourself pursuing understanding rather than being right you  know you are there.  You have arrived.
If you find yourself being chased by thoughts of inadequacies or tensing because of fear-driven needs it is easy to change directions.  Give yourself the command to move to your heart and have the intention to be in the fourth layer of thought.  You can do this in any circumstance.  It’s even possible to hike or walk in a serene stillness.  You can ride a bus or a bike in this fourth dimension.
Know that when you are in this place you are allowing creativity, synergy and inspiration to enter your being.  Your intuitions, ideas and emotional state evolve to a higher level.  It is from this place that ideas to support humanity, the earth and the Universe originate.
It is a softer, lighter, happier place.  It is a gradation of you.  It is so reachable.  It is a place of natural gratitude.  There is no need to be in control or  to win.  Just intend to annex this layer of graciousness,  the fourth dimension is part of you.
As you do this you begin to rise above the fray.  From these heights you can view right and wrong and duality and it no longer affects you.  You are the steady, even, tall tree providing sanctuary from the winds of chaos.  From this loftiness the answers arrive.
Welcome the Fourth Dimension


6-25-21 Message from the Guides #37      
News From the COSMOS
AWAKENINGS.   Awaken with a positive purpose for the day.  Realize you have accomplished more than you thought.  You tend to live in a world that is divorced from manifesting your greatest desires.  Yours is a world of “things” and “to do lists.”  These are driven by needs.   And what are the needs driven by?  Fear.
From where is this fear originating?  It happens when for whatever reason you begin to cross the demarcation line between 3-dimensional life and the unknown.
Yet the remarkable effect of stepping out of the 3D box is the joy of new found wisdom and spontaneous  synchronicities.  Suddenly your world expands.  You feel the internal encouragement to continue.  You are encapsulated in magic.  There is a spark of excitement.
Take time to experience this spark of excitement.   It begins in your gut.  Can you feel it?  This is a first step.  Whatever calls to you after this is the magic;  the very right next step.
Pull any nagging doubts or uneasiness out of your energy within and around you.  Use 6 beautiful roses placed evenly front, back, left, right, top of head and below feet to pull any doubt or uneasiness from the space within and around you.
The COSMIC energies infusing the earth are perfect for this AWAKENING.  Practice it at that peaceful time at days end.  Check in and reflect on just how much you have improved and grown.
Make use of these auspicious energies infusing the earth with AWAKENING.  They ease  the way to accomplishing AWAKENING and the assurance that you are on the way to becoming aware, recognizing all the wonders of your earth walk.  Know that you have everything you require to eliminate fear and spark the flame of
6-13-21  Message from Guides #36        
News from the Cosmos
Waiting to see what’s around the corner?  It’s a brief look yet nothing seems to be there.  In fact, you may be lost or at least it seems that way.  You are looking for remembered sign posts to tell you where you are.  And there aren’t any.  And that is a very good thing.
It’s time to leave the past in the past.  Even if it is to give you an idea of where you’re going.  There are tremendous changes all around you.  The energy is alive with new life and a new way to experience life.  The old guideposts are pointing in the wrong direction.
Go within, be still and relax.  This opens doors that lead to a new path.  As you begin, things seem familiar however external markers are not an indication of what is around the bend.  It is internal, a heartfelt recognition and synergies that point the way.  It is an energy, a feeling a knowing that illuminates the way around the corner.
Things are not the same.  No longer is fear the guidance system with avoidance as the mechanism.  The new cosmic energies permeating this planet are presenting heartfelt emotions as the new roadmap for joy, success and delight.  Raise another person’s state of mind by acknowledging them and opening to the things they have to offer.  This raises your energy and uplifts theirs.  This is heartfelt.
Ride the current of these new energies.  Use powerful, uplifting words.  Stay in the present moment.  Dare to say in your mind that you already have something you desire.  Honor the power of your own words and statements, the ones you repeat in your mind.  Make them ‘I am’ or ‘I have statements.’ 
Gauge the path you’re taking and the events you’re creating by stepping back for a moment to check in with what you’ll create if your thoughts or words instantly appear in front of you.  If your mind is full of chaos you can expect chaos.  If your words are negative expect adversity.  If you are feeling love and acceptance expect admiration.  So, what is it you want and what direction are you heading?  No more logical progression.  You are much more magical than that.
Remember something wonderful is coming into being.  It’s just around the corner.  You are noticed and loved.  It’s landed right in front of you and is much more than you could have ever anticipate.
6-4-21 Message from Guides #35        
News from the Cosmos
Welcome to summer.  Time for a change to outdoor life in the northern hemisphere.  This is a change you can have confidence in and there is NO work involved.  Summer simply happens.
If you are looking for change in your life, the changing of the seasons is a wonderful example of how to create change to an amazing new life.
Know that the change you desire will occur and is probably occurring as you contemplate it.  Contemplate the change with clarity and simplicity of thought.  Be aware of what your mind is full of.
How does the change feel?  Is it expansive or just perfect however it materializes?  Try one or two pretend moments experiencing the change is all you need to set it in motion.  Knowing precisely what you want as an outcome and just sitting with it is the simple way to effect change.  Make the experience enjoyable.
If you find obstacles entering the experience then STOP.  Take a few deep breaths and let the obstacles go.  Try experiencing change again with confidence of the successful outcome.  Then let go, get up and move around recognizing change is happening now.  No more contemplating,  just love the outcome.
There is NO effort to welcome spring, summer, fall or winter.  Yet all the seasons appear.  They appear in their own way and time, with their own style.
5-28-21 Message from the Guides #34    
At this time on the earth and in the cosmos a ‘new life’ is extremely relevant and obtainable.  There are so many changes that are being made.  A quantum leap of growth is upon all of us.  This is for the good and joy of all.  It’s an expansive phase.  Take this opportunity to be propelled into a ‘new life’ for yourself.
Imagine your interest in a brand-new life.  Can you feel the excitement of wonderful changes to improve the environment and to enhance our connections to all life?  If you are poised to start your ‘new life’ here are some simple instructions to get you started and keep you progressing.
Step 1
Let go of all traces and influences of the past.  If you keep connections to the path you were on you set up the link that compares where you are now to where you used to be.  This keeps you anchored to the old life.  Release the old associations.
Step 2
Decide what is your favorite feeling.  Is it joy, enthusiasm, radiant health, peace, being valued, cherished, worthy, beneficial or perhaps grateful?  The feeling may be a combination of higher frequency, lighter energizing emotions.
Step 3
Spend 15 minutes sitting uninterrupted in stillness.  This permits innovative, creative thoughts or ideas to reach you from the quantum field.  This is the Universe or Divine’s method of instruction.  You’ll find new solutions and creative ideas popping daily into your new life and happening often.
Step 4
When you awake make your first thoughts or words reflect the feeling you have chosen.  Hear yourself greeting the day saying out loud, “I am full of joy and enthusiasm for today” or “I am radiantly healthy and energized” or maybe “I am a powerful creator.”
Use an “I am” statement and place a reminder of the statement on the bathroom mirror.
Step 5
Every hour or two during the day check back in by restating the phrase you said in Step 4.   Then take a moment to catalogue anything that has happened related to this New Life statement from Step 4.  Continue this throughout the day.
Step 6
Before bed spend 10-15 minutes doing the Heartmath ‘heart – mind’ coherence breathing.  Then close out the day with a statement of appreciation for the experiences you had around the feeling you chose or a revelation you may have had during the day about this feeling.
5-20-21  Message from the Guides #33     
News from the Cosmos
A gift awaits you.  It’s one you can open right now.  It is the gift of examining a belief or possibly a truth you hold dear and transforming it.  Take a look at it from all sides.
As you unwrap this belief you’ll discover new ways to move out of an old life.  The answers and knowing of right now, not yesterday nor tomorrow or 20 minutes from now are all there.  If you have the answer you are there, no struggles just doors opening.
What belief in this moment is guiding your soon to be old life?  Is it a “someday”  belief like,  “Someday if I work hard enough I’ll become my dream?”  Or is it a “victim”  truth like “I am subordinate to outside events and other peoples’ whims?”
Take a close look at the “someday”  belief.  The gift is realizing you’ve limited yourself by placing your dream out of reach in “someday land.”   Your dream is alive right now.  It’s within you and all around you,  just open your mind and eyes to this belief.  You’ve made your dream difficult with ‘hard work.’  Why not have the belief of a joyful, exciting dream?
Now study the “victim”  truth.  Contemplate the truth that you have the power to create your world from within yourself.  It’s your perception of events and people that generate the feeling of your life not the other way around.  YOU ARE IN CHARGE.
Right here, in this very moment you are your dream.  It is in your breath and the field around you.  You have the ability to see the beauty of  your world within and around your right now.
  You are your dream
5-7-21 Message from the Guides #32   
Take a moment to look at the sky.  Tilt your head back and look up away from the sun.  You can lay down and just look up.  When you do this do you have any expectations of what will unfold before you?  Are there answers to your questions?  Are you open and free to just experience?
So often you approach life with a goal, a desired outcome, or a certain income.  When you look up at the sky you are a spacious being.  You absorb the stillness there and the activity.  You are becoming one with nature and the quantum field.  This is a soft place of plenty.
From this place you can locate your best feelings.  Those are feelings that lift up, that bring joy and activate a smile on your face and in your body.  You can label those feelings with a word or you can create a symbol that encompasses the words and feelings like a beautiful flower blooming.
Remember this feeling.  Relax into this feeling.  Allow it to permeate your body and mind.  As your day progresses return to this feeling or symbol often.  Call upon it in traffic or when something is annoying you.  Bring it to mind when you are ready to complain or worry about life.
Let this symbol or feeling be your road to success and joy.  Stay open to what it brings.  It won’t be the same old, same old.  It calls all kinds of opportunities and synchronicities to you.  Now you are viewing life through the eyes of abundance bringing the ultimate truth to you that says ,

Meditation: How to Open Your Hear in 4 Minutes

4-30-21 Message from the Guides #31  –  Meditation from the COSMOS
How to Open Your Heart in 4 Minutes
Meditation Script
Take a moment to relax.  Find a quiet place to be alone with you.  It can be in nature or a closet or bedroom or a car.  Now settle in to a comfortable feeling.  Become aware of your breath.  Notice the inhale and the exhale.  Slow your breath.
With the inhale bring your attention to your heart.  Imagine the air is coming into your heart.  With the exhale release the past and let go of any tension you may feel.  Sense your muscles ease and your neck and shoulders soften.
Stay with this breathing until your eyes gaze softly into the space around you and move into a gentle focused stare.  Slowly close your eyes and imagine a door.  Be very aware of this door.  Is it large or small?  Is it to the right or left or center?  What color is it?  Is it open or closed?
The is the door to your heart that leads to a new life.  As you look at it how do you feel?  Do you feel neutral, doubtful, peaceful, or excited?
When you move through this door you are entering unconditional self-love and an inspiring new life.  How does this feel?  Your heart opens and joy surrounds you.  There are loving and supportive people welcoming you.  You are free and open.
If the door isn’t open then open it and walk through.  Slowly breathe in love to your open heart.  Feel your smile growing.  This is loving you.  Remain still exhaling thoughts of the past.  Experience the joy within you.
Now open your eyes and soak up all this self-love.  Know you are loved.  Recognize love in you and all around you.
4-16-21 Message from the Guides #30
News from the COSMOS:
An opening has occurred.  This opening is the doorway to a very different, very benevolent energy level.  In order to enter the opening you need to let go of all old, past emotional memories.
By this we mean you need to release the hold these old, emotional memories have.  It’s okay to keep the visual memory if you choose, however the emotion, especially the negative, uncomfortable emotion has to be released.
You can do this by actually setting the intention to let go of the thoughts and judgments around the memory.  You can choose to change your perspective of the memory so that it transforms to something lighter, a memory that brings a smile.  You can acknowledge that you probably don’t have the correct total recall of the memory anyhow.  You can also take a moment to view the memory from someone you love’s eyes or  imagine you are viewing the memory as a plant or chair.  This alters your perspective.
Start your day with the words, “My world is completely perfect, how do I feel?  How do I proceed?”
Let go of the need or desire to control the day.  Let the day come to you.  This can bring on a sense of being lost.  If that’s the case tap yourself on the back.  This is proof that you’ve found the door and  are on the way through this energetic opening.
Remember the ‘door’ is open now.  This wonderful, creative, joyful energy awaits you.  You are a brand-new person with a brand-new start and a new life ahead.
In Joy
4-8-21  Message from Guides #29
News from the Cosmos:
Be open to disagreements.  Be open to frantic people.  Assess the vibration or frequency those around you are projecting.  Does it warm your heart and mellow your senses?  Does it tweak your nerves and cause you to shut down?  Notice your sphere of influence.  It stretches further than you expect.
To be open to frequencies around you, to recognize the frequency of the frantic person to your left or the heavy frequency of the depressed person to your right is to be vulnerable.   Vulnerability alerts you to stay in your center and gauge how peaceful you are. 
Are you able to slow or stop the ego’s reaction to frequencies around you?   If you are sensing frequencies you’ll notice the ego is silent.  Step back and wait for your field of energy to mend the discordant ones around you.
Know that when the energy around your body is harmonious and clear there is no need to run from or escape uncomfortable frequencies of others.  The victory is in knowing that you are aware of these frequencies.  There is no need to engage in a battle or argument to protect yourself.  These behaviors serve nothing.
Know that your strength is much greater than your ego assesses.  Know that in these moments you have the power to co-create with the Universe the exact frequency necessary to leave behind old habits, ego commands, and move into a brand-new life.
You are already doing this when you catch yourself enthusiastic about life, or find yourself creating fun with absurdity and laughing at yourself and your circumstances.  If everyday frequencies around you are disruptive and frustrating  reach for humor and lighten-up to all the possibilities.  Now, try skipping or maybe joining the Sunshine Club.
3-26-21 Message from Guides #28
There is a moment when your heart is open and your voice is projected and your soul is resonating with joy that underlies this planet.  That is a special moment. It is always the present moment.  It is always marked with a smile and welcoming eyes.
This moment is always within reach.  It is never predicted.  It is always surprising.  It refutes the illusion that ‘sameness’ is the only safe place.  It is that moment when realize you are having fun. 
You may be alone or in the middle of a crowd.  Regardless it is a marker for you.  It say, “stay here, open the senses, this is new life.”  Acknowledge this place of being, this moment and the intricacies that make up this joy, this fun.
Do not allow murmurs from the past to color this time of awakening nor allow worries for the future to distract.  It can be as simple as a puppy giving you it’s paw or as diverse as watching a stranger help another stranger.  Recognize your heart and soul opening and tears forming.  This is the essence of ‘new life.’  This is a fresh view of the world.  This is where miracles hang out.
It is unwise to set a goal to reach this joyful place.  It is this goal to find this connection with your soul that pushes it out of reach.  Stay awake and aware.  Open every cell to the vibration of happiness and peace.  You may see it in the rush of snowflakes or feel it’s vibration in the song of a crystal bowl.
Joy awaits recognition.  It commences your healing and then you pass this healing to others you meet.  Suddenly you can experience it in every cell as expansion and healing vibrates your entire being and the essence of all around you.   This is the time awakening for you.
3-19-21 Message from the Guides #27
There is a gathering of the energy of fear on the planet.  This is good news.  Yes, this is very good news.  For the last 10 -12 years fear has been growing on the planet as an energy form.  It’s been promoted by certain groups of people to use it as a manipulative tool.  It has become a tool predominantly to satisfy peoples’ greed and thirst for power to gain control of unconscious people.
The troublesome nuance of this fear energy is that it has been very diffuse in nature.  By that it’s meant that as an energy it is difficult to focus on with mind and awareness.  It has hidden or blended in with some of the most well defended places like churches, government agencies and corporate scions offices.
The exciting news is the new cosmic energies entering and infiltrating this planet has flushed out this fear energy and caused it to gather together as a collective form.  It is now much easier to ascertain as well as view the immediate results of fear’s presence.
Those individuals who have practiced using fear energy as a manipulative tool for their benefit can no longer do so.  Using fear energy under the guise of warnings for safety are now becoming clearly recognized as manipulation.
Because of the nature of the change of the energy essence of fear, that change from diffuse energy to accumulated energy it is easy to recognize.  The results of using fear to negatively influence are becoming immediately realized and reflected back on the persons using fear energy.
Those individuals who bravely step into their dreams and desires are acting to dispel this fear energy form.  Imagine the things you would do, the steps you would take, and the people you would speak with if there was NO fear energy.  Imagine the clearing of space in your mind and life for joy, new life, freedom and healing if fear energy disappeared.
Step out, step up, be daring in the moment and decimate fear energy.  It’s the perfect time to do this.  The Cosmos or Universe are clearing your path. 
Welcome to the new world of possibilities.
2-5-21 Message from Guides #26
You have a ‘window’ to the present moment.  Each and everyday, each and every moment, especially as a reader of this message you have the ability to reach the present moment.  It is the gateway to your success in this life.  It is the vehicle to peace and a new expansive life.
Take a moment right now to designate your ‘window.’  Is it a place to sit and look out on the world uninterrupted?  Is it a particular walk in the woods?  Is it a moment sitting in your parked car?  Does it happen when you look into the mirror or when you meditate?
You can recognize the present moment by it’s stillness.  You may find yourself starring out with no thoughts.  You may have your eyes closed, sensing the frequencies around you.  It may be in the cadence of your breath as you breath in and out of your heart.
If you are overwhelmed, depressed, unmotivated, stuck, this is the place to be.  In the stillness of the moment are all the answers to remedying overwhelm, depression, unmotivated and stuck.  These answers may have NO WORDS attached to them.  These answers are embedded in the stillness.  They may show up as an inspiration, an intuitive knowing or just a moment of total peace with yourself and your place in the world.
No matter how these solutions arrive there is no question they arrive in the stillness of the present moment.  No need to fret, to worry, to work at it, to manipulate or to set up a linear plan.  The answers just arrive,
Treat yourself to the PRESENT MOMENT awareness as often as possible.  You’ll cherish the results.
Message from Guides 2-26-21 #25
Let’s look at the world as a place of cycles.  As cycles change the peripheral energies are chaotic.  It is as if the pot goes from rolling boil to cool down.  The energy to strive for and welcome is PEACE.   Stillness and PEACE are there amidst the turbulence.
PEACE  is the anchor.  It creates balance and opens a path to your energy.  It is the place that all great ideas and solutions take shape.  It is that place directly between the past and the future.  It is where healing and personal power abide.
PEACE  remains as the tide goes out and comes in.  It is the place that tempers nature.  It is the place that befriends others without requirements.  It is the place that welcomes the unknown without fear.
The tide is turning now, leaving space for PEACE, creativity and inspiration.  Find PEACE and it leads you to creativity and inspiration.  Reside in PEACE or creativity or inspiration and practice how it feels to be there.   You’ll be amazed at what transpires in your life
2-19-21  Message from Guides #24              Calm Tranquility
There is a rapid transition going on which involves transformation of individuals and vegetation on the planet.  Things are moving and changing vibration very quickly.  For the sake of the planet this is how it has to happen.
This transition is leaving lots of folks feeling as if they are living in a frenzy.  It’s almost a feeling as if sparks are crackling all around.  Seems somewhat like kinetic energy.
This is caused by a compression of energy.  This is to bring things on this planet back to balance.
If you are a meditator or someone who practices EFT tapping, then please use these tools to bring calm into your day.  When you feel as if events and ideas are popping uncontrollably around and within, have compassion for yourself and others.  Slow down, take it easy.  Find a quiet place to be peaceful.  If you are unable to remove from over-stimulated circumstances then take yourself to a place of calm in your mind.  Perhaps it is to be touched by the sensation of  that walk on a deserted beach or the calm of trail next to the placid lake.  How did that feel ?  Breath in that feeling.  Let it flow from the top of your head to your toes.
This is a calming exercise that returns you and your body to balance, calm and serenity.  It encourages expansion during this time of rapid transition.  So instead of feeling frenetic or wanting to hide, slow down, easy does it and open to the change in frequency.  Take full advantage of this new energy’s remarkable effects.
As you do this you increase your own vibration to match the vibrations entering the planet.  These are the energies reflected in a smile,  the warmth of an open, loving heart and  joy.  They are much lighter and healthier.  At first they may seem scattered and explosive, then you realize they are dispersing  the denser, heavier frown vibrations on this planet.
Cherish calm and tranquility even though you may not see what is next.
2-13-21 Message from Guides #23
This is a transformational time for those of  you reading this message.  The transformations begin to appear physically in the health of your body and internally as an improved mental state.   It feels like a “new life.”
As you begin this transformation you are simultaneously watching entire groups of people refusing to end the cycle of stagnation in their lives.  When stagnation ends you  begin to transform  fear into internal power.  Transformation is blocked when fear takes hold. 
Most of this fear and consequent stagnation is a result of  blame.  It is much easier to blame your fears and frustration with life on someone or something outside of you than to take a look at how you have played a role in creating it.
When you chose to blame someone or something for your lack, whether it be lack of freedom, lack of abundance or even lack of inspiration you have become the victim.   When you are the victim you are powerless in your own eyes.
These waves of transformation backed by cosmic influences are here to open the door to simple recognition of how you have become a victim.  Bookmark when you find yourself blaming anyone or anything.  End powerlessness.
These waves of transformation are also here to shed light on the times you blame yourself for uncomfortable situations in life.  Surely it’s time to stop beating yourself up and move into transforming your life.  It’s just a frequency change away.
2-5-21 Message from Guides #22
This has been a cycle of revelation.  It has been a time when beliefs and habits that are blocking the transformation of individuals on this planet to a higher frequency or better life are being exposed.  Perhaps conspiracy theories, supremacists, blame, fear ….  Everyday a new belief or habit that hinders growth and expansion is uncovered.  The shadows of a nation, the shadows of a culture and the shadows of individuals are revealed.
It has been up to you to choose what to do with these shadows.  Often just recognizing what has been partially hidden clears and lights a new path.  It explains why your life has been chaotic or confused.  It shines light on what needs to go.
Letting go of  the shadows lurking in your life is as straight forward as understanding how they have blocked the way to peace, joy and a higher frequency.  Open your eyes and senses to what is really around you.  Choose to do what you would love to have happen to you.  Is it to be mutually supported, to be recognized,  accepted,  or joyfully appreciated?
Once you let go of the shadow influences in your life you are ready to transform into something glorious and full of grace.   You are approaching a cycle of rapid transformation.  Some of you have already entered this amazing phase.   
Be ready.  There are obstacles ahead.  Decide now how you will negotiate these obstacles.  Will you go head long or will you gather momentum and flow around the obstacle?    The outcome is a clear, it is an unobstructed view of your path to transformation.
As always,  know what transformation looks like to you.  How does it feel?  What positive expression does it hold?  Is it freedom?  Is it completion?  Is it mystical?  Is it inspiration?  Is it a new life?  As you move into how it feels you begin the transformation.
Be sure to end this cycle of revelation by looking at where you’ve been.  Record what you have experienced.  Note what to leave behind or release like limiting beliefs  or shadows.  What is it that you learned and can carry forward with you?  Especially acknowledge what you did right in this cycle of revelations.  Pat yourself on the back.  And finally sense the adventure that awaits you as you
1-29-21 Message from Guides #21
Blemishes.  They pop up around you and maybe right on your face.  They are a distraction from the perfection and beauty you expect.  Yet often they are there as a result of anger or stress being expressed.
The world now is full of blemishes.  They are all around.  They are disturbing and yet just not big enough to remedy.  They are reminders that there is no real standard for perfection.   Often as you grow and change directions, blemishes appear.
These blemishes seem minor.  They are statements and reminders of how everything around is changing.  Often they blend in or even disappear of their own accord.  Yet it is your vision that found them.  It is your vision that removes them.
Are you depending on perfection and beauty to make things flawless?   Perfection is in your eyes.  Right and wrong is in your vision.  Whether your judgements are influenced from the past or are regulated by fear of the future perfection is your judgement. 
Acceptance and an open heart is yours to have.  They are energy from the Universe and flow towards beauty.  This means acceptance of yourself with an open loving heart.  This is beauty, this is perfection in motion.  Blemishes then become small markers of indecision.  Decide to open up and view the world and those around you with joy and acceptance.  These are the indicators of your success and your loyal heart. 
1-22-21 Message from the Guides #20                    RESPONSIVE
Take advantage of the waves of awakening that are permeating the planet right now.  They are new to you and the planet.  They are dually for those of you who feel lost and those of you who feel found.  Your ability to experience them is activated and easy.
It’s all about being responsive.
Every time you experience negativity, overwhelm, lost and compelled by discouraging memories of the past or fear of the future, notice it.  Stop.  Respond.  Move into how you feel when everything is fun or great. 
Take advantage of these new frequencies that remove fog or denseness around you.  It’s time to awaken.  Time to respond.  Tap into the feeling of clarity and joy.  Stay there a while.  Notice how your body responds.  Do you feel lighter?  Is there a smile replacing a frown?
Your body is a highly calibrated instrument here to help you to respond and change.  You’ve been on auto-pilot so long.  Living from the past.  Doing the same thing.  Let the benefit of these cosmic influences stimulate and awaken that part of you that is unconscious.
Write down what is worrying.  Choose either what is a physical worry or what is a mental worry or what in your external world is worrying.  Stop.  Respond by sending love or joy or fun to what is worrying.  Two things happen: you change your state to love or joy or fun and it sends a frequency of trust that all is working out beautifully, happily.
1-15-21 Message from Guides  OPENING UP – #19
This is a time of openings.  All kinds of openings are available to you.  What is an opening?  We are foretelling & promising openings and we aren’t defining the word openings. 
Definition of openings:  There is a new energy permeating your external and internal world.  It is an energy that allows new information in and stimulates the recognition of that new information.  This new information is self-forgiving.  It is information that frees you to love yourself and your ideas.  It gives you permission to choose the easiest, most fun way.
The opening says, “If it doesn’t feel good to you drop it.”  If no road map appears sit down and enjoy where you are.  If you start to go down the ‘rabbit hole’ move to what makes you smile.  If smiling isn’t familiar to you then create a list of things that make you smile.
If a relationship or circumstance isn’t making you smile think of what does make you smile.  Set this as an intention.
If all this makes you draw a blank, great.  Fill in that blank with impossibly wonderful ideas, images and things.  Tell yourself just how wonderful you are.  Not feeling so wonderful, then make up what would make you wonderful.  This is your new guide post.
Be aware that this new frequency is opening all possibilities,  right now.   Go for the gold.   Feel great no matter what is around.  See what happens. 
Wipe the frown off your face.  You are open to be innocent of any wrong doing, wrong thoughts or wrong actions.
Open up.  Open your heart.  Open your mind.  Open your being. 
Feel the excitement of freedom. 
1-8-21 Message from the Guides #18
Observing chaos is unsettling.  Chaos driven from fear and misguided thoughts is essential to see.  It is the path to awakening.   Awakening to what is important is embedded in this experience.   What is important to you?
Is career important?  Is your health important.  Is sitting in the center of  what you don’t have important?  Is joy important?  Is love for your fellow traveler on this planet important?  What is essential to you?  What is central in your life?  What is an imperative?
Please take the moment to discern what is important to you.  Highlight the 3 things at the top of your list of  ‘what is important.’   Are any of these crucial elements in your life based on past experiences?  An example would be financial security.  Is being financially secure crucial because you think it will solve problems or has lack of finances in the past caused a sense of pain or loss or low self-esteem?
Are any of the 3 important things on the list based on worry about the future?  An example here would be a health issue that needs to be  mended.  Is there worry that if  it is allowed to progress  you will get worse, may be disabled or die?
Are any of the matters on your ‘what is important’  list effecting you in this moment?  What is effecting you right now?  Sensing where you are right now is important.  If you are feeling fear, sadness, anger, doubt, stuck, depressed then the most important thing in your life right now is to awaken to a positive, uplifting feeling like, peace, joy, enthusiasm, happy, capable creative. 
Whether your surroundings feel positive or negative what’s important and tops the list is how you feel.  You can imagine positive feelings and recreate them right now.  Sit with these elevated feelings until the SMILE appears on your face.  This is important.  This is the present moment. 
 This is awakening.
12-26-20 Message from the Guides #17
Open to the new year with a sparkle in your eye and smile on your face.  What will you create this year?  What does the Universe ask you to learn?  Who will you mentor with love and joy?  Who will watch over you with intense love and interest?
Close the door to any uncomfortable memories of 2020 unless of course you choose to integrate those memories as positive guideposts for the future.  Delight in the fact that you have a fresh slate to draw on this year.
Know that there is energy all around  you to bring into your body.  Begin to feel that energy as it moves around you and into you.  Return that energy colored with the joy life brings as the wonderful potential of your future self. 
Take a moment to imbibe in stillness.  Then send the word “change” to your body.  Grab  the thought and feeling of glorious change.  Sit with those thoughts and feelings.  Consciously send those higher frequency feelings back out to the space around you. 
This is the cycle that  drops dark, negative potentials and create light-filled joyous experiences.  As you do this you inspire others to initiate light in their life.  Empty the space of ‘worst possible’ and fill it with ‘best possible’.   If you are unable to find best possible then say out loud or within “change”.  Then watch what happens. 
This is a new year, a new slate, a new you.
12-19-20 Message from the Guides #16
God rest ye merry gentlemen and gentlewomen.  Keep that in mind as you traverse these holidays.
You’ve been gifted a great deal of power and magic from the cosmos.  With this power and magic comes the recognition of what this power and magic can manifest.  This can be a delightful, magical time or a time that opens  your cosmic eyes.
Keep in mind that what you send out to the quantum field in the form of wishes, thoughts and feelings now returns to you with great speed.  If you are depressed or angry or fearful the matter to create just those feelings will form immediately and appear to you.  If  depressed, angry or fearful is what you want to experience then think & feel those very thoughts and expressions.  If environmental challenges are what you want to experience then worry about amount of “snow pack” in the mountains.
On the other hand, if it is joy or merriment or gratitude you want to experience then go ahead and sense what those words feel like to you.  Try on merriment as a feeling for size.  Be grateful for these feelings.  Watch for the sense of elation as you gaze the sparkling colors of the Christmas Star.
It is your choice.  There is one hint:   things appear and results occur very quickly.  Remember You can always change the feeling you desire in your life.

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