Overcoming Seasonal Allergies

Overcoming Seasonal


7 Healing Steps from Deepak Chopra


    1. Take responsibility for what you are feeling (ability to change yourself) ability to respond in creative manner to any distress
    1. Actually, feel the feeling of distress. Close your eyes feel something happening in your body (chakra areas) bring awareness to it.
    1. What am I feeling? Label without blame.  Blame would be something like abandonment where someone else is blamed for your state.
    1. Express to yourself what happened
Then pretend you are the other person > another point of view
Then pretend you are any other person’s point of view (if there is a 3rd person involved may only be 2)
Then pretend you are a neutral reported with no vested interest in taking sides and just describe what happened.
When you do this the emotion of event loses the charge
    1. Share the whole process from #4 with someone you trust.
    1. Release through ritual like writing it on paper and burning or burying it
    1. Celebrate the release of this distress or emotion and move on