Opening the Beneficial Flow of Energy

Open to Beneficial Flow of Energy

Opening the Beneficial Flow of Energy in 7 Steps

“How to reconnect with painful people and events on a higher level”

Opening the flow of energy to you, through you and from you is the foremost step to awaken to the beneficial  attributes of the 5th dimension.  When you have shut down parts of yourself to avoid pain or abuse you have also shut down the flow of healing energy.
Reconnecting with uncomfortable people and  tragic events that you have shut out is a difficult step to take.  We are told to put up boundaries to protect ourselves.  Unfortunately,  when you do that you also block the healing and ‘ah ha’ moments that come with open energy flow
The best way to open to flow of healing, invigorating energy, is to reconnect with the higher frequency of the person or event that generated the abuse or pain. 

Open the “flow” of energy in your life by following these 7 steps to reconnect on a higher level with abusive people and events.

Step One

When you decide to open healing energy flow you have decided to reconnect with painful people or events that you have separated from your life.  First spend time remembering “that part of you” that partitioned/separated off  those events or people.  This way you are opening the portal to begin the divine flow of energy in both you and the other person or event.

Step Two

Look for places you  felt you needed to be protected.  What were they?  This is where the initial separation occurs.  This is where you’ve judged that you aren’t capable to defend yourself.  This is where you are without magic, wholeness,  joy, strength or freedom.

Step Three

Look for places that others needed to protect themselves.  These are clues that open the door to reconnecting on a higher level through  the events that protected groups or people from culpability.

Step Four

Open to the relevance that this need for protection has in your life in the present moment.  These are sign posts pointing out the path that connects to others’ higher self or higher frequency.  This is where the connection was broken.  This partition from pain wants to be dismissed and released.

Step Five

Judgement needs to be kicked to the curb.  A key concept to be on the look-out for is blame.   If you experience any form of blame it’s time to hit delete.

Step Six

These aren’t lessons.  None of you are learning in these incidents.  You are understanding.  Learning implies unknowing  and that doesn’t exist here.  Everyone taking an earth walk knows “oneness” or unity.  They recognize it, yearn to feel it or express it.  Ask what do I have in common with this painful person or event?  Do this even if what you have in common is fear, anger, resoluteness, despondency, shame or sense of weakness.

Step Seven

From this place move to what dissolves the partition or what creates a solution.  Often it is what you see or imagine as the magical, empowering resolution.  It is the miraculous and creative path.  Go to the feeling of the miraculous, the creative and let the reconnecting unfold.

After completion of this exercise, energy begins to flow in a way that is measurable.  Gauge how more enthusiastic you feel,  how much more lively life seems and how much more vibrancy there is in your step and outlook.  As you do this remember to send back all the energy that doesn’t belong to you blessed and transformed.  Then call back all the energy you sent out blessed and transformed.

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