Unlocking the Mystical Power of Chaco Canyon’s Ley Lines: A Journey of Self Discovery

Chaco ruins

The Mystical Power of Chaco Canyon 

What is a ley line?

Ley lines are hypothetical alignments of powerful and mystical energy that are said to exist in the Earth’s crust. While there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of ley lines, many people believe that these lines can have a significant impact on the world around us.

One of the main beliefs about ley lines is that they can influence the energy and behavior of people and the natural environment. Some people believe that ley lines can affect the growth of plants, the behavior of animals, and even the emotions and moods of people who live near them.

Additionally, some people believe that ley lines can enhance or disrupt the energy of certain locations or buildings. This belief is often associated with the idea of  the mystical power of Chaco Canyon as “sacred sites,” such as ancient ruins, religious temples, or other places that are considered to be imbued with special spiritual or mystical significance.

Ultimately, the power and influence of ley lines are subjective and open to interpretation, and the beliefs and experiences of individuals may vary widely depending on their cultural, spiritual, or personal perspectives.


Mystical Power of Chaco Canyon, Following the Trail of Energy

Why Chaco Canyon Was the Perfect Place to Study the Power of Ley Lines. 

Chaco Canyon is a remarkable place filled with history, mystery and spiritual energy. The vast desert landscape surrounding the canyon is awe-inspiring, with red rocks, towering cliffs, and an endless expanse of sky. The air is dry and still, with the occasional gust of wind kicking up small clouds of sand.

As you enter the canyon, you feel a sense of reverence for the ancient civilizations that once inhabited this place. The ruins of the Chacoan culture are scattered throughout the canyon, and express the mystical power of Chaco Canyon, with large, intricately-designed buildings standing testament to the ingenuity and skill of their builders. These structures were built with precision and purpose, aligned with celestial events and carefully placed to harness the power of the earth and the sun.  The buildings date from 800’s BC to 1100 BC.

Walking among the ruins, you can feel the energy of the past mingling with the present. The silence is broken only by the occasional call of ravens or the rustle of the wind through the ruins. The stillness allows you to connect with the spirit of the land, the potential power of the ley lines said to run through and the ancestors who once lived here.

It is said that Chaco Canyon is a place of transformation and healing, where the sacred energy of the earth and the sky merge with the human spirit. It is a reminder that we are all connected to the earth and the cosmos, and that our lives are part of a larger, more profound story.


The Mystical Power of Chaco Canyon

Understanding my state of mind before arrival in Chaco Canyon

Before I visited a Chaco Canyon, a sacred ley line site, I found myself caught in the trap of a monotonous routine: tea, walk, work, lunch, computer time, dinner, TV (no news). I realized this sameness was hindering my progress in life, leaving me adrift with no clear focus or next steps. My perspective needed  realignment. 

I was consumed by worrisome beliefs about my future and struggling to let go of past failures and mistakes that caused a sense of stagnation. I finally felt ready to step into the unknown, a place that has no plans and daily routines.

I used to crave definitions and certainty about what to expect. But I’ve come to understand that this approach is counterproductive to embracing the unknown. 

Instead of setting up markers to identify where I am and will be, I discovered from listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza  that the unknown has no restrictions or expectations, only the freedom to invite adventure flavored with a dash of magic. 

It’s my time to let go of the need for certainty and to accept the invitation to explore whatever appears. This I believe is the point of power, the present moment, when what you ask for appears without need of ‘how to’ textbooks or lots of money.  It is the place that new worlds and perspectives open up automatically.

ChacoCrevasse Create YOUR Best Life Now
Chaco crevasse2 Create YOUR Best Life Now

The Mystical Power of Chaco Canyon Exploration 

My Life-Changing Experiences While Hiking in Chaco Canyon

At first the sheer size of the canyon was overwhelming.  Without plans I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I wanted to experience the ruins without any prior information to influence what I felt.  

I was attracted to the trail of petroglyphs and to the trails around the largest ruins.  I also heard about a path to the top of the bluff that overlooks the largest ruins.  I decided to try to find that first.  

After some wondering I found the only trail up to the bluff and was astonished by its degree of difficulty.  I wondered if I could climb straight up 380 feet through a crevice in the rock.  I decided to return later.  

I was free to explore mile after mile of amazing structures.  The old aggravating head talk was gone, replaced by an uncanny silence.  

As I left the Canyon for the day, on the long drive to the hotel  I was filled with a sense of chaos that wrenched open unresolved places in my spirit that had no definition.  It felt like trying to grab hold of the intangible, diaphanous wings of an angel. This was the beginning of experiencing the magic of ley lines and the wonder of  the unknown. 

 On the next day I walked the petroglyph trail.  Much to my chagrin I was unable to observe any of the carvings on the rock walls of the bluff.  This was my opportunity to test the power of the ley lines and the present moment.  

Silently as I looked at the rock walls of the bluff and using a calming breath, I requested help from the universe.   I looked towards the beginning of the trail and saw a couple were approaching.  

They stopped next to me and proceeded to point out all the petroglyphs I couldn’t previously find.   Amazing.  I walked with them for a while.  In somewhat disbelief I told myself you must just have an acquired “eye” to see petroglyphs. 

From that trail I came upon another very large grouping of ruins.  I was taken with the amount and size of the kivas.  The Canyon was beginning to direct me, as I followed the energy that called.  This was a new experience and I found myself a bit disoriented.  

I broke for lunch and decided to go back and find the scary vertical path that led to the top of the bluff.  As occurred the day before, I became a bit confused but I finally found the trail to the top of the bluff.   Alas, it appeared as difficult as it had the day before.  

I wondered could I actually climb it.  But I stopped doubting myself and began going up the rocks thinking of the mystical power of Chaco Canyon.  I just couldn’t decide whether to proceed, the fall was a long way down!  Why not ask the universe for help as I had done previously…   

Just as before when I finished asking for help.  The same couple that helped with petroglyphs appeared at the base of the trail and after some discussion began climbing up the trail towards me.  

I greeted them with a smile and asked if they could let me know if they thought I could make it up this path over the steep rocks and through the crevasse behind the rock.  

Within moments the women began the climb as I watched.   As she turned to enter crevasse she shouted that she thought I could make it and to remember to just take it slow.  With a thumbs up she disappeared behind her partner into the crevasse.  

Of course, it’s obvious from the magic of all this that I made it, all 385 feet, to the top of the rock lined bluff.  The three ravens who accompanied me to the top applauded my accomplishment.  

I had crossed the river of change, becoming aware of what I had just accomplished finding inspiration, tears in partnership with joy and purposeful action.  In that present moment there were no more judgments about capabilities only pure enthusiasm for the abundant cycle that just opened its door to me.  Confidence. 


Doorways in Bonito ruins - Chaco

Journey’s End: Real-Life Experiences and Their Profound Implications

I moved through the entire Canyon simply placing one foot in front of the other.  No plans no expectations just my senses,  nature and the partner who accompanied me.  

I gently cataloged the places I was drawn to and the things I wanted to experience and then hiked.  I experienced no judgments and miraculously stayed out of the past and remained in the present moment.  

When I requested assistance from the universe it appeared before me in the form of supportive strangers (angels if you ask me) along with loving animals and mystical winds.

To me, this entire experience reveals that my vision and understanding are boundless.  I’m awakening to dance, sing off-key, to laugh, to question, and to accept my divinity.  

This is the awaited and dreamed of invitation to create, explore, ascend, be adventurous, curious and do as my heart commands.  It means I’ve been here before, perhaps eons ago. 

 It feels like crossing the invisible line from dreaming to the awake state of the world right now.  It’s the harbinger of a new, limitless reality,  filled with possibilities that I embrace with open arms.


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