Trash Mind: Mobile Landfill

Trash Mind: Mobile Landfill
Blog 12/4/2021
Trash Mind : Mobile Landfill
I had a series of remarkable, insightful dreams recently.  They were definitely teaching me how to understand wise words I’ve heard over the course of last couple years.  I hear those wise words and resonate with them and then they seem to disappear into thin air.  These dreams brought them to life for me. 
The power in this first dream rested in amplifying how easy it is to CHANGE THINGS TO MANIFEST CHANGE in your life.  Easy is never a word I would have used in coordination with change.  But there it was.  You know how dreams are?  This was a lucid dream that I found myself conscious and very much participating in the class.
The first thing emphasized in this dream-class was FEELING, FEELING ENERGY FIRST.   Keep in mind in order to FEEL ENERGY you must clear your mind, breath and relax into FEELING ENERGY.  There is a subtlety to feeling energy and “trash mind” or negative head talk can occlude or block the FEELING OF ENERGY.  

The example shown to me was the image of the grain of 2 slates of natural wood.  The first piece exemplified what you want to change, the past perhaps or a difficult situation.  The grain of the wood exemplified a physical imprint of what the energy you want to change might look like.  There was no charge to it, just the imprint of the grain reflecting the imprint of the energy.  There was no pain, anguish, hate, lack, no emotion at all,  just the imprint of energy on the wood.
The second piece of wood was the example of the change you desire.  The new energy was reflected in the grain of the wood.  The grain was definitely different from the grain imprint of the first piece of wood.  
I was simply instructed that all you need do to change was to add a middle piece of wood who’s grain acted as a transition energy taking you to the energy of the desired change.  So simple, transitioning energy.  No frustration, no headache, no blame.  There it was, CHANGE.
It was so simple and I knew it was that easy yet there was a part of me that couldn’t believe it and worried I wouldn’t be able to repeat the exercise.  I said that I thought there was an understanding I was missing.  Yet in the dream I was accomplishing change easily. 
The understanding I thought I was missing is that change is easy but because as humans we have minds trashed with hostility, impatience, anger, fear.   Our minds are mobile landfills.   Our minds and our past is filled with all kinds of garbage that gets in the way of simply changing.  There are excuses, judgements, doubts, blame, anxiety,  and other humans.  There are boundaries and surrender and opinions, and being right, that fill up our trash minds or mobile landfill. 
I knew this dream was a gift to me that would manifest sometime in the future.  I was so desirous to be able to do ENERGY CHANGE and to know it right now.  Somehow the concept was too easy for me to believe and “get immediately.” 
The question now is, how to return to simplicity,  being humble, to smiling?  How to just simply experience the ENERGY OF THE CHANGE that needs to happen.  As the Shamans say,  be the Hollow Bone of the Eagle rather than a mobile landfill.  Stay tuned for dream 2.
To be continued ….

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