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Wonder Why a Mysterious Attraction?

mysterious attractions
Blog 7-1-22 
Mysterious Attractions
Ever wondered why mysterious attractions to certain people occur in your life?  Sometimes the attraction is over-powering and other times the attraction may just be a feeling of wanting to spend more time with a particular person.
Perhaps there is a light about the person, a glint in their eye, instant comradery or just joy.  Is that the mysterious attraction or is there more to it?  Of course, there are other people who instantly repel you.  They have a look as if they hate the world and you especially.
Each person carries an energy within and around them.  This energy is a reflection of their thoughts, feelings, understandings and beliefs about the world and their life situation.  This is where mysterious attractions begin,
Each person radiates their energy to the field around them.  If this person is happy,  enthusiastic, spirited and feels good about their life they will exude a  confident personal power.  Their personal space is helpful, assured and encouraging.  They are aware of the joy of being lead by their intuition and synergy in their life.  My guess is you’ll be attracted to them.
You may also be attracted to a commanding, authoritative, imposing or demanding person.  Someone who  projects power.
How does this mysterious attraction thing take place?  As you move through your life you gather situations and events that create beliefs about how your life functions.  
Some events have created a pervading sense of lack; you never seem to have what you want.  Other events have dismantled your sense of self-worth; comparing yourself to others and coming up short.
Situations, people, emotions and head talk begin to erode joy, confidence, and happiness in life.  These things diminish your self-assurance and enthusiasm for what the future holds.  From your view a mysterious attraction has occurred, when in reality there is a mirror effect taking place.
Consciously you look for ways to eradicate the appalling affect these memories and visions of demeaning situations create.  Difficult childhood experiences and past failures as interpreted  by your psyche set up fears and dismay in everyday life. 
Over time these fears and trepidation settle into your subconscious mind and become beliefs about how your life functions.  According to scientific studies the subconscious mind controls about 90% of your waking day.  Click here for more info on subconscious mind.  
Mysterious attractions are a mirror of whats going on or missing in your psyche.  They are very valuable experiences.

Just for fun try Scenario #1

You are at a gathering, a colorful drink in one hand and hors oeuvres in the other.  You find yourself looking out at all the people attending.  Unexpectedly you are drawn to a person who is speaking loudly and adamantly about a topic on which you agree.  You begin to move closer to this person.  It is evident that they have similar beliefs as you.  You feel safe listening to them.  They may seem a bit pedantic, maybe even pushy but they agree with you.
Take a brief look at your life right now.  What parts of you have somehow been compromised?  In this scenario it would follow that you aren’t feeling very safe.  Perhaps you are doubting the path you’ve chosen or doubting that you’ll make the right choices to lead to your dream life.   
Suddenly a person appears  who has similar beliefs as you.  There is safety in concurrence.  No conflict.  Here is a person that appears to have no doubts.   You can relax and let them lead.  Instant mysterious attraction.

 Just for fun try Scenario #2

You find yourself at a large backyard BBQ.  You don’t’ know most of the people attending.  Looking up you are immediately attracted to a person with a wide smile, dancing eyes, an aura of excitement and exuding  impression of joy.  You walk over and introduce yourself.  As you do this you find a smile growing on your face.  This person shows an immediate interest in you and the world.  They are obviously delighted to be alive.
Again, take a brief look at your life right now.  What parts of you have somehow been compromised?  Life is too serious.  You have a sense of lack.  You haven’t laughed in months.  Everyone around you seems critical and too somber.  There’s a lot of blame in the air around you.  Even you are blaming.  Every time you turn around someone is trying to compete with you.
You look up and there is a person with a smile on their face, dancing eyes and just plain joyful.  What could be better?  Oh my gosh they seem interested in the real you, not what you do or earn.  They are delighted to know you.  They are happy to be alive.  Instant mysterious attraction.
Remember the next time mysterious attraction occurs, that you are attracted to the situations and circumstances that emphasize the qualities you believe you have some how lost and want to replace in your spirit or in the life around you.
 Once you have the formula get clarity on the mirror of your life.

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